Hera's cabin (#2) is the cabin made to honor Hera, being the queen of the gods.


Hera's Cabin interior

Inside Hera's Cabin in the graphic novel

Hera's cabin is made out of marble and is shaped like a box. The cabin is more graceful than Zeus' cabin, with slimmer white columns, garlanded with pomegranates and flowers. The walls are carved with images of her symbol; the peacocks. It is freezing cold inside with a huge statue of Hera with a fire pit at its feet, but no beds. There are no residents due to the fact that this cabin is an honorary cabin and she does not have any children with mortals since she is the goddess of marriage and therefore has no mortal affairs.

Known occupants

She's the goddess of marriage, so of course she wouldn't go around having affairs with mortals. That's her husband's job.

Grover Underwood to Percy Jackson

Because Hera is the goddess of marriage, she must maintain her marriage with Zeus. Thus, she has no demigod children. She gets angry at Zeus when he has children with mortals and usually tries to make the child's life terrible. A notable exception is Jason Grace due to the fact that he is her champion.

Hera, the patron of this cabin.


  • Hera's cabin has the least amount of known inhabitants with none at all, due to her being the goddess of marriage.
  • Her cabin is the only cabin that does not have and will never have an inhabitant.
  • Rachel Elizabeth Dare was possessed by Hera while in her cabin.
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