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The Hermitage Museum is an art museum located in Saint Petersburg, Russia. It is the second largest art museum in the world. It houses art and artifacts from all over the world.


When the museum first opened, it housed artifacts only in the Old Hermitage building. The museum has since grown to include neighboring buildings such as the Old Hermitage, the New Hermitage, the Hermitage Theatre, the Winter Palace, the eastern wing of the General Staff Building, and Menshikov Palace.

The Kane Chronicles

The Throne of Fire

Carter and Sadie Kane go to the museum to find the scroll for the Book of Ra. They succeed but are seen by Vladimir Menshikov who summons a Tjesu heru that poisons Carter. They escape and Sadie gives Set his Secret Name back in order to save Carter.


  • It would take two weeks to see the museum in its entirety.
  • The museum is home to a population of feral cats, they were first ordered their by Elizabeth of Russia to get rid of a mouse population.
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