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Sometimes you have to burn your fingers so you can enjoy the s'mores.

–Hattie talking to Riley during a camping trip in The Last Fallen Star.

Hattie Oh is the adoptive sister of Riley Oh. She is the biological daughter of Eunha and James Oh.


Hattie was born to the Oh family of healing witches. At one point, her parents adopted a Horangi girl who they named Riley. The two girls grew up to be close.

One time she incorrectly addressed a House Sin, magical essence that seeps into a house inhabited by a witch, and the lights went off when she would go to the bathroom at night, causing Riley to stand outside for a few weeks.

The Cursed Carnival and Other Calamities: New Stories About Mythic Heroes

My Night at the Gifted Carnival

As she is waiting in line with the rest of her Saturday school class to enter the Gifted Carnival, she points out a kid on a unicorn flying through a crowd of Cheollima to Riley. As they watch their chaperone Joon reveals his gifted mark to the ticket taker and walking back with a large pile of maps and tickets. She and the other the other kids cheer. Once inside, Joon hands out the maps and tickets while giving them a lecture about what to do if they loose something or get sick. He heads to the tent to watch a show as she drags Riley to the performance tent as well. After ordering one of everything from the snack bar, the girls make their way to ringside seats and watch as the Ring Master, a Gumiho witch, entertains the crowd with illusions. After eating some of the snacks, she tries to get Riley to eat them. Riley refuses as she backs off. Soon the Ring Master vanishes and a woman from the Miru clan, Strongwoman Cho, appears in her place lifting a piano that the Ring Master appears out off. Soon after a Samjogo seer, Old Man Nam, appears asking for a volunteer from the audience. He picks Riley, but she refuses and he picks another volunteer instead, a girl named Aracely. He predicts that it is her brother Mateo's birthday, she came with him and her mother, gave cake to her dog, and he predicts something distressing will happen to her before she leaves and pulls her aside. Hattie tells Riley she needs to use the bathroom and hands her the remaining snacks as he leaves, failing to return to the show before it ends.

As she is leaving the port-a-pottie, she sees kids being dragged away by a woman. She follows them and leaves a trail of Riley to follow. She follows them to a tent and watches as the woman imprisons the kids in ice will a gavel. Hattie recognizes her as Dalgyal Gwisin, the ghost of a vengeful mother who killed children after her child died and has been known to escape the realm of the dead, is behind it. She runs but trips and hits her head on a crate, falling unconscious. Riley finds her and she tells her sister everything she learned. Disturbed, Riley tells Hattie they need to save the kids and go to find Joon. They find Joon by the Ferris wheel, keeping an eye on Jennie Byun as she talks with some saram kids. They tell him the Dalgyal Gwisin is at the carnival abducting children, but he does not believe them and thinks it is a prank by a Gumiho. Hattie changes the subject and asks about a glass gavel with bronze bells with a snowflake insignia, an item that the Dalgyal Gwisih had with her. Joon says that before a soul can enter Heaven and apply to be reborn, the soul must be judged by all seven judges of the afterlife and, if found guilty of a crime, with serve time in that judge's hell and be branded with the insignia to ensure they do not escape. Before he can say more, he is forced to turn a pig back into a saram after Jennie gives them a potion. The Oh sisters look at each other, realizing they are on their own.

They make their way to the staff tent and sneak in when the guard leaves. They find Strongwoman Cho and the Ring Master and try to convince them to help save the kids. The strongwoman thinks it is a prank and has the guard, who has just returned, escort them out. However Riley thinks the have Old Man Nam read them to show they are telling the truth. The Ring Master agrees to let them try, but says they will be banished forever if they are lying. They wake up Old Man Nam and explain everything to him. He reads them and reveals they are telling the truth. They agree to help the sisters as they lead them to the imprisoned kids. The Oh sisters lead the Ring Master, Strongwoman Cho, and Old Man Nam to the tent where the kids are. The Ring Master confirms that the ice gavel was used on the kids and that they are still alive, but just barely, and says they need the gavel to free them. Strongwoman Cho goes to cut the string, but Old Man Nam says it is a bulgeun-sil, a string that binds fate, and they realize Dalgyan Gwisin wants to take the children to the Spiritrealm with her. They know they must come face to face with the ghost to get the gavel and they need to get her to think she won. Riley comes up with a plan to use illusions.

After creating the illusions, they take the kids away, however Dalgyan Gwisin comes back with two screaming kids, a boy and a girl, and they hide. The ghost takes the gavel out of her pocket and strikes the girl in the forehead. Riley screams when she sees Dalgyan Gwisih's featureless face, drawing the ghost's attention to her, and the boy escapes. Riley freezes in fear, only running when Hattie draws the ghost's attention to her and is frozen. Riley manages to free her and the other kids just before the gavel vanishes. The adults congratulate Riley for thinking of the spell to return the ghost of the Hell of Infinite Ice, saying she has a bright future in magic, and she hugs Riley for this. They say their goodbyes to the performers and kids before meeting up with Joon and the others.

