Hermes' Multivitamins

Annabeth Chase holding the vitamins.

You'll know, believe me. Nine essential vitamins, minerals, amino acids...oh, everything you need to feel yourself again.

Hermes, to Percy, talking about the multivitamins, in The Sea of Monsters.

Hermes' Multivitamins is a bottle of magic multivitamins that the god Hermes gave to Percy Jackson in The Sea of Monsters. Each flavor is from a different color and type, like Minotaur, Hydra, and other monsters.


In ancient times, Hermes' multivitamins were magic herbs which were called Moly. Hermes gave Odysseus the magic herbs on Circe's island to protect him from the witch's power.

Percy Jackson and the Olympians

The Sea of Monsters


Hermes, who gave the vitamins to Percy.

Percy Jackson receives the multivitamins from Hermes, who was hoping Percy could save his son, Luke Castellan, from his fate.

Annabeth Chase takes a lemon Minotaur vitamin after she finds out that Circe had turned Percy into a guinea pig. Once Circe returns and sees that Annabeth is trying to free Percy and the other rodents, she attempts to stop her with magic. Circe's magic has no effect on Annabeth, with much credit towards the vitamins.

After becoming immune to Circe's magic, Annabeth goes over to the guinea pig cage where Percy and several other guinea pigs are being kept. She dumps all the vitamins in, and Percy and the other guinea pigs in the cage eat the vitamins in order to reverse their fate after being turned into guinea pigs by Circe. Circe gets infuriated, and runs away, because they are immune to her magic and they are very mad at her for turning them into rodents.

The other guinea pigs turn out to be Blackbeard (also known as Edward Teach, son of Ares) and his crew.


There are different flavors and come in different shapes like lemon Minotaurs, grape Furies (or possibly grape Harpies), and so on. Each multivitamin is supposed to have a slightly different effect.

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