Hecuba is a Black Labrador and appears in The House of Hades as a pet of Hecate.


Early life

Hecuba was the daughter of king Dymas of Phrygia, the son of Eioneus, the son of Proetus of Argos. Her mother was Euonoë, a naid daughter of the river god Sangarius. Hecuba was once the Queen of Troy, the wife of King Priam during the Trojan War, with whom she had nineteen children. These children included the warriors Hector and Paris, Creusa the wife of Aeneas, and the prophetess Cassandra.

Much of her life was recounted in Homer's The Illiad: She met Hector upon his return to the polis and offered him the libation cup, instructing him to offer it to Zeus and to drink of it himself. Taking Hector's advice, she chose a gown taken from Alexander's treasure to give as an offering to the goddess and leads the Trojan women to the temple of Athena to pray for help.

She pleads with Hector not to fight Achilles, for fear of "never getting to mourn you laid out on a bier." She was stricken with anxiety upon hearing of Priam's plan to retrieve Hector's body from Achilles's hut. She offered Priam the libation cup and instructs him to pray to Zeus so that he might receive a favorable omen upon setting out towards the Achaean camp. Priam accepted and was rewarded with the requested omen. She lamented Hector's death in a well-known speech. For reasons unknown, Hecate turned her into a Labrador.
Hecate - trio

Hecate, her owner

The Heroes of Olympus

The House of Hades

Hazel Levesque first caught a glimpse of Hecuba during her visiting of a ruined temple. She, along with the goddess Hecate and the polecat Gale, first appeared to Hazel as ghostly images. When Hazel asked Hecate who the dog was, Hecate told her that Hecuba was once the queen of Troy.

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