The Gifted Clans series

The Last Fallen Star

Riley Oh, her adoptive sister.

One Saturday, about a month before she is to try to receive her Gi bracelet, she is struggling with remembering the incantations and begs Riley for help. While she struggles, Riley easily remembers them and she questions why her sister can’t have the opportunity to provide herself to the elders and their mother reveals the council vetoed the option. As she rants about it being unfair, Riley jokes about a way to share her magic with her when their mother unintentionally reveals their is a way when glancing at the spell book, but says it is only temporary and dangerous. Later, during services at temple, which they are late to, they watch as one of the elder's granddaughter has her elemental affiliation revealed. They are warned about an exiled clan trying to get back into the congregation. Afterwards, Riley speaks with their aunt. Her sister warns her not to say anything about the spell.

During Saturday School, they convince the teacher to teach them about magic safes. She explains how they can be opened by saying the password three times and burning a lock of hair, which they can easily get from their mother, but some also include placing a tear on the hair before burning as a third step, something they can not easily get from their mother. When class ended, they call Emmett Harrison and invited him over to tell him about the plan. He is against it, but they convince him to help. He suggests getting their mother to watch K-Dramas to get her to cry.

They get a tear and go to the clinic to perform the spell before dawn, as Emmett keeps watch. They finally open the safe after several failed attempts. They managed find the spell book. It appears blank when Riley opens it, but words appear for Hattie, as she is a Gom by blood. They find the spell and discover they have the ingredients for the potions, but they must do it in the Gi Cauldron with an elder present. Hattie suggests they do it during her initiation the following day and Riley reluctantly agrees. Emmett expresses his concerns, but the sisters ignore him.

The following day, after she retrieves the ingredients to share her magic with Riley, she begins her ceremony and passes all three tests the clan elders presented her. First she healed a man with internal bleeding by doing a blood clotting spell. She fixed the next patient, who was suffering from loss of flesh, with the flesh-replenishing spell. Lastly, Hattie declared the final patient dead. During the end of the ceremony, her plans fail after it is revealed that Riley is a member of the Horangi clan. She, as well as the rest of the congregation, are shocked by the revelation. Her family is given a choice to make by the end of the week. They could either be stripped of their magic and exiled, or to just allow Riley to be exiled.

Hattie talks to Emmett on the way back home, telling him a half truth about the spell not working and leaving out the part of Riley being a Horangi. She then meets Riley with Emmett after she runs back to her house, refusing to let her run away. Hattie decides that they should summon the Mago Halmi goddess for help, despite her sister's objections. She writes their parents a note after Riley and Emmett tease her for liking Noah Noh.

They head to the Noh Dojang and Noah, who tries miserably to hide his feelings for her and vice versa, agrees to help them and gives them the Joseon Chalice and writes down the incantation. He tells them they need ashes of death and the elixir of life, blood from an initiated witch. She agrees to donate her blood and Emmett donates his mother's ashes, despite protests from Riley. Afterwards, Noah says to take a portal to a beach in Santa Monica, as the spell is strongest during high tide. After Noah activates the portal, they travel to Santa Monica. They notice a lunar eclipse, and Hattie mentions that New Zealand had a solar eclipses earlier that day. Emmett replies with a retort, saying that it is impossible. She and Riley walk into the Pacific Ocean and they start the summoning. Hattie begins the spell, and somewhat succeeds in the end. However, she ended up conjuring the wrong goddess. She instead brought the Cave Bear Goddess, and ends up overexerting herself. The goddess takes her for safekeeping in the Godrealm while Riley and Emmett find the last fallen star, leaving behind Hattie's heart, which showed the amount of time she had left.

Hattie is returned to the mortalrealm shortly after Riley claims that she found the last fallen star. However, since Hattie's time already ran out, she only came in body. Instead of Hattie's spirit, Sookhee Harrison is brought back instead. After the Cave Bear Goddess is defeated, Riley is given a wish that she uses to resurrect Hattie and, much to Riley's joy and surprise, her memories of Riley were still intact. This can be the fact that she wasn't technically present when everyone's memories of Riley were removed, or as stated by Areum, that "love has no bounds." Noah hugs her and Riley and the others promise to fill her in.


Hattie is a teenage girl of Korean decent who long dark hair and a round face.


Hattie is a just girl and believes everyone should get a chance. Hattie never stops sacrificing things to help her sister, and loves her like she was her birth sibling. She is adventurous, stubborn, and persistent. Hattie isn't afraid to break the rules, as she is a bit of a rebel. Riley describes her as "the bravest person she ever met."


  • Mystiokinesis: As a witch, she can perform and manipulate magic.
    • Vitakinesis: As a witch from the Gom clan, she can utilize Healing Magic.


  • Hattie is an American name meaning "home ruler" or "estate ruler", and originated as a nickname for the name Harriet, which has Germanic roots.
  • Oh is a surname of Korean origin.
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