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The Hall of Judgement, also known as the Hall of Ma'at is believed to be where souls of the dead travel to check their heart for the number of good things and bad things.


The Ancient Egyptians believe that the souls of the dead travel on the river of night until the Second Cataract, the Hall of Judgement. There, the heart of the dead, their ib, is weighed on the scales of Anubis against the Feather of Truth. If the ib weighs more than the feather, he is cast into oblivion by making Ammit the Devourer devour his heart. If it weighs less or equal, he is sent into Paradise (Aaru) on the seventh house of night. Osiris sits on the throne casting orders to the Gods of Judgement. They are forty-one in number and each interrogates the dead for one crime.

The Kane Chronicles

The Red Pyramid

Carter and Sadie Kane visit The Hall of Judgement after defeating Set. There they see their mother for the first time since their mother died. Their father says that he is recycled.

The Serpent's Shadow

Carter and Sadie Kane visit The hall of judgement seeking help from Setne on his trial.