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They said I would never remember how strong and powerful I am until someone reminded me. Sometimes I wonder if it is a curse that we are all under at some point or another.

Aru Shah and the End of Time

Hanuman ("HUH-noo-mahn")is a monkey-faced Hindu demigod and a member of the Council of Guardians. One of the main figures in the Indian epic, Ramayana, Hanuman was known for his devotion to the god-king, Rama, and his wife, Sita.


Hanuman is the son of Vayu, the god of the wind, and Anjana, an apsara. When he was young, the son of Vayu and Anjana mistook the sun for a fruit, he had lots of mischievous exploits as a kid. He clashed with a planet and threw off a scheduled eclipse, Indra got so mad he used Varja to strike him in the side of his face and down from the sky. That's how he earned the name Hanuman, it means prominent jaw. Vayu got so upset by this he shut himself in a cave cutting off the planet's oxygen supply. Shiva decided to bring Hanuman back to life, which made Vayu return. Indra apoligzed by making Hanuman's body as strong as hi Vajra, which is also now immune to him. Agni and Varuna also gave him immunity to fire and water. Vayu gave his son the power to be as fast as wind and immunity from it. Brahma allowed Hanuman to move at any place where he cannot be stopped at anywhere, Vishnu also gave Hanuman a weapon named "Gada".[1]

Hanuman used to play pranks on priests and was cursed as a result, they said he would never remember how strong and powerful he was until someone reminded him.[2] In Ramayana, the wife of Rama, Sita, was abducted by Ravana. Rama arrived in Kishkindha, Hanuman's home kingdom, to seek help from Sugriva, its king. Sugriva sent scouts in all four directions, Hanuman, along with bear king Jambavan, were part of the scouts that went south. When they made it to the ocean, they could see the island of Lanka, Ravana's kingdom, but none of them could swim. Jambavan knew what happened to Hanuman and the bear king made him remember his immense capabilities, he encouraged him to fly across the ocean. He began this flight by climbing up Mount Mahendra then jumping.[3] During the flight, he encountered Surasa, one of the serpent queens, who told him he can only pass through her mouth. So Hanuman grew in order for Surasa's mouth to grow enormous, then Humunan enters a tiny form, entered her mouth and left out her ear.[4]

When Hanuman arrived at Lanka, he shrunk down to the size of ant to avoid all of Ravana's demon followers. He found Sita guarded by demon warriors, he tried to rescue her when they fell asleep but she said that Rama must be the one to save her. Soon he was captured by Ravana who ordered oil soaked cloths to be put on his tail so he can burn it. But Hanuman kept making his tail longer, then he shrunk it when it was lit and he broke free of his bonds. Then he jumped from different rooftops setting all of Lanka on fire.

Hanuman returned to the scouting party which returned to Kishkindha to prepare for the battle of Lanka. Hanuman partipated in building the bridge to Lanka by calling his friends to help throw rocks in the ocean.[5] When Rama's brother, Laxmana, was fatally wounded by Ravana's son, Indrajit, Jambavan advised Hanuman to find an herb called Vishalyakarni from a Himalayan mountain. Hanuman flew to it but found many herbs along the mountainside, he didn't which was Vishalyakarni. So he decided to grow to immense size and take the whole mountain to Laxmana. After Rama defeated Ravana, he gave Hanuman a gift which he threw away saying he doesn't need any gift to remember Rama, he would always be in his heart. But some upset court officials wanted proof of this, so Hanuman tore open his chest revealing an image of Rama and Sita on his heart. Rama cured him and blessed him with immortality as long as Rama's story lives.[6]

He was the first person to write the Ramayana before Valmiki. He wrote it using his fingernails on rocks. He wrote the Ramayana in great detail gloryifying his Lord Rama. After writing Ramayana, when Valmiki heard that Hanuman had already wrote a Ramayana, he went to see it. On seeing the writing on rocks, he was overwhelmed and started to cry realising Hanuman's true devotion to Rama. Valmiki felt that his version was pale in comparison to Hanuman's. On seeing the sage, Hanuman felt so much pity that he destroyed his version so that people could read Valmiki's.

