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I'm always happy because I'm Hapi! Are you happy?

–Hapi in The Serpent's Shadow.

Hapi is the Egyptian god of the Nile.


He was the god of the Nile, whereas he flooded the Nile to keep crops fertile. 


Hapi was ancient even to the Ancient Egyptians, being one of the oldest known gods. It is believed his name may have been an old name for the Nile. He is portrayed as a man with woman's breasts, and a protruding, pregnant looking belly to symbolize fertility. His wife is Nekhbet.

He is sometimes identified as the creator of the world.

The Kane Chronicles

The Serpent's Shadow

When a monster is sent by Apophis to kill Carter and Zia, Carter summons Hapi by saying a spell given to him by Setne"Hapi, u-ha ey pwah". Which means: Hapi, arise and attack. Hapi then emerged out of the Nile River and defeats the monster. He moors their boat, the Egyptian Queen, back to shore and rescues Zia, who had been thrown in the river. He helps them again, by transporting them to the temple of the Apis Bull, with his Hapi pills. He later appears in the fight against Apophis.


Hapi is extremely excited and cheerful about everything. Carter describes him as "psychotically over-caffeinated".


Hapi is described as a giant man with dark blue skin and seaweed-like brown hair. He is said to have a large belly, dilated eyes, brilliant white teeth, and a loincloth made of fish scales.


  • Hapi has immense strength
  • he has the ability to arrive when summoned
  • He is able to make Hapi pills
  • Hydrokinesis (possibly): as the god of the Nile River he possible has some control over water


Setne: Hapi mentions that he hates and despises Setne, having to do with the fact that he was the only magician to ever learn his Secret Name.


  • He shares his name with one of the Four Sons of Horus
  • His Greek equivalent would be Nilus, the Greek god of the Nile.


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