I'm not choosing one of your paths. I'm making my own.

–Hazel to Hecate, The House of Hades.

Hazel Levesque is one of the seven heroes of the Prophecy of Seven. She is a fourteen-year-old Roman demigod, the daughter of Pluto and Marie Levesque, and the half-sister of Nico di Angelo. She is the current Praetor of Camp Jupiter and the former Centurion of the Fifth Cohort. She is currently in a relationship with her co-praetor Frank Zhang.


Early Life

On December 17, 1928, Hazel was born to Marie Levesque and the god Pluto in New Orleans, Louisiana. Marie had summoned Pluto using a spell that Hecate had found, and they fell in love. When Pluto granted Marie one wish, Marie wished for all the riches of the earth from Pluto, despite his warning that the greediest wishes cause the greatest sorrows. She did this mainly because she was tired of being poor as described in the Son of Neptune. Her mother's ambition to become wealthy later caused her grief, as Marie began to use Hazel's unique powers (a result of her wish) for selfish reasons. The jewels that Hazel collected were cursed and would cause the buyers to suffer. Marie Levesque refused to admit her part in Hazel's curse and told her it was Pluto's fault alone.

Moving North and Losing a Friend

Hazel did not have many friends during her childhood with the exception of Sammy Valdez, whom she loved and had shared a kiss just once but after moving to Alaska, where the gods had no power, she never saw him again. Her mother became unstable because she was being influenced by Gaea and when Pluto came to protect them, he'd realized he'd lost her forever. Marie moved them to Seward, Alaska, beyond the power of the gods, despite the many protests by Pluto.

Sacrificing Herself

It was there that Hazel was forced by Gaea to raise her oldest Gigantes son, Alcyoneus, by calling forth precious metals that were beneath the earth on a phantom island. Once Hazel had almost finished the job, she discovered that Gaea also needed a human sacrifice in order for her son to rise up and Hazel's mother offered to be the sacrifice to save Hazel as Gaea promised her Hazel would not be harmed if she sacrificed herself. Once Hazel discovered the treachery, she called up all the riches below her, causing an eruption that broke the cavern walls and ultimately destroyed the island. Hazel and her mother both died in 1942, but delayed the rise of the Gigantes for some time.

The judges of the Underworld had an argument over where to put Hazel and Marie. They decided that Hazel and her mother would go to the Fields of Asphodel after Hazel gave up her chance to go to Elysium in order to save her mother from the Fields of Punishment.

Returning to Life

Nearly seventy years later, Nico di Angelo, a son of Hades and thus her half-brother, found her there, and, seeing that she was a child of Pluto, he brought her back to the world of the living due to the Doors of Death being open. Initially, he had been there to rescue his other sister, Bianca di Angelo, but he was too late as she had tried for rebirth.

Once Hazel was restored to life, she began experiencing "blackouts" of her horrible past whenever she tried to think about them. Eventually, she made it to the Wolf House and, consequently, Camp Jupiter, where she was made a guard at the entrance to the Caldecott Tunnel. The blackouts usually happened when she either remembered her past, or when she thought too deeply about her old life. Later, Hazel pulled Frank Zhang into one of her blackouts, where she replayed the time when she stood before the judges of the Underworld as they decided where she would stay. Afterward, she seems to have no more blackouts. It was a very thankful feeling for if it happened in combat she might have died. Also, Pluto had told Hazel before their departure of Alaska that a descendant of Neptune would wash away her curse. Firstly, she thought of whom to be Percy, but Frank had also been a descendant and so Hazel is not sure who it might be.

The Heroes of Olympus

The Lost Hero

Hazel is remembered by Jason Grace as one of his friends. She knew Jason for about a month before he disappeared, although this is not noted until the second book in the series.

The Son of Neptune

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Nico di Angelo

Nico, her half brother

Hazel and Frank Zhang are the two demigods guarding Camp Jupiter's entrance when Percy Jackson defeated the Gorgons. She helped pull Frank Zhang out of the water after the whirlpool Percy created calmed down. After Juno formally introduced the sea demigod and disappeared, Reyna then orders Hazel to take Percy inside the camp to be questioned. Hazel then takes Percy to Octavian, who is revealed to be blackmailing her to get her vote to be a legion leader. She then shows Percy the various temples like Neptune and Pluto where she meets with her brother Nico di Angelo. While talking to Nico she has a "blackout."

She then eats dinner with Dakota, Percy and Frank before the war games (which is like capture the flag at Camp Half-Blood, but with a fortress and there is only one flag). They then proceed to the war game where she, Frank, and Percy are the first ones to penetrate the fortress with the rest of their team following using a special tactic Frank created. They then capture the 'flag' and win the war game, but before they can celebrate Gwen is killed with a weapon that looked like it was Octavian`s weapon after the games ended. With the Doors of Death open, Gwen quickly comes back and there is much confusion. They leave the fortress and are stopped by Mars, Roman god of war, who then claims Frank and gives him a special spear. He gives him a quest and his own written prophecy to go north to the land beyond the gods and free Thanatos, a god of death. Mars picks Percy to go on the quest and Frank picks Hazel. They then go to a senate meeting to decide what to give them for the quest, but due to Octavian, they are given a boat and a few supplies. Hazel isn't too happy about the boat, but they take it.

When they get to the Camp Marina, they find the small, old leaky boat which makes her feel even worse. After they get on the boat Hazel has a vision of her past. She is then woken up by Frank. After getting attacked by grain spirits called Karpoi and watching the giant's army go by, she and the boys arrive at Rainbow Organic Foods & Lifestyles, a store owned and run by Iris, the rainbow goddess. While Hazel and Percy make a few Iris-messages Frank battles three monstrous snakes alone, allowing them to leave.

Then they are at the sea again. Eventually, they arrive in Portland, Oregon, and the trio goes to find the blind seer Phineas, a son of Neptune. They find him trying to smack the Harpies with a weed whacker and he then tells them to find a Harpy with red feathers named Ella and give the harpy to him so he can torture her in exchange for the information they desired. After chasing Ella they catch her on the roof of a library and they take her to Phineas. But they had no intention to give the vulnerable harpy to the blind king. Percy gets Gaea to trick Phineas into drinking a vial of Gorgon Blood (one vial heals and the other one is fatal, and Phineas drank poison) and Hazel discovers the location of Alcyoneus.

They return to the boat where she has another blackout, sharing it with Frank. It involves her judgment in the underworld and when she meets Nico and Frank puts his life in her hands by entrusting her with a stick that would snuff out his life if completely burned. They are then woken up and they go find Reyna's sister, Hylla, who is Queen of the Amazons. They find the lair of the Amazons, which is really a front of the online shipping company, Amazon and Percy and Frank are captured. Hazel proceeds to talk with Hylla. She asked her if the Amazons can help the camp. but Queen Hylla declines because her own people are at war with each other due to the arrival of the dead Queen Otrera who has been revived by Gaea. But Hylla agreed to let Hazel and her friends go along with the horse from Hazel's past, Arion, who will only let Hazel ride him. It's also said by Queen Hylla that only the strongest female warrior could ride him, and that person would bring a new era of prosperity to the Amazons.