Centuries after the events of Ramayana were the events of Mahabharata. Hanuman encountered his half-brother, Bhima, while the latter was searching for a flower for his wife. The monkey's long tail was in Bhima's path, but Hanuman stated he was too old to move it. Remembering Hanuman, but not knowing that was who the monkey was, Bhima got angry and tried to move his tail himself. But even with both hands, he couldn't do it. So Bhima apologized and Hanuman introduced himself, he told him the flower he was looking for was in the garden of Kubera and they parted ways.[7]

Rick Riordan Presents

Pandava Quintet

Aru Shah and the End of Time

Urvashi, fellow guardian council member

Hanuman appeared in the Court of the Sky as a member of the Council of Guardians almost right after Urvashi. He laughs, not believing she held a grudge against Boo since it's been a millennium after he ruined her outfit. Hanuman reminds Urvashi that Boo is a bird when she gets upset, but an angry Boo says that they know that's not true. After hearing about the Sleeper awakening, Hanuman realizes that Time stopping was him, the frozen people will not suffer until the new moon. He also reveals that the vehicles of the gods and goddesses, the vahanas, have gone missing. He was against Urvashi's idea of the children undergoing the Claiming ceremony before they were ready, but his plea was ignored. Aru was soon to be discovered as the daughter of Indra while Mini's spiritual father was Dharma Raja, they were the reincarnations of Arjuna and Yudhistira. Hanuman says that the other Pandavas will soon awaken if the Sleeper isn't stopped, she tells the currently present that they must get the celestial weapons before the Sleeper does, or else he will awaken Shiva, the Lord of Destruction. Regarding the current weapons they received, he says Lord Indra and the Dharma Raja are enigmatic, mysterious for a reason. The girls needed to go to the Kingdom of Death and find out how to defeat the Sleeper before the new moon arrives in nine days, they will receive Pandava training from the entire Council if they succeed, Boo can also rejoin. Before they all leave, Hanuman recounts his childhood memories of a curse which required him to be reminded of his strength by someone else, telling them that they don’t realize their own strength.

Although the Sleeper got away due to Shukra cursing Aru, she managed to keep him out of the Kingdom of Death while the new moon passes. So every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, for three hours, Aru Shah and Mini learned war strategy from Hanuman, his lessons were a lot more rugged than Urvashi's. One Friday he heard about how Aru failed talking to Aiden Acharya, his mouth twitched as he held back his laughter and he remembered Arjuna being a lot more charming. Then he led the Pandavas around the orchard of Dream Fruit and beneath an archway of Chakora feathers, on the other side was a steep and more treacherous landscape, it was a deep canyon with a wide river rushing through it and far below on the opposite bank was a shiny crown hovering in the air. Hanuman wants them to figure out a way to get the crown, Aru's idea of tricking the other side into bringing it over here was too simple. He suggested building a bridge, he did that with his friends by throwing rocks them into the ocean, there was also the option of Shapeshifting to adapt to surrounding instead of vice versa, they can't do that nor they have tails like him. Suddenly, an alarm went off, Hanuman grew and grabbed Aru and Mini to take them to the stone door exit. He says something even the gods fear has been stolen, they must go home and he'll send word by Monday, he tells to be safe and pats their heads with the tip of his enormous pinky before striding off in the other direction

Aru Shah and the Song of Death

Uloopi, fellow guardian council member

When Aru Shah and Mini were fighting with Brynne Rao Hanuman arrived at the Night Bazaar with Urvashi and two other council members, Jambavan and Uloopi. He had water in his mouth when he used to put out the fire that was made by the thief of the bow and arrow of Kamadeva. Hanuman demanded Brynne to stop saying that their father would not be pleased, it was only later that Aru realized that he was talking about Vayu as Brynne was the reincarnation of Bhima. When the girls get blamed for the theft of Kamadeva's weapon, Hanuman mentions that he was with them when the alarm when off. But Takshaka guardian of the treasury, says that it when off when it was discovered missing, not at the moment of its theft.

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Hanuman wore a silk blazer and a shirt patterned with forest leaves. He had a tail and from one of his ears dangled a jewel that looked like a small crown.


  • Superhuman Speed: Due to a gift from his father Vayu, Hanuman is as fast as wind.
  • Immunity
    • Electrical: Due to Indra, Vajra would not harm Hanuman.
    • Fire: Due to Agni, fire would not harm Hanuman.
    • Water: Due to Varuna, water would not harm Hanuman.
    • Wind: Due to Vayu, wind would not harm Hanuman.

  • Magical Items


    • There are still temples and shrines dedicated to Hanuman, and he's often worshiped by wrestlers because of his incredible strength.
    • The bridge that Hanuman and his friends built became Adam's Bridge. Although it was also called Rama's bridge,[9] some Muslims and Christians believed that Adam, the first man, crossed the bridge to get to Indra after he fell from Adam's Peak at Sri Lanka.[10]


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