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Helgi serves as the manager of Hotel Valhalla.


When Helgi was alive, his and Hunding's families were involved an ancient feud. When they died, Odin favored him over Hunding and granted his wish to make Hunding his servant and Helgi became manager of the hotel.

Magnus Chase and the Gods of Asgard

The Sword of Summer

Helgi greets Magnus when he arrives at Valhalla. He threatens Hunding with a stick to get him to behave and gives Magnus his room key and Minnie bar key. Helgi is later seen at dinner with the rest of the thanes reviewing the deaths of the new einherji. When Magnus's death is shown, he and the thanes discuss why Sam brought him here before the Norns appear, telling Magnus of his parentage and reciting a prophecy. He and the thanes dismiss Sam as a Valkyrie and welcome Magnus as an einherjar, for the time being.

When Magnus, his hallmates, Sam, Blitz, and Hearth are brought before the Thanes, he and the other Thanes are about to pass judgment when X reveals himself to be Odin.

The Hammer of Thor

Helgi was described to be ragged and dirty when Magnus came back to Valhalla because Alex was terroizing him. He later applaudes Alex when he sees her death.

After Loki is freed,he tasked Magnus and his friends with recapturing the trickster.

The Ship of the Dead

He and Hunding are with Magnus and company to see them off on their quest.

When Ragnorok is delayed he makes Blitzen and Hearthstone honorary einherjar.

9 from the Nine Worlds

Just Another Decapitated Head

When Odin calls a meeting for anew capian of the Valkyries, he sugessts his girlfriend Kara, but she does not get the position.


Helgi is said to have a large beard that requires its own zip code, and his hair is described as looking like a buzzard that exploded on a windshield. He is dressed in a forest-green pinstriped suit.


Helgi is an organized and by the book individual, as he stated a guest’s room might not be ready if they die to early in the day. He is also bossy, as he orders Hunding around however he pleases.


  • In Norse mythology, Helgi (known as Helgi Hundingsbane) is the hero of the Volsunga saga. He is a descendant of Odin, and he kills Hunding to avenge his father. He then fells in love with a Valkyrie called Sigrun and after death is being brought to Valhalla, and is given a right by the All-Father to order Hunding around and make him do various chores.
Magnus Chase and the Gods of Asgard
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