Hermes cabin (#11) is the cabin that houses the children of Hermes and newcomers to Camp Half-Blood who are unclaimed.

After Percy made the gods swear on the River Styx that they would claim their children at the age of thirteen, only the Hermes and unclaimed campers live there.


Hermes Cabin GN inside

The inside of the Hermes' Cabin in the graphic novel

It is the oldest and the most worn-looking of the cabins; this is due to its former use as a home for all unclaimed demigods, as well as the children of the minor gods. Its dull brown paint is chipped off (it really should be repainted) and there is a caduceus overhanging the door. Hermes' Cabin is the largest cabin and is packed at all times.

Luke's room in the film adaptation

In the film adaptation, Hermes' Cabin has tent canvases on the windows for privacy and rooms for each of the occupants; Luke's room has a desk lined with computer monitors, Winged Shoes as a gift from his father Hermes, a map leading to the Underworld, a collapsible shield, a cot, and wooden shelves.


The Blood of Olympus

Hermes' Cabin had been lining the hills with traps, snares, and other kinds of surprises for the Romans.

The Hidden Oracle

After Demeter's Cabin was destroyed in Nero's Skirmish at Camp Half-Blood, the occupants stayed at Hermes' cabin until their cabin was rebuilt.

Known Occupants


Hermes, their patron

Many others have occupied this cabin as it is the cabin that new campers stay in until they are claimed. Many of the above campers also were temporary.

Magic Items



Luke, former head counselor.

  • They are skilled at theft and trickery.
  • They have a high athletic ability.
  • They are persuasive.
  • Some or all of Hermes's children have the ability to pick most locks with their minds.
  • They can sense any physical traps.
  • They are good at alchemy and making potions.
  • They are very good as spies and are stealthy.
  • They are good with money.
  • Some are able to inherit super speed fast enough to run on air and become a blur.
  • As their father is the god of travelers, they are naturally jacks-of-all-trades.

Hermes' Acceptance Policy

Being the god of travelers, Hermes' cabin has an acceptance policy stating that any undetermined camper can stay inside. This means Half-bloods whose immortal parent has not claimed them or whose immortal parent doesn't have a cabin at camp would stay in the Hermes cabin.

After the events of The Last Olympian, most of the minor gods were given cabins at camp. It is assumed that the policy then only covered the unclaimed. All new campers stay in the Hermes cabin until they are claimed by their immortal parent.


  • Cunning: Children of Hermes are uncommonly cunning.
  • Enhanced Theft Abilities: Children of Hermes able to supernaturally steal things without people noticing, even other demigods.
  • Clauditiskinesis: Children of Hermes can magically sense the internal structure and mechanisms of any lock they touch, and is able to make it unlock, even telekinetically. This does not work on cursed locks, though.
    • Lock Intuition: They can also identify curses and traps placed on locks. If they concentrates hard enough, they can deactivate them.
  • Chrimatakinesis: Since Hermes is the god of merchants, children of Hermes is presumably quite good with money.


  • The Hermes Cabin is the only known cabin to have two head counselors, Travis and Connor Stoll. Though in The Lost Hero, Travis goes to the head counselor meeting without Connor. It is still unknown why Connor wasn't present.
    • Conversely, in The Hidden Oracle it has been revealed that Travis has gone to college, thus leaving Connor as the sole Head Counselor
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