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Ha-wi is an Egyptian Divine Word that means "strike", or to strike[1]. This is a spell used to strike the opponent. Magicians following the path of Horus can use it to summon the Fist of Horus. This spell has been used by Carter Kane and Set.

The hieroglyph consists of mainly two phonograms. The left phonogram is the letter H, the right two represent force or effort.

Kane Chronicles

The Red Pyramid

Set uses this spell at the end of the book while fighting Carter as the Eye of Horus on the side of the pyramid. When Carter's combat avatar misses Set, he uses the spell to stun Carter. As a result, his avatar collapses.

The Serpent's Shadow

Carter uses this spell while fighting Bloodstained Blade, who is brainwashed by Setne to kill Carter. The spell knocks the demon away.


  • When Carter used Ha-wi, it appeared as a glowing energy fist, similar to the Fist of Horus. With Set's use it simply exploded at the target.



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