The Hall of the Gods is the largest room in Olympus and is where the gods' thrones are located, and where all formal and war council meetings are held.



The Hall of the Gods is the place where the gods have their summer and winter solstice meetings. High above, the blue ceiling can be seen glittering with constellations. The Thrones of the gods stand in a U around the hearth or at least it did before the minor gods and Hades received thrones too (just like the Camp Half-Blood cabins before the children of minor gods and Hades were claimed and got cabins), starting with Zeus and Poseidon's thrones as they are the most powerful Greek gods. Hades does not have a throne on Olympus due to the fact that his throne resides in the Underworld, but when he comes to Olympus, there is a guest throne that he occupies (although he may have a throne now). From Zeus and Poseidon's thrones the goddesses sit on the left side of the hearth and the other gods sit on the right side. In one corner, a house-size globe of water hovers in the air and inside it is the Ophiotaurus, a half-cow, half-serpent creature. Hestia's hearth is in the center of the Hall. In The Titan's Curse, Percy Jackson wonders how it doesn't blow up with all the powerful gods inside. Percy describes it as being the size of Madison Square Garden and making Grand Central Station look like a broom closet.

Percy Jackson and the Olympians

The Lightning Thief

When Percy Jackson returns Zeus' lightning bolt, he explains to Poseidon and Zeus in the Hall of the Gods that Ares was responsible for the bolt being missing for so long.

The Titan's Curse

On the Winter Solstice in the Hall of the Gods, the gods agree to take action against Kronos' rising forces, but Ares makes it clear that Thalia Grace and Percy are threats to Olympus. However, this changed when Artemis makes Thalia her new lieutenant, leaving Percy to bear the prophecy. The gods vote not to destroy the two demigods and to protect the Ophiotaurus, which could be used to empower the enemy and bring about the downfall of Olympus.

The Last Olympian

Percy leads his fellow campers to the Empire State Building to speak to Zeus about protecting Olympus against Kronos (who possessed Luke Castellan's body at that time), but they find that the Olympians have gone to fight Typhon. There is only Hestia left, but Hermes arrives with messages from Athena: the demigods are on their own, and that Percy was to stay away from her daughter, Annabeth Chase. Hermes was angry with Annabeth, causing Percy to infuriate him even more. Percy only escaped death because George and Martha told Hermes that Percy bore the Curse of Achilles. The demigods use Olympus as their war base in the battle against Kronos. Rachel Elizabeth Dare goes there during the battle for safety, and came across Pandora's Pithos and Hestia, who shows her that she must let go of what was holding her back from her destiny, Percy. Percy gives Hestia the pithos for safety and climbs on Poseidon's throne to get his attention. Poseidon was angry, but listened to his son's story of the events in Manhattan and reluctantly agreed to abandon his battle against Oceanus to fight Typhon with the other gods.

Eventually, Kronos gets past the campers, Hunters, and centaurs to Olympus and destroys the entrance of Olympus. Percy, Annabeth, and Grover Underwood reach the throne room just as Kronos was deciding which throne to destroy first. He battles Percy, but gets electrocuted by Hephaestus' throne. Ethan Nakamura betrays Kronos and dies for it. Grover uses nature magic to grow grass on the floor and Kronos freezes time around Percy. He uses an Iris message to show Percy the Olympians' defeat, but is infuriated when Poseidon arrives with his army of Cyclops and merpeople to defeat Typhon. The arrival of Poseidon gives the other gods renewed hope and they finally overthrow Typhon, sending him to Tartarus.

Annabeth fights Kronos and gets through to Luke to get him to fight Kronos long enough to stab his Achilles heal (his left armpit) and defeat Kronos. Luke dies as the Olympians arrive to fight Kronos, but they find Percy, Annabeth, and Grover over Luke's body.

Hades and his son Nico di Angelo fought in the Battle of Manhattan and they were greeted warmly in the throne room. Hestia sits by the fire and Hades sits on a guest throne. Tyson, Poseidon's Cyclops son, is made a general in the Olympian army, Grover is made a Lord of the Wild and no longer exiled, Annabeth is made Olympus's architect, and Percy is offered a great gift: immortality; he would be made a god and be his father's lieutenant.

Percy turned down the offer, but made the gods swear on the River Styx to never forget their demigod children, because some demigods had gone over to the enemy because they felt abandoned by their parents. They were to be claimed by the age of 13, and the minor gods such as Hebe, Nemesis, Hecate, Morpheus and others were to be given cabins at camp so their children would not be forgotten either; Percy even said Hades should have a cabin there for his own children. Percy also declared that the pact of the Big Three was to be removed; they should not ban powerful demigods, but accept them and train them at camp. The gods agreed, and as Percy leaves, his father proudly gives him an honor guard.


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