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Hecate's Cabin (#20) is a cabin for the demigod children of the goddess Hecate. It was built in The Last Olympian.


It is a cabin built of stones engraved with magical writing. It is said that if one of the stones falls or is dropped, it explodes or causes everyone within half a mile (800 meters) to turn into a tree. The cabin also has a slanted roof and high ceilings. The cabin is four modules back to back, two on either side, and has four entrances. The cabin can be rearranged and moved as desired; this module can be as big or small as it needs to be. More campers can fit into the same amount of space as a regular cabin with more privacy and better accommodations.

Inside, there are four main sitting rooms with two built-in cushioned benches that double as beds, in each, and storage space underneath for their clothes, armor, and weapons. There is also built-in, programmable furniture that can be collapsed, moved, and reshaped; with the snap of their fingers, the living area can be turned into a bedroom, gym, dining room, or military command center. There is a dozen preprogrammed interior-decorating schemes. A narrow staircase leans against the back wall that leads up to the lofts with two more twin beds and extra built-in storage underneath the stairs. The loft can also be used as a meeting area, game room, whatever the campers want. There are also private state-of-the-art bathrooms with large showers in the cabin.


The cabin was constructed after the Second Titan War. Percy Jackson made a wish that the minor gods and their children were respected just as much as the major gods and demigods, on Olympus and at Camp Half-Blood. As a result, all the minor gods were given cabins at Camp Half-Blood, including a cabin for Hecate. Annabeth built a modular, customizable cabin for Hecate's children.

In The Mark of Athena, Annabeth mentioned that the campers of Hecate's cabin used their magic to try and find Percy at Camp Jupiter, but were unable to.

In The House of Hades, Hecate reveals to Hazel Levesque that while her children have powerful magical abilities, other demigods also possess such gifts like Hazel herself.

In The Blood of Olympus, Lou Ellen and the half-bloods of the Hecate Cabin were stated to be protecting Camp Half-Blood with magic barriers to slow the impending Roman invasion. In addition, Lou Ellen works with Cecil Markowitz, Will Solace and Nico di Angelo to successfully sabotage the Roman onagers.

In The Staff of Serapis, Annabeth mentioned that she sampled healing potions from the Hecate kids and they usually tasted like pond scum soup. Annabeth later mentioned that her friends in the Hecate cabin might know something about Ptolemy's magic.

In Camp Half-Blood Confidential, the Hecate cabin lost Cabin Inspection and had to clean the Pegasus Stables.

Known Occupants

Magical Items

  • Pig Ball: When defending the camp from the legion, Lou Ellen used a Pig Ball to turn several Roman legionnaires into piglets. When she changes the piglets back, she does so begrudgingly.


It is most likely that Circe, Medea, Pasiphaë, and Calypso are the favorites of the Hecate cabin as they are some of the most gifted, greatest, and talented sorceresses in history.


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The demigod children of Hecate possess true magical abilities such as spell-casting (as shown by Lou Ellen Blackstone, Alabaster, and Lamia) and they are some of the only demigods who can truly cast magic although, as Hecate admits, some other demigods such as Hazel Levesque have magical abilities as well. Some, if not all, may have the power of necromancy and umbrakinesis.

By speaking in either Latin or Ancient Greek, her children can cast many spells for various effects such as creating fire, generating cold, protecting oneself, and shielding themselves from the tracking abilities of monsters and etc. The amount of different spells is unlimited; ranging from anything small to giant, the only thing holding them back is how strong their magical capabilities are. They can cast incredibly powerful spells, if they're powerful enough and know how to cast them effectively.

They have been shown to be able to levitate objects and using their powers to remove a person's nose (as shown by Lou Ellen Blackstone playing a literal Got-Your-Nose with Miranda Gardiner from Demeter's Cabin). Like their mother, their magic is strongest at night and weak during the day.

Hecate can be a tough parent, and her children must prove their worth and study hard to master their skills in magic, as magic has a way of twisting around the user. So if a child of Hecate isn't careful, their spells can do more harm than good. If a child of Hecate overexerts their magical capabilities too much, it physically takes a toll on their body causing them fatigue, exhaustion, dizziness, or faint. It could also cause their magical energy to be drained or depleted, leaving them powerless.

As shown in The Demigod Diaries, children of Hecate can control the Mist, a magical force with which they can cast illusions and a myriad of other things. Using the Mist, they can summon items such as a sword and create apparitions called Mistforms.


  • Alabaster C. Torrington is a child of Hecate, but he made a promise not to enter Camp Half-Blood so he does not corrupt his half-siblings.
  • Hecate's children are demi-Titans, and may not be considered proper demigods.
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