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The following article/section is from the Storm Runner continuity under Rick Riordan Presents and not the Riordanverse canon.

Hondo Obispo is the younger brother of Mrs. Obispo and the maternal uncle of Zane Obispo. He is a main character in the Storm Runner series under Rick Riordan Presents. Hondo often accompanying his nephew on quests.


Hondo was a wrestler in high school and hoped to become a professional. However he could not afford college and ended up working as a janitor at a bank.

At one point Hondo moved into his sister’s house, however he would only watch wrestling all day. He would also teach Zane wrestling moves to help him fight of bullies.

Storm Runner Trilogy

The Storm Runner

He and his friends watch wrestling while his sister is out. When Brooks arrives he lets her in. When his sister comes home he and his friends quickly tidy up the living room. He gets a scolding from his sister afterwards. He watches wrestling the next day and tells Zane he missed a great match.

While cleaning the bank with his sister, they are attacked by an Alux. He wrestles with it while his sister and nephew escape. It eventually gets away from him and he triggers an alarm and waits for the police. When the others get home, Hondo is waiting for them. The next morning he watches wrestling and tells Zane his mother is out.

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Zane Obispo, his nephew

He tells Zane and Brooks a giant chicken is at the door and they follow it to Ms. Cab’s house. They enter and he passes out when he finds her box of eyes. Mr. Ortiz shows up and Zane tells them about Ah-Puch and the Mayan prophecy. They quickly accept this and he offers to drive him and Brooks to their next destination. He takes tools as weapons and takