Heliopolis is an ancient Egyptian city located in the First Nome.


It was pillaged long ago and many buildings were destroyed to make way for modern buildings. The remainder of the city disappeared under Egypt's cities and now the majority of lies beneath the Cairo airport. It is home to the House of Life and is guarded by the ba of deceased magicians. There is a tunnel that connects the city to the Sphinx of Giza, but the tunnel has been blocked off to keep mortal archaeologists from discovering the city.


The city has brightly painted Egyptian columns, braziers that create no smoke, and smells of spices. It contains an open-air marketplace and an ornate building carved out of black rock where initiates train. There are houses for the cities inhabitants and boys' and girls' dormitories for initiates. The city also contains a cleansing room to allow magicians to cast magic. There is also an enormous library similar to the library in Brooklyn House with many retrieval shabti. Its floor is shaped like a man and represents Geb and the ceiling is shaped like a woman, representing Nut. Its most notable room is the Hall of Ages, where the memories of the gods have been recorded and where the pharaoh of the House of Life rules.

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