They then go north to Frank's Grandma Zhang's house. When they arrive, the house is surrounded by Laistrygonians. They talk to his grandma and escape the giants and fly north to Alaska. During the ride, Hazel kisses Percy on the cheek, but just as sisterly love. They stay in Hazel's old house for a while after getting attacked by Gryphons and take Arion to the home of the giant, Alcyoneus who imprisoned Thanatos. When they get there the threesome split up, Frank frees Thanatos, Hazel takes on the giant, and Percy handles the undead Roman Legion brought back to life by Gaea to assist her son.

Frank Zhang

Frank, her boyfriend

Frank and Hazel are able to defeat Alcyoneus after they drive him to Canada, away from his home territory. They return to Alaska to get Percy who has the eagle of the Twelfth Legion and head back to Camp Jupiter on Arion. Upon arriving, she meets Tyson and Mrs. O'Leary. Then, she heads off into battle.

Once the monsters are defeated, Hazel goes and finds Thanatos and asks him about the escaped souls. He tells her that she is not on his list of escaped souls and believed that maybe Pluto gave her pardon so that she may do some good within the Prophecy of Seven. She also makes her feelings for Frank known and kisses him to show her affection. Afterward, she gathers in the Forum to await the arrival of the campers from Camp Half-Blood on the Argo II.

The Mark of Athena

While arriving at Camp Jupiter on the Argo II, Annabeth Chase saw Percy on the ground with his arms around Frank and Hazel, as if they were old friends. Annabeth, Jason, Piper McLean, and Leo Valdez then enter the Forum where Annabeth worries that she and Percy may have started a relationship. She quickly dismisses the thought, pairing her with Frank instead. After the attack on New Rome, Hazel and Arion cause a distraction to let their friends escape. She later reunites with the others in Utah, where she wonders if Leo is Sammy Valdez. When Leo tells the seven that they need supplies, she accompanies him to the Salt Lake. They soon come across Nemesis where Hazel sees one of her past teachers. Nemesis tells them to find her brother by the Kalends of Juno. She also tells them that unless they stop the giants by the same day that Rome would be destroyed. She then vanishes. Hazel and Leo share many romantic awkward moments until running across Echo and Narcissus. While Leo and Echo distract the cursed boy, Hazel manages to steal a sheet of Celestial bronze with her powers and flees with Leo toward the Argo II.

Hazel is later seen when Piper attempts to get rid of the eidolons, helping to catch Jason after they are banished. She later fans her face and seems flustered after Percy and Annabeth are caught alone together in the stables. Hazel later heads with Piper and Annabeth to Charleston Park where they meet Aphrodite. The goddess tells Hazel to fix her clothes so she could look even more beautiful. The trio are later surrounded by Octavian and Romans, but Percy manages to save them. Hazel, Piper, and Percy stay on board while Annabeth heads into Fort Sumter to rescue Jason, Leo, and Frank, and find the map to help her on her quest.

After they make it into the Atlantic Ocean, Hazel shows Leo a flashback of her life. There, she explains that Sammy was her boyfriend and he and Leo look exactly the same. One of Leo's memories take over, and Sammy is revealed to be Leo's great-grandfather and that he met Hera, who told him he won't live to see Hazel's greatest danger. The flashback ends and Leo and Hazel start to talk about what they saw. However, the group is attacked by a skolopendra nicknamed Shrimpzilla, and she tries to help Leo unleash Greek fire to destroy it. Gleeson Hedge then tells the crew that Hazel and Leo were holding hands much to Frank's horror. However, Hazel, Leo, and Frank are taken overboard and land in the underwater city of the ichthyocentaur. Leo explains everything that really happened while Hazel quickly makes friends with the icthyocentaur and they reunite with their friends.

Hazel stays on the ship while Jason and Piper meet Hercules. She is later tied up and taken captive by Chrysaor along with the rest of the crew except Frank. After Percy and Frank defeat him by tricking his crew into thinking Dionysus was on the ship (even though Chyrsaor wasn't convinced, he still had to flee with the rest of his crew), the crew reach Rome, Italy. Hazel, along with Frank and Leo, track Nico di Angelo into the Pantheon. Leo soon uncovers a tunnel that Hazel volunteers to investigate. However, the eidolons attack once again and force Leo and Frank into the tunnel. The trio soon enter a workshop filled with inventions created by Archimedes that Leo becomes fascinated by. Hazel and Frank are soon tasered to unconsciousness by a Taser Ball possessed by an eidolon. Two eidolons possess unworkable machines and threaten to kill Leo with them. Frank wakes up in time to guard Hazel as Leo destroys the eidolons with Archimedes' sphere. Leo sadly tells Hazel that she was tracking Nico by his sword. Hazel, grief-stricken, then asks where Nico could be. Gaea laughs in the trio's faces, and shows them that Annabeth is facing her mother's mortal enemy and Jason, Piper, and Percy are drowning.

Hazel appears again with Leo, Frank, and Coach Hedge as they enter the Colosseum, rescuing Percy, Jason, Piper, and Nico. Leo tells them he had thought of an escape plan. Hazel reunites with Nico, who informs them that the mortal side of the Doors of Death are in The House of Hades. Leo, Hazel, and Frank inform that Gaea had shown them Annabeth was in trouble and they head out to rescue her. The Argo II and its crew arrive at Arachne's lair where Annabeth has barely survived the experience. Jason, Piper, Leo, and Frank secure the Athena Parthenos to the Argo II when Annabeth is dragged into a pit. Hazel desperately warns them to cut the spider silk as Nico tries to save Percy and Annabeth. Percy grabs on to Annabeth as Hazel continues to plead for help. However, Percy makes Nico promise he'll take the four to the House of Hades while he and Annabeth fall into Tartarus.

Hazel, Jason, Piper, Leo, Nico, and Coach Hedge, all aboard the Argo II, then decide to follow Percy's orders and set sail to Eprius, Greece to save them from the House of Hades.

The House of Hades

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The Argo II is being attacked by earth spirits (Ourae) who are attacking with boulders. Hazel is almost hit by a boulder but ducks as the mast is hit and tumbles everywhere, along with Nico. Hazel runs to go help Nico up from the debris that are on him. After Hazel tells Leo that they need to leave the mountains, she starts to think of her home, Camp Jupiter, and how much she misses it. The trio then decide that they should let the others sleep and come up with a plan for going around the mountains. Hazel believes that it is Nico and her fault for not being able to go through the mountain because children of Pluto/Hades are not liked by earth spirits. Hazel suggests that they go by sea, but without Percy it would almost be impossible. After the trio has almost run out of ideas, Hazel prays to her dad for the first time asking him to give them a sign. Hazel then spots something in the distance: Arion. She tells Leo to bring the ship as close to the ground so she can talk to him.

Hazel gets onto Arion and rides into a storm promising the two boys aboard the ship that she will be back soon. As she went into the mist she realizes that it's not just mist, but the Mist that is the supernatural veil that changes what mortals and demigods see. As she slides off Arion's back to walk the rest of the way, Arion instantly runs away, leaving Hazel on her own. Through the fog Hazel sees a figure and calls out hello. She gets a response and realizes that she has met Hecate, the goddess of magic.

