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Hira confronts Aru Shah, Mini, Brynne Rao, and Aiden Acharya under orders from Lady M. She is part of a group with Navdeep, Sparky, and two others. Hira is the only rakshasa in the group.


The leader, who was later revealed to be Navdeep, taunts her about her nonexistent family. This suggests they are dead, missing, and/or she has been abandoned. It is later revealed that his family is fostering her.

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Aru Shah and the Song of Death

Hira, Navdeep, Sparky, and two others appear to prevent Aru Shah, Mini, Brynne Rao, and Aiden Acharya from entering the Ocean of Milk. When Mini calls Lady M a monster, Navdeep orders Hira to transform into her, showing her beauty. When one of the male asuras teases Hira about her looks, Brynne attacks the group with the Mace of Vayu.

Later, she poses as Surpanakha when Aru, Mini, Brynne, and Aiden are captured by the two nagas. Hira is the most sympathetic to Lady M's story, but she agrees to transform into Lady M to trick Takshaka into giving up Kamadeva 's love arrow to them. This allows Aru to kill her and free the Heartless Zombies, including Aiden.

In the aftermath of the battle, Mini's family decides to foster Hira.


Hira is described as "shy and skittish." She is bossed around and teased by Navdeep and the other asuras about her appearance and family. She does not stand up for herself but appears happy when Brynne attacks the others. Hira is loyal to both the Pandavas that helped her and Navdeep, whose family took her in.


Hira has bright hazel eyes and light brown skin. Though she is able to change her appearance at will as a rakshasa, she shows discomfort at this and seems most comfortable in this form. Hira was described as young and wearing a hoodie. In the Ocean of Milk, she is wearing a borrowed sweatshirt and jeans that were too big for her.



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