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Nothing creates a bond like a common enemy.

–Haneul in Dragon Pearl.

Haneul (pronounced "hah-nool") is a Dragon spirit cadet in the Space Forces.


When she was old enough, Haneul enlisted in the Thousand Worlds Space Forces and was stationed on the Pale Lightning. She befriended SuJin, a Dokkaebi, and Bae Jang, a human, during her time their. She also familiarized herself with Kim Jun.

Dragon Pearl

Haneul runs into Sujin and Min, disguised as a recently deceased Bae Jang, and that “Jang” to Lieutenant Ju-Won. After meeting with the lietenant, she decides to stick with “Jang” for the time being. The next day she and Sujin meet up with “Jang” in the mess for breakfast. They later have a simulated dog fight in Lieutenant Hyosu’s class and is paired up with Sujin. During leisure time she and Sujin tease “Jang” with some of the Dokkaebi’s spinach snacks.

The following day she sits with “Jang” and Sujin for Hyosu’s lesson on the ship’s meridian.

Later she and Sujin recruit “Jang” for their regular budak match. The three go to the ship’s game area and they play. They talk about Jun and theorize why he and the others deserted and why they haven’t found them yet. She gets uncom when Sujin suggests the dragons are after the Dragon Pearl to charge whatever they want to terraform worlds. She wins the game.

The next morning at breakfast she and Sujin tell “Jang” that none of the pirates survived the rescue mission on the Red Azalea and they probably thought it might have had the dragon pearl.

The next day she has hydroponic duty with “Jang” and Sujin. She finds that the ship’s meridian on the third deck is out of alignment and worr it will spread to the medical bay.

When she finds “Jang” with litmus film she asks why “he” has it. “Jang” says “he” is going to eating. “He” does so mockingly and she leaves.

After the mercenary attack she has dinner with “Jang” and Sujin and the three split a box of chocolates.

A few days later, she and Sujin board the mercenary‘s Ship and Captain Hwan threatens to execute them for treason if they don’t surrender, the four surrender. She and Sujin do not talk to Min and she questioned further after she is in solitary confinement. Later Sujin, who spied on Hwan’s conversation was Min, tells her what Hwan did and the two help Min escape. They get in an escape pod, she also sabatages the ship, and escape. They drift a little before Min fixes the pod. She tells them Jang died in the rescue of the Red Azalea and he gave her permission to take his form. She accepts this and they make their way to the Fourth Colony. They crash into a forrest and, after getting the wind to die down, head down first. When Min and Sujin get down the three eat and experience ghostly activity. They head in the direction the ghosts did not want them.

As they march on they get caught in the rain. She and Sujin snap Min out of a trance and are soon approached by a familiar figure. They realize the figure is the ghost of Jun and she comforts Min at the realization. He leads them to the crash sight and they mee the other ghosts. The three realize they are being used as bait to lure Hwan to the crash sight. She catches on to Min’s rouge of using the bathroom and hint at Sujin to follow with their invisibility hat on. They set up camp by a bolder and dead saplings and she takes first watch and later wakes Min. When Jun says he knows the dragon pearl’s exact location, the group packs up camp and sets out.

As the four approach the dragon pearl’s location, they are surrounded by the ghosts of colonists and military personnel. The ghost point out Hwan coming to the planet’s surface. As Min turns into a hawk to get the dragon pear, she tries to warn her about something before Sujin silence her. She and Sujin are surrounded by Hwan‘s forced, who reveals they were working for him the entire time. They do not look at Min when she said Jang gave he permission to take his form, which the deceased cadet confirms and informs his friends. She and the other living use the dragon pearl to give the ghosts of the Fourth colony a proper burial and promises to give Jang a military funeral. She watches in horror as Hwan is attacked by the ghosts of his former subordinates and dragged into a forest.

When they return to the Pale Lightning, she and Sijun are disinfected and brought to the medical bay while Min is briefed by Lieutenant Commander Ju-Eun. Later she and Sujin bring her a meal and she beats the fox spirit in a game of baduk before hugging her goodbye.


In human form, Hanuel is tall and thin with bluish hair in a regulation style and wears a cadet uniform.


As a soldier, Haneul doesn’t suffer any foolishness. She is unflinchingly loyal to her friends and comrades.[1]



Hanuel's lightning

  • Atmokinesis: As a dragon, Haneul has control over the weather.
  • Electrokinesis: As a dragon, Haneul can generate electricity.
  • Thermokinesis Resistance: As a dragon, Haneul is resistance to extreme temperatures.


  • Haneul tends to snore loudly.
  • Haneul is a Korean word for "sky".


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