Hecate immediately tells Hazel that she is like her mother and that she knew her because she was a fortune-teller who dealt with charms and curses. She proceeds to introduce Hazel to Gale, the weasel, and Hecuba, the Labrador. Hecate shows Hazel three different crossroads and that she must choose which one. Hazel tells her that she doesn't want any of the crossroads because they all feature her friends and home in peril (one showed Camp Jupiter and Camp Half Blood destroyed, one showed the seven trapped in the mountains and one showed Percy and Annabeth getting killed in Tartarus). Hecate gives her a new path which is a secret pass through Italy and a loop round to the House of Hades. Hecate says that Hazel will need to learn how to use the Mist to defeat an enemy. She tells her to practice using and controlling the Mist and when she arrives in Bologna to seek out two dwarfs. Hazel tells Hecate that she's not choosing Hecate's path, but her own.

The goddess and the mist disappear and Hazel is standing in a field with Arion. They ride back to the ship and Hazel tells Nico and Leo that she met Hecate. She tells Leo to set sail for the new coordinates and that they need to get their quickly to make up for lost time. Nico continues to question Hazel with what she saw, but refuses to tell him afraid that the rest of the team will fall apart.

When Sciron the bandit attacks them, Hazel volunteers to go up and face him alongside Jason, as she believed this to be her test. Hazel tries to pacify him by summoning all of the riches around her (hoping it would be cursed), but he stated he wanted the Athena Parthos, to which Hazel and Jason refused to hand over; instead they were forced to wash Sciron's feet. After deciding on how to take out Sciron, Hazel attempts to use the Mist for the first time and managed to trick the bandit into being kicked off the cliff and eaten by his own turtle. Pluto briefly appears and tells Hazel how proud he was of her, although she did not want to believe that he truly meant it. When he told her that Scirion was only a small obstacle and she would have to face greater, he starts to split between his Greek and Roman forms, and then tells Hazel to leave.

Hazel faces great difficulty as she comes face to face with Pasiphaë, a powerful evil sorceress and the giant, Clytius. Pasiphaë recreates the labyrinth, saying that it would expand below the surface of the Earth and that Hazel and her friends would never get to the mortal side of the Doors of Death to save Percy and Annabeth. She manipulates the mist so powerfully such that a three-inch crack seems like a huge gap in a cliff, so as to fool Hazel. However, Hazel doesn't get fooled by her and instead uses all her power to manipulate the newly formed labyrinth to create tunnels for her and Leo to successfully meet Percy and Annabeth. With the help of the other demigods, she successfully defeats Clytius and saves Percy and Annabeth. Then, she shadow-travels for the first time with her brother, Nico di Angelo and the other five demigods to the hills outside the House of Hades, before continuing her sail to Athens to defeat the giants who have all risen.

The Blood of Olympus

Hazel uses the Mist to make Jason appear as an old man and Piper and Annabeth as his hand maidens as they go to defeat the one hundred suitors of Penelope.

She, Frank and Leo head to Delos to find the twin archers to retrieve the Curse of Delos. She and Frank leave to talk with Artemis in private.

When the seven reach Athens she masks Annabeth and Percy as earthborns. The seven then assault the giants and have an edge on them for a while but eventually lose control of the situation. When the gods come and aid them, she fights alongside Hecate. When the seven reach Camp Half-Blood they aid the two camps if fighting off Gaea and the monsters. When the remaining seven and Nico meet after the battle, she and Frank tell them of Leo's plain, while the others are mad at them for doing this they soon forgive them. The night before she goes back to camp she stays with Nico in cabin 13. She reveals to her brother that she has become Centurion of the Fifth Cohort; Nico jokes about it by asking if there are regulations regarding Centurions dating praetors. Frank then pops in to say goodnight to her. She and the rest of the Romans leave the next morning.

Percy Jackson's Greek Heroes

Right after finishing his narration of this book, Percy reveals that after the events of The Blood of Olympus, he, Hazel, and the rest of the Seven started the tradition of monthly Argo II reunion parties, and he is quite worried about being late to the current one.

Between the Series

Several days after the deaths of Gaea and Leo, a parchment scroll with a holographic message, sent from the resurrected Leo, came fluttering into Camp Half-Blood on the wind. Hazel and Frank, while angry at Leo for his long absence, are extremely relieved to learn that he is alive.

It can also be assumed that Hazel rarely visits her brother Nico, as the latter describes her and Frank being busy "doing the Twelfth Legion thing” at Camp Jupiter.

The Trials of Apollo

The Hidden Oracle

Hazel is not present at Camp Half-Blood when the depowered Apollo and Meg McCaffrey arrive, so Nico explains where his sister and the rest of the Seven are now, while showing Leo's holographic message.

The Dark Prophecy

Leo mentions the daughter of Pluto, saying it would be good to see her again.

The Burning Maze

Leo mentions Hazel when telling Apollo and the others that she survived Caligula’s assault on Camp Jupiter.

The Tyrant's Tomb

When she and Lavinia Asimov stand sentry, she lets her go for a while. She later meets up with her, Apollo, Meg McCaffrey, and Don when they are taking the body of Jason Grace to Camp Jupiter and are attacked by two Eurynomos. They fight them off and one tells her it’s master will allow her and Frank’s skeletons to serve him. She then collapses part of the tunnel with quartz and cries and scolds the son of Jupiter’s corpse when she realizes who it is, having seen his death in a nightmare days ago. She solemnly helps the others carry the coffin to camp. She and the others bring Jason’s coffin to Camp and inform praetors: Frank and Reyna.

During Jason’s funeral, she and the rest of the fifth cohort act as the honor guard. As they are about to light the pyre Lupa arrives, surprisingly everyone including her. After a quest to find Tarquin’s tomb is approved she volunteers to lead it, joining Apollo, Meg, and Lavinia. She complains about Frank wanting to go on the quest and what he pulled during the battle a few days ago. She explains her curse to Meg and that she has more control over it since dating Frank. She tells the other to go about there business for the afternoon and to meet up in the Field of Mars at sunset. She, Meg, and Lavinia arrive to see Apollo talking with Frank, she speaks with the son of Mars before her group sets out.

Along the way she talks with Apollo about Frank’s actions during the attack and he tells her everything he can about Tarquin. They reach Tilden Park and she and Meg sence something evil underground. When they figure out what the numbers mean, she writes it on the tile and they enter. She send a pair of Skeleton Warriors away and they move on to the throne room. Tarquin explains that he will attack alongside the emperors and turns his attention to the daughter of Pluto and her group. They charge and she takes out Caelius and two more Eurynomos. The daughter of Pluto then collapses a wall behind Tarquin and the four escape with Meg’s help. When they reach a river she senses about a dozen pursuers and Lavinia goes to hold them off after pointing them back to camp. She and Meg make it back to camp with an unconscious Apollo.

Two days later she and Dakota learn of the capabilities and number of the emperor’s Greek Fire canons. She calms down the fifth by saying at least they now know what Triumvirate Holdings is capable of. As she walks with Apollo and Meg she senses an aura of death around him. She then sees Don and Lavinia arguing on a bridge and tells them to stop but they ignore her. She leaves Apollo to teach archery to the Fifth Cohort.

The following day she drives a red pickup truck to Reyna, Apollo, and Meg to use to get to Sutro Tower. Reyna comments how she has improved by not hitting Terminus. That night during the assalt she aided the first through fourth cohorts while riding Arion. When Terminus warns them zombi are swarming New Rome from the sewers. She takes Apollo and Meg to Temple Hill to help Tyson and Ella perform the ritual. The girls drop him off and go to New Rome to help.

Later as she and Arion fight a hoard of zombies, she meets Apollo and Meg and, after they inform her of Frank’s sacrifice, sends Arion to find him. They reach the bookstore to find Tarquin interrogating Aristophanes about the Sibylline Books. She attacks the undead king and moments later Diana arrives to finish him off. She is shocked when Arion returns with a living Frank. They rush him to a medical tent and she and Apollo stay at his bedside and theorize about how he survived. When the son of Mars wakes up the daughter of Pluto hugs him.

A few days later during a senate meeting, she is chosen to replace Reyna as praetor after she resigns from the legion to join the Hunters of Artemis (which Frank Zhang disapproved of), she accepts and has Lavinia replace her as centurion of the fifth cohort.

In the morning she and Frank say their goodbyes to Apollo and Meg.


Hazel is of Louisiana Creole descent with shoulder-length curly cinnamon brown hair and gold eyes. She is marked with a glyph, the letters SPQR, and one stripe for one year of service that she received only a few weeks before Percy arrived. Frank and Leo consider her to be very pretty, while Percy says that Hazel's mother looks just like Hazel, saying Marie Levesque was "beautiful." Percy also describes Hazel as being "darker-skinned," and when Hazel is describing her mother later on she mentions that they had the "same dark complexion, brown as a roasted coffee bean."

Also, when patrolling Frank's grandmother's house, Frank talks about how Hazel wore this shirt and jacket, "that made her skin look as warm as cocoa." She is toned and fit and is the shortest of the seven demigods, though she is also the youngest, in stark contrast to Frank Zhang, the tallest of the seven and third oldest.


Hazel is bright and outgoing with a love for creativity and horseback riding, but a has dislike for boating and curses. Percy states that she was a great comfort to him and Frank, at times even saying that she seemed confident. Percy also describes her as being very mature for her age, although he felt a little uncomfortable when he started depending on her for comfort, but was glad she was there. Hazel tends to ignore others at times for her own preferences. For example, she carries a cavalry sword while not owning a horse to ride into battle on and she originally didn't want to like Frank because everyone at Camp Jupiter said they would end up together.

She feels a massive amount of guilt over releasing Alcyoneus, and thinks it's her responsibility to bring him down. Hazel can also be easily embarrassed, such as through Frank's clumsiness and his attempts to comfort her. Hazel is extremely loyal to her friends and treats them as family, as shown through her friendship with Frank and Percy, as well as the rest of the Fifth Cohort and when she gave up Elysium to go to the Fields of Asphodel so that her mother wouldn't go to the Fields of Punishment. She is also very affectionate, having kissed Percy, Frank, Leo and Nico on the cheek multiple times though most of the time, she gives them sisterly kisses. 


As a child of the big three and one of the seven, Hazel is an extremely powerful demigod with power only rivaling that of other children of the Big Three.

  • ADHD: Like most demigods, Hazel possesses inborn supernatural battle reflexes and senses that she uses to analyze the fighting style of her opponent.
  • Fighting Skills: Hazel is a very skilled user of her Spatha, able to defeat many trained legionnaires in The Son of Neptune during the war games, despite them having more experience than her, she was also able to hold her own very well fighting Clytius by herself, when it took the other 5 demigods and a goddess to defeat him, Hazel held her own against Clytius even though she was in an incredibly weak state, and she was able to hold her own very well with Alcyoneus a giant that is meant to oppose Hades/Pluto and his children, and ultimately defeat him with some help from Frank Zhang in The Son of Neptune. Hazel was able to fight off these two very strong and ancient giants by herself therefore. In the Second Giant War Hazel is able to hold her own very well against multiple giants, ultimately defeating Alcyoneus with the help of Arion again and wounding other giants. Also, Hazel is able to teach swordsmanship to Piper and train her to also become a skilled swordswoman.  
  • Dyslexia: Hazel's brain is "hard-wired" for Latin.
  • French (limited): Hazel speaks Louisiana French, having studied it in school, though she is not fluent. However, her French is so very different from Frank's Canadian French, that they can barely communicate.  
  • Wolf Stare(assumed): Since Hazel is a trained Roman, by Lupa it can only be assumed that Lupa taught her the wolf stare in the Wolf House.
  • Superhuman Strength : Being a demigod, Hazel is stronger than the average mortal.
  • Superhuman Agility : Being a demigod, Hazel is more agile than the regular human being and has much faster reactions.
  • Superhuman Durability : Being a demigod, a Hazel is more durable than the average mortal, as shown as she survived being hit by a giant, and shook off being hit by one of the strongest giants while travelling at supersonic speed on her horse, Arion.
  • Skilled Trainer: Hazel is shown to be a skilled trainer, as she trained Piper at sword fighting. Piper was able to even go toe to toe with the giant, Periboia and fight the giant, Mimas, because of Hazel's training.
  • Leadership: Hazel is shown to be a great leader as she is a Centurion of the Fifth Cohort.

Being a daughter of Pluto, Hazel is a child of the Big Three, therefore an extremely powerful demigod, she has the following ablilities:

  • Geokinesis: Hazel can find any underground caves, tunnels, trapdoors, cause earthquakes, and change their shapes to suit her needs or destroy them. She was able to find a secret underground tunnel during the War Games in The Son of Neptune. In The House of Hades, Hazel was able to bend the tunnels she fell through back towards Pasiphaë. 
  • Chrimatakinesis (limited to precious metals and gems): Hazel can control valuable gems and metals.
    • Ferrokinesis (limited to precious metals): Hazel can sense and summon precious metals from under the ground as well as manipulate them, and change it's shape.
    • Sensing Riches: She can also use this ability to sense precious metals or materials, such as gold, silver and diamonds from under the Earth. In The Mark of Athena, Hazel is able to sense the Stygian Iron of Nico's sword. 
    • Summoning and Controlling Riches: She can summon and control tons of precious metal and jewels simultaneously, as shown when she fought with the Amazons named Lulu and Doris; leaving them buried in a mountain of jewelry and when she lifted all the gold in the Gryphon's nests. She had even summoned a dozen of rubies at the giant, Clytius with so much force that it punctured his metal armor and even staggered the giant and wounded him.
    • Telumkinesis (limited): Because Hazel has her Ferrokinesis, she has some control over weapons but not as much as control as a child of Ares would have. This was shown when she summoned Jason's golden gladius from the ocean.
  • Mist Manipulation/Mystiokinesis- According to Hecate in The House of Hades, Hazel has a great potential to perform magic and manipulate the Mist. Her mother had this ability as well, but Hazel's potential is even greater. She has begun to master this new skill, having successfully tricked Sciron and even defeated the more experienced and powerful sorceress Pasiphaë. By The Blood of Olympus, Hazel was capable of conjuring up persuasive illusions, making Percy and Annabeth appear as Earthborn giants, and make Jason appear as an old man.
    • Mist Travel: During the final battle with the Giants in The Blood of Olympus, Hazel displayed the ability to disappear into the Mist and appear again to strike the enemies.[1]
    • Mist Placement: During her battle with Clytius Hazel has displayed the ability to use the Mist to take objects that are far away from her, and place them right behind her seen in The House of Hades when Hazel used the Mist to take a half dead Percy and Annabeth and over powered Leo who were being choked to death in a dark black smoky mist by Clytius and placed them behind her. She has also displayed this ability when she put the bandit Sciron in front of the cliff, making Jason able to kick him off. [2], [3]
  • Death Sense: Much like her half-brother Nico, Hazel states in The Son of Neptune that she can sense death, or a creature that has died like the basilisks that Gray killed. She was also able to sense Gray, an undead warrior that returned to the Earth after it had killed the monsters, before she saw it. Leo also noted in The Mark of Athena that Hazel and Nico shared a look likely comparing children of Hades/Pluto "death radar" notes when Percy and Annabeth fell into Tartarus. However, her sense seems to be somewhat weaker than Nico's, as only the latter was able to tell when Percy and Annabeth had approached the Doors of Death in The House of Hades. Her powers were enough however to allow her to see and sense the powers of the Doors of Death which only Nico and Jason were able to do.
  • Shadow Travel: In The House of Hades, she and Nico are able to shadow-travel themselves and six other demigods out of the Necromanteion and back to the surface, despite Hazel stating that she had never tried to shadow-travel before that instance. However, it is assumed that shadow travel takes away a lot of her energy.
  • Flashbacks: Hazel is able to look back at events from her life before she died. At first she is unable to control when these flashbacks would happen as they would be triggered by thinking about the past too long. Eventually she gained the ability to control them after having shared a flashback with Frank Zhang in The Son of Neptune. She has some control over what she sees after this and is able to show Leo Valdez a memory of Sammy Valdez from her past in The Mark of Athena, but is then taken into Leo's memory, something she didn't expect. Nico thinks this happened because of her time in the Underworld, but it is still unclear how this power works.
  • Necromancy (possibly): It is unknown whether she can actually utilise this ability but since most other children of Hades were able to summon and control the dead, it is assumed Hazel can too.
  • Osteokinesis: Hazel is able to control bones, as she was able to send a pair of Skeleton Warriors away just by willing it when she and three others wher scouting out Tarquin’s Tomb.

Magical Items

  • Frank's stick: In The Son of Neptune, Frank trusted the daughter of Pluto with his life line which she has kept for most of their quest to Athens. However, after Leo gave Frank a fire-proof bag to keep the stick in, Hazel gives it back to Frank, feeling a little disappointed in having to give it back.
  • Reyna's cloak: After Hazel becomes the Praetor of the Twelfth Legion, she is given Reyna's old cloak.
  • Praetor badge: After Hazel becomes the Praetor of the Twelfth Legion, she is given Reyna's old badge of office.


Love Interests

Frank Zhang

Frank, Hazel's boyfriend

Hazel's current love interest is Frank Zhang. The two are shown to be good friends in The Son of Neptune and are shown to have feelings for each other, though secretly.

As the two take off on the quest to Alaska with Percy, Frank reveals that he knows of Hazel's secret that she came back from the dead. The two experience a blackout together as they live through Hazel's last moments in her previous life and her experiences in the Underworld. While they are standing in the Fields of Asphodel, waiting for Hazel to return to life, Frank tells Hazel of his secret: that his life depends on a stick. The two wake up at the same time to a worried and slightly irritated Percy.

Later, after the battle, Hazel tells Frank of her affection and the two share a kiss. Later, the two are said to be dating, but the arrival of Leo Valdez adds a few complications to their relationship. While Frank is loyal to Hazel, she seems to be drawn to Leo because of his similarities to Sammy. This leads to Frank becoming annoyed by Leo and even starts a fight between herself and Frank.

In the Tyrant's tomb we see that Hazel is worried about Frank having a death wish. She wants him to be safe. When Apollo and her are eating lunch. she's distracted and mumbles to herself about liking a guy with a death wish. She then tells Apollo how by talking to Frank he washed away he curse. Before Hazel goes on the quest with Apollo, she has a talk with Frank out of earshot. Lavinia says that they would be there for a while, because when those two start mother henning over each other, it could take awhile. Lavinia claims that if they could wrap each other in Styrofoam peanuts, they would. Fast forward to the part where Frank dies. Hazel is in another part of town, and doesn't know. When Apollo tells her after they kill a legion of zombies, she leans on Arion and cries. She sends Arion to go find Frank's body. She then goes to fight Tarquin. After the battle. Hazel is scolding Lavinia about leaving her post when she sees Arion with a figure draped across his back. It's Frank. They rush him to the medics and it is shown that Frank is healthy. Hazel and Apollo are by his side when he wakes up. Hazel hugs him and cries. She proceeds to tell him how he scared her and gives him some nectar. She kisses him on the forehead and tells him he broke her heart. Fast-forward to the end. Hazel and Frank meet Apollo in a coffee shop before they have to rouse the legion. They leave hand in hand.

In her former life, Sammy Valdez was Hazel's only friend and love interest. He used to take care of horses for rich people and on weekends, and would take Hazel out to ride. They became boyfriend and girlfriend for a brief period of time before Hazel moved away with her mother to Alaska under the influence of Gaea.

In the Underworld, it is revealed that if Gaea hadn't intervened and Hazel's mother had not forced her to move away, Hazel would've married Sammy and lived a long happy life. Instead, Sammy moved to Texas, married, had kids, and died. It is seen though that he never forgot about Hazel and it was shown that he loved her up until he died.


Percy Jackson

Percy Jackson, a close friend of Hazel.

Percy and Hazel first met in The Son of Neptune and quickly grow to become very close friends. Hazel admits to herself that when she first saw him, she thought he was a god in disguise. Also that he had "the good looks of a Roman god" and "an aura of power." They are good friends, with Hazel looking to Percy as a friend and a leader and Percy viewing Hazel as someone he can rely on. During times of distress or confusion, Percy and Hazel comforted each other like siblings, and gave advice in a sibling manner, and she gave him a sisterly kiss on the cheek. Hazel is at times a little awed by Percy's powers as the son of Poseidon. She was once told by her father, Pluto, that a descendant of Neptune would free her from her curse and wonders if Percy is the one he was talking about.

In the The House of Hades she considers Percy the "backbone" of the Prophecy of Seven. Here it is revealed that Percy is probably the demigod she admired the most, along with her brother Nico. When Percy and Annabeth emerge from the Doors of Death weak and breathless, Hazel uses the Mist to distract Clytius from them. 

In The Blood of Olympus, at Leo's insistence, Hazel doesn't reveal his suicidal plan to Percy. After Leo's death, Hazel breaks down crying and reveals the truth to Percy, who initially looks furious, but his rage quickly dissipates by the time Hazel is done explaining, since Percy admits that staying mad at her was hard when Hazel was crying, and the plan sounded like the exact thing that Leo would have done.

Hazel, Frank and Reyna let Percy and Annabeth know that they can live in New Rome as long as they'd like after completing the senior year of high school. As mentioned in Percy Jackson's Greek Heroes, Percy and Hazel have remained in contact during the year after Gaea and the Giants' defeat, with both of them attending monthly Argo II reunion parties.


Jason, her friend.

Jason remembers Hazel in the last part of The Lost Hero as being a friend of his back at Camp Jupiter. In The Son of Neptune, Hazel tells Percy that after she arrived, she had only known him for about a month before he disappeared, so they hadn't known each other well. Through Hazel's point of view, it is assumed that she and Jason were friends. She even compares Jason to Percy, stating that they both had the same look, as if they had both seen their fate, and were waiting for it to happen.

When Hazel and Jason both confront Sciron, in The House of Hades Hazel notes that she couldn't figure Jason out well, as he acted "too perfect", and that she would rather have Nico, Frank or Percy at her back. Still, Hazel does trust Jason, and they cooperated well in defeating Sciron. 

In The Blood of Olympus, at Leo's insistence, Hazel doesn't reveal his suicidal plan to Jason. After Leo's death, Hazel breaks down crying and reveals the truth to Jason, who initially looks furious, but his rage quickly dissipates by the time Hazel is done explaining, since Jason admits that staying mad at her was hard when Hazel was crying, and the plan sounded like the exact thing that Leo would have done.

In The Tyrant's Tomb, when Hazel finds out about Jason’s death, she is devastated and cries, telling his corpse that she should’ve let her be there for him and asks him why he would do this to Piper McLean.

As mentioned in Percy Jackson's Greek Heroes, Jason and Hazel have remained in contact during the year after Gaea and the Giants' defeat, with both of them attending monthly Argo II reunion parties.


Leo, Sammy's great-grandson, and Hazel's good friend.

Hazel and Leo first meet in The Mark of Athena, but first sees him in a video scroll during The Son of Neptune. They are very awkward around each other because she thinks that Leo looks so much like her first love, Sammy. Leo, despite thinking Hazel is beautiful, constantly feels her examining him and is confused when she acts like they have met before. He also tries to avoid her to a small degree as he knows that Frank is dating her. However, the two keep finding themselves in awkward situations that leads to a fight between Hazel and Frank.

Their connection to each other is slightly cleared up when Hazel uses her ability to show people the past to show Leo who Sammy was. During this flashback, it is shown that Sammy is Leo's great-grandfather and that he asked Leo to look after Hazel for him. Despite learning this information, the two are still somewhat shy of each other. In The House of Hades, most of the rough patches in their relationship are smoothed out, and they act more openly friendly towards each other. When Leo returns from Calypso's island, she kisses him on the cheek, showing that she loves him as a brother. She is also instantly able to see that Leo has fallen in love, something nobody other than Jason could guess. Later, when she and Leo get stuck in the Necromanteion, Hazel apologizes for telling Leo about Sammy, but Leo fully embraces his identity as Sammy's "stunt double" and encourages Hazel not to question her relationship with Frank.

In The Blood of Olympus, it is revealed that Hazel had finally gotten Leo to spill about Calypso. She then sketched him a picture of her based on the description that he'd given her. Shortly thereafter, Leo tells his suicidal plan only to Hazel and Frank, since they, as Romans, would understand the importance of sacrifice. Touched by Leo's heroism, Hazel and Frank tearfully embrace Leo in a group hug and support his plan, even though they despise it. Hence, when their plan of successfully resurrecting Leo after Gaea's defeat seemingly fails, Hazel is understandably devastated, and hesitant to ask Nico if he'd felt Leo's death.

In The Tyrant's Tomb, Frank Zhang mentions that everyone punched him when they saw him. Hazel probably did too.

Piper McLean

Piper, one of Hazel's best friends.

Piper and Hazel first meet in The Mark of Athena, and seemed to be on good terms. Hazel encouraged Piper to coerce the Eidolons to leave, and Piper comforted Hazel after Jason and Leo accidentally insulted her by questioning Nico's loyalties.

In The House of Hades, both are the only girls left on board the Argo II, which allows them to bond and become good friends. Hazel would constantly train Piper in swordsmanship (with great success), while Piper would attempt to help Hazel control the Mist by telling her about Charmspeak. They also enjoy laughing about the bad habits of the boys, and had a number of good private talks, while also sharing tears about Annabeth. Both of them also rush to hug Leo right after he returns from Ogygia.

Hazel is impressed at how skilled a swordswoman Piper has become by The Blood of Olympus. At Leo's insistence, Hazel doesn't reveal his suicidal plan to Piper, and magically tricks the latter into believing that she has the actual Physician's Cure. After Leo's death, Hazel breaks down crying and reveals the truth to Piper, who initially looks furious, but her rage quickly dissipates by the time Hazel is done explaining, since Piper admits that staying mad at her was hard when Hazel was crying, and the plan sounded like the exact thing that Leo would have done. In the several days after that, Piper and Hazel, along with Annabeth and Reyna become inseparable, as they help the camps get along after Gaea's defeat. Hazel valued Piper's skills as a go-between to smooth over any conflicts. The evening after Hazel leaves, Piper already misses her, claiming that the camp now feels somewhat empty without her and the other Romans.

As mentioned in Percy Jackson's Greek Heroes, Piper and Hazel have remained in contact during the year after Gaea and the Giants' defeat, with both of them attending monthly Argo II reunion parties.

Dakota is Hazel's superior in their branch of the legion. He had apparently stood for Hazel when they were deciding on cohorts and the two have been teammates for a few months.

Reyna Ramirez

Reyna and Hazel rarely interact in the series, but they are friends. In The Son of Neptune, Reyna is very strict with Hazel as praetor and is sarcastic towards her when she is late. She is against the idea of Hazel standing for Percy, since she is a daughter of Pluto, but she reluctantly agrees. She later tells Percy that no one will follow a child of Pluto and that there are rumors about where she came from.

On the quest to Alaska, Hazel sends her an Iris Message while Reyna is in the bath, freaking her out. Later, when Hazel meets Hylla Ramírez-Arellano, Hazel vouches for Reyna and tells her that she needs help. In The House of Hades, Hazel doesn’t know what to think of her old boss dropping in for lunch, but Reyna listens to her when she talks about how amazing Frank Zhang was.

In The Blood of Olympus, Reyna and Hazel become inseparable as they help the two camps get along. Reyna also promotes Hazel to Centurion. They are on good terms in The Tyrant's Tomb. Reyna is very formal with Hazel and addresses her as “Centurion Levesque”, and asks her for her report, and lets her lead the quest to Tarquin’s Tomb.

Reyna lets Hazel use her truck to practice driving, and they joke about Hazel’s progress driving. Hazel gives Reyna progress about the Eurynomos and questions her outfit, since she is wearing normal clothes. After the Battle of San Francisco Bay, Hazel is relieved that Reyna is okay and gives her a delicate hug, asking her if Lavinia really acted on her orders, and Reyna says that it’s true. She supports Hazel becoming praetor wholeheartedly.

Hylla SoM GN

Hazel meets Hylla in The Son of Neptune and asks her to help her sister, Reyna. Hylla agrees to talk to Hazel and hear her out. Hylla respects Hazel and tells her about Otrera, how the Amazons are a mix of Greek and Roman, and about Percy. Hylla is impressed with Hazel when she manages to tame Arion. Hylla lets Hazel escape on him with Frank and Percy, and tells her she’s glad she met her. Hazel wished that she had a sister like Hylla, and took her hand, wondering if it’s possible to make a friend that fast.

When The Amazons arrive to fight Polybotes, Hazel is glad Hylla survived and yells her name.


Hazel was Lavinia’s Centurion in the Fifth Cohort, and Lavinia respected Hazels position as centurion. In The Tyrant's Tomb, Hazel and Lavinia are on sentry duty and lets her go for awhile. The two later fight the Eurynomos with Apollo and Meg McCaffrey, and Lavinia trusts Hazel to fight, telling Apollo that Hazels got this. Hazel later covers for Lavinia to Reyna Ramírez-Arellano and Frank Zhang, telling her to tell the praetors that she went to Temescal on her orders.

Later, Lavinia, Hazel, Meg, and Apollo sit together on the roof of New Rome University for a picnic, and gives half of her veggie wrap to Lavinia when an eagle takes her sandwich. The four plan for the quest to Tarquin’s Tomb and Lavinia mouths “adorable” to Apollo when Hazel talks about how she loves Frank. She also tells her to not chew gum on the quest. The four meet on the Field of Mars and go to the tomb. They help Apollo when he gets injured and carry’s him back to Camp Jupiter. Hazel lets Lavinia go in the woods and drive the eurynomos away with her Manubalista. Hazel tells Apollo that she doesn’t think Lavinia is being wise, but she says that she trusts her because whatever she does, she comes back unscathed.

Soon after, Hazel sees Lavinia arguing with Don, and yells her name, reminding Apollo of a mother annoyed by her toddler child. Lavinia tells Hazel that she needs a minute and Hazel wonders if she is too young to get ulcers.

After the Battle of San Francisco Bay, Lavinia comes back and tells Hazel about how she and Reyna blew up the Julia Drusilla Yachts. Hazel is shocked and wonders how she did it. Hazel tells her what she did was amazing but tells her that she deserted her post and that she didn’t give her permission, but Lavinia tells her she got orders from Reyna. Reyna backs up this statement.

At the next meeting at the Senate House, when Frank asks who should become praetor next, Lavinia starts chanting Hazel’s name for her to become praetor. When they need a replacement for Centurion, Hazel planned to promote her to Centurion but the Fifth cohort started chanting her name before Hazel could promote her. Hazel smiles at Lavinia after and promotes her to Centurion in her place, praising her for her heroism. She also tells her that the fifth cohort read her mind when they started chanting her name.

Hazel doesn’t judge Lavinia for being attracted to Poison Oak and being gay, even letting her sneak out to see her, impressive since she was born in 1928.

Meg Viria

Hazel meets the daughter of Demeter in The Tyrant's Tomb, and leads her through the Caldecott Tunnel to Camp Jupiter, and introduces Meg to Reyna Avila Ramírez-Arellano. A few days later, Hazel, Meg, Apollo, and Lavinia Asimov sit on the roof of New Rome University for lunch, and the four plan a quest to find Tarquin’s Tomb. Meg finds out about Hazel’s curse and asks her if she can do cool underground stuff and if she can summon jewels, and Hazel tells her she can but she cannot spend it. Meg asks her if she can have a diamond until Apollo chastises her. Hazel also tells Meg to be stealthy on the quest.

On the quest, Meg and Hazel talk a lot, and Hazel asks Meg if Apollo complains a lot, in which Meg replies that he used to be whinier. Hazel is surprised to learn that Meg can talk to plants but doesn’t judge her.

At the Battle of San Francisco Bay, Apollo and Meg find Hazel and they go to the bookstore to find Tyson, Ella, and Tarquin.

Apollo Viria

Apollo and Hazel first meet formally when Apollo and Meg McCaffrey are carrying the coffin of Jason Grace to Camp Jupiter, and respects her as a fighter. Hazel does not blame Apollo for what happened to Jason and tells Reyna Ramírez-Arellano about the whole situation. Later, Apollo, Hazel, Meg, and Lavinia Asimov sat on the roof of New Rome University for lunch, and Hazel rants about how Frank Zhang constantly puts himself in danger, and about her curse.

On the way to Tarquin’s Tomb, Hazel and Apollo bond over how they tune out teachers and lectures, and talks about how she doesn’t want to lose Frank and her worries about him. Apollo is knocked out by Tarquin, and Hazel gets so worried and upset about it that she screamed and made the back walls collapse, and helped carry him back to Camp. The next day, Apollo immediately asks where Hazel is after he wakes up from his injuries.

The next time the two see each other, Hazel asks him how his wound is and mentioned that his death aura is getting stronger by the hour. Hazel confides in Apollo that she wished Nico di Angelo was here, and joked about Lavinia stressing her out, making Apollo laugh. Hazel assigns Apollo to teach archery and goes off with her Fifth Cohort.

During the Battle of San Francisco Bay, Apollo and Meg go meet Hazel and they go to the bookstore to find Tyson, Ella, and Tarquin, and he tells Hazel about what happened to Frank. Hazel defends Apollo when he is attacked by Tarquin, and then kills the undead king. Later, Apollo and Hazel sit at Frank’s bedside all night long,and he explains to her that Frank took control of his destiny, and maybe Juno got rid of Frank’s curse, and they grieve over Jason.

At the next meeting at the Senate, Apollo is proud of Hazel becoming Praetor and notes that Rome is in good hands. Apollo also thinks he did little compared to what Hazel did, noting the respect he has for her. Apollo says goodbye to Hazel the next day, thinking that the Twelfth Legion Fulminata would rise from the ashes and enter a golden age with her as leader.


Marie Levesque GN

Marie Levesque, Hazel's mother.

Marie Levesque is Hazel's mother. She is the one responsible for Hazel's curse. She was a fortune teller and a jewel seller who once summoned Pluto using a spell that Hecate granted her, and Pluto courted her. Later, he swore on the River Styx that he would grant her anything she wished. Marie, who had been poor her entire life, wished for all the riches in the earth. Pluto warned her of the curse it would bring, but still granted her the wish, and thus, Hazel's curse.

Marie is said to be selfish in the beginning. She was under Gaea's spell and blamed Hazel for her curse. Under Gaea, she uses her daughter and the two go to Alaska to avoid the gods. Hazel is then used by Gaea to resurrect Alcyoneus.

At first, Marie is thought to hate Hazel and think that she is a cursed child. In the end, Marie reveals that she loves Hazel and that Hazel is the one greatest treasure in her life and attempts to sacrifice herself in order to save Hazel, even if that meant that Alcyoneus and Gaea would rise. Hazel, in order to stop Alcyoneus' rise, sacrifices herself. She drowns with her mother holding her in her arms and they manage to delay the rise of the Gigantes for another couple of decades.

Nico di Angelo

Nico, Hazel's half-brother.

Although they are only half-siblings they refer to each other as "brother" and "sister" and are shown to deeply care for each other. Nico tends to look out for her and worries about her flashbacks before she is able to control them. In The Mark of Athena, when Jason and Leo express doubts about Nico's loyalty to the gods, she gets incredibly furious and storms out of the room. She was also determined to go to Rome to save Nico despite knowing it could be a trap. After Nico is saved and she sees his broken state, Hazel tries her best to comfort him.

In The House of Hades, when Hazel is dying of poison, Nico goes as far as threaten a minor god to heal her, which results in him being turned into a plant. Later, he kisses Hazel on the cheek as if saying goodbye, to the surprise of Piper. After rescuing Hazel from a giant at the Doors of Death, Nico comes over and kisses her forehead and claims that Hazel 'would have made dad proud', this sentimental compliment may have reminded Nico of his sister Bianca, who Hades initially considered better than him in every way. Hazel cups her hand around his face and smiles at him, showing they have a very close relationship. She thinks herself very lucky to have a brother like Nico. Still, even she knows nothing about Nico's love for Percy.

In The Blood of Olympus, when Hades reveals to Nico that one of the Seven is destined to die, Nico's primary concern is for Hazel. They are finally reunited after Gaea and the Giants' defeat, and Nico is happy to live with a sister again, even if only for a few days. While he's unable to forgive himself, Nico does his best to comfort Hazel about Leo's death (which he himself had felt happen), assuring her that she is blameless. Nico is impressed and proud at how far Hazel has come since he brought her to camp, having become both powerful and confident. He claims that while getting a second life is one thing, making it a better one that the first is what actually matters. He approves of her relationship with Frank, and promises to visit them often in Camp Jupiter.

Pluto GN

Pluto, Hazel's father.

Hazel has only meet her father Pluto a few times. It is clear that Pluto cares about his daughter very much, giving her birthday presents, and apologizing for unwillingly cursing her. Also, it is Pluto who tells her that her curse will one day be washed away by a descendant of Neptune.

Later, in The Son of Neptune, after Thanatos has been freed and the monsters defeated, Hazel asks him if she is on the list of escaped souls. Thanatos tells her that she is not on the list, but offers to double check. Hazel declines the offer. Hazel is later asked if Pluto has visited her. She replies that he has not, but notes that this may be a gift to her, as if he acknowledges her existence, she may have to return to the Underworld. This shows how much Pluto cares about her.

In The House of Hades, after Hazel prays to her father for help, it is implied that he sent Arion to her, so that she could talk to Hecate. After Hazel's first successful use of the Mist, Pluto is so proud that his Greek and Roman forms momentarily unite, and he is able to appear before her to give advice on fighting Pasiphaë. Hazel, however, is still somewhat resentful, but slowly warms up to him. Nonetheless, Hazel is furious when she sees her father's broken altar in the Necromanteion.


  • Hazel is an Old English female name, it means "the hazel tree" which the name for a tree and color, as there is a tree called the Hazel Witch Tree which can be used for healing purposes. As interestingly her eyes are pure gold, described as being like jewels as there is jewelry that can be hazel in color.
  • Lévesque is Old French for "Bishop."


  • Her favorite food is shrimp gumbo. She says it is her 'comfort food'. It also reminds her about living in New Orleans.
  • Hazel feels that Nico and she represent Pluto's/Hades' two spheres of control: she represents wealth and Nico represents death.
  • Hazel knows a little bit of Louisiana French because she used to live there. She tried to have a conversation with Frank, because he knew Canadian French, but it ended quickly for which the reason being the major differences in the French translations.
  • Frank, Piper McLean, and Hazel are the only three of the Seven Heroes to have the ability to speak French, albeit different dialects (Frank knows Canadian French, Hazel knows Louisiana French, Piper knows European French and possibly all other variations of French.). Still, Piper is the only one of the three who can speak the language fluently. 
  • Nico di Angelo and Hazel's mothers share a close resemblance in their first names: Marie Levesque and Maria di Angelo.
  • Hazel's role in The Son of Neptune is vaguely similar to Piper's in The Lost Hero.
    • They both have a crush on a member of the quest. However, Piper is much more open about her crush. 
    • They both possess a dark secret.
  • Hazel is one of the four known demigods who can speak another language not related to their godly parent. The other three are Nico di Angelo, who can converse in Italian, Leo Valdez, who can converse in Spanish and in Morse code, and Frank Zhang, who can converse in Canadian French and in Mandarin.
  • Hazel has several similarities with Thalia Grace:
    • Both are children of the Big Three (Pluto, Zeus).
    • Both aged slower than normal. (Hazel is a returned mortal from the 1930s and '40s; Thalia was transformed into a tree for six years and only aged three years, then she became a Hunter of Artemis and stopped aging altogether.)
    • Both possess the ability to manipulate The Mist.
    • Both have a brother who looks nothing like them, but whom had problems with Percy Jackson in the past for different reasons and are from a different camp than their own (Nico di Angelo, Jason Grace).
    • Both spent less than a year at their respective camps (Camp Jupiter, Camp Half-Blood).
    • Both used to admire heroes who were similar (Jason Grace, Luke Castellan). For different reasons, both stopped admiring him.
    • Both have or used to have (in Hazel's case) a home with a connection to wolves. (Hazel trained under the wolf goddess Lupa, before making her way to Camp Jupiter; Thalia joined the Hunters and works with several of Artemis's wolves.
    • Both received a prophecy that possibly describes one of the Seven. (Hazel was told by Pluto a descendant of Neptune would wash away her curse, which could be Percy Jackson or Frank Zhang; Thalia was told by Halcyon Green that one day she'd be reunited with her family, referring to Jason Grace.)
    • Both are angry at their immortal fathers (Pluto, Zeus).
    • Both have December birthdays (December 17, 1928; December 22, 1988).
    • Both were born near the end of their respective decade (1920s, 1980s), with the number in the one's place both being 8.
    • Both were manipulated by a deity into aiding in the destruction of Olympus. (Gaea tried to manipulate Hazel into raising her son AlcyoneusAtlas tried to convince Thalia into slaying the Ophiotaurus.) In the end, both made the right choice that ended with a change in their mortality status (Hazel sacrificed herself to defeat Gaea and Alcyoneus; Thalia opposed the Titans and became immortal, as a Hunter of Artemis).
    • Both went on a quest with Percy to rescue a chained deity (Artemis, Thanatos).
    • Leo Valdez was attracted to both of them.
    • They both end up working against a hero, both whom look similarly and had once been their ally. (Octavian, Luke Castellan).
  • She is one of only known demigods to be brought back from the Fields of Asphodel to live once more. Midas ( Who is a son of Cybele) and his son Lityerses ( Son of Demeter) have also returned.
  • Hazel was told by her father Pluto that a descendant of Neptune will wash away her curse and give her peace. Frank Zhang was revealed to be him, as he is descended from Neptune.
  • She is the only demigod daughter of one of the Big Three in the series to have never been a member of the Hunters of Artemis.
  • Hazel is the only one of the Seven to not be the same gender as her godly parent.
  • Horses are the only animal that aren't afraid of Hazel, unlike her half-brother Nico, who all animals fear.
  • Hazel's mother, while being controlled by Gaea, called her a "cursed child."
  • Hazel doesn't know if she has ADHD and/or dyslexia, as when she was growing up (before she died), people would simply call those with ADHD or dyslexia lazy.
  • Hazel's birthday is December 17, 1928. However, because of her time spent in the Underworld (effectively stopping her aging while there), the day she becomes a year older may be different from her actual day of birth.
  • Hazel is the only known child of Pluto, with both Nico and Bianca being children of Hades.
  • Hazel can become seasick very easily, as shown in The Son of Neptune and The Mark of Athena.
  • In Teutonic, Hazel means "commander".
  • Hazel is the only African-American demigod of the Seven.
    • Hazel is the third character of African descent to have a Point-of-View in the Riordanverse, after Carter and Sadie Kane.
  • Hazel tends to fan her face when she is shy or embarrassed; a habit she picked up from her first life.
  • She is an amazing artist, being able to recreate what Calypso looked like with only Leo's description.
  • Hazel is the only character who’s year of birth is given.
  • Hazel is both the youngest and oldest member of the seven, being the youngest biologically and the oldest chronologically.
  • Hazel is the only known demigod child of the Big Three to not participate in the Second Titan War, as she was in the Fields of Asphodel at the time.
  • Hazel is a witch, and there is a tree called the Hazel Witch Tree. It is unknown if this is a coincidence or not.



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