Heket (also Heqet) is the Egyptian frog-goddess of birth and rebirth. She is thought to be the wife of Khnum or the second wife of Shu (his first one being Tefnut). Heket protected women during childbirth. She was forgotten; now she is in the Duat, at Sunny Acres Assisted-Living Community.


At the annual floods of the Nile, millions of frogs were born and that's when the cult of the fertility and frog-goddess Heket was born. Her consorts were Shu or Khnum  Ancient texts tells that Khnum made children out of clay in his potter's wheel, and Heket breathed life into them and placed them at their mother's womb. It was thought that it was her who gave the breath of life into the new body of Horus at birth. She was later associated with resurrection since she was present at the resurrection of Osiris. Ancient Egyptians even made Heket amulets with "I am resurrection" inscribed on them. Pregnant women wore Heket amulets to protect them during pregnancy. Her priestesses were taught midwifery and most midwives called themselves "Servants of Heket".

The Kane Chronicles

The Throne of Fire

She appears at Sunny Acres Assisted-Living Community. She was coming out of her room in Sunny Acres with the help of Tawaret, saying " Where are my temples now?" and Tawaret replies sadly "Your temples are all destroyed". Heket mistakes Sadie for one of her priestesses. 

She is seen in Sunny Acres by Carter and Sadie when they are about to leave. 


She has all the standard abilities of a goddess. Heket has "frog-like" reflexes. She is shown jumping like a frog. She is shown at the Serpent's Shadow fighting with demons, using her tongue to attack. She can also control and summon frogs at will, being the goddess of frogs. She was associated with protection so she may have protective powers. She is a water goddess, so she may have some power over water, being the goddess of the late Nile flood.


  • Other names for her are Hekat, Heqet, Hegit, and Heget
  • She was often depicted with magical 'knives' of ivory (magic wands).
  • She was also associated with resurrection and an amulet depicting the frog-goddess, when laid upon mummies, was believed to contain her protective powers.
  • The spelling and pronunciation of her name is very similar to that of the Greek deity Hecate. Incidentally, Hecate is the Titan of magic and also associated with childbirth.


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