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A statue of the Haetae.

Mago Halmi did not build the world in singularity. She made us all in eum and yang - in contradiction and equilibrium. Each of us is capable of more than you can imagine.

–Haetae speaking to Riley Oh mind-to-mind, The Last Fallen Star

The Haetae is the steed companion of Mago Halmi.


The goddesses ordered Haetae to bite the dark sun and moon. It immediately regrets doing so, and later says that it was a grave mistake. The haetae learned a valuable lesson in Mago Halmi's wisdom.

Afterwards, the haetae roamed the mortalrealm to protect the remaining stars from the goddesses. It brought a piece of the dark sun to a mortal, and caused Riley Oh to be born as the living fallen star. And, as revealed in the epilogue, it hid the darn moon piece in the spiritrealm.

The Gifted Clans series

The Last Fallen Star

The haetae appears to Riley Oh in the form of a bearded man, who finds her in the temple library. He interrogates her on why she was in the library. When she replies, he tells her that there are two sides to every story. The haetae mysteriously vanished. Seconds later he appears to her again and, after allowing the girl to pet it, shows her a vision of Sookhee Harrison fighting a group of Horangi.

During the fight with the Cave Bear Goddess, he hints at the fact that Riley is the last fallen star. After the goddess is defeated, he reveals both his forms. Haetae also shows her falling to Earth, and landing in her mother's womb. Haetae warns Riley that the other goddess will be after her for destroy their sister. He grants Riley a wish, which could undo anything from her past, and she chooses to resurrect Hattie. He obliges and leaves.


The haetae resembles a large reptilian lion with a mane and wings. It has a polished bronze bell around its neck to show others visions. As a man, he appears to be "well dressed and well built." He has a bushy beard.


  • Chronokinesis: The haetae is able to go into different time periods.
  • Shapeshifting: The haetae was shown to be able to take on two different forms whenever it wishes.
  • Immortality: Haetae lived since long ago, which suggests it is ageless and cannot die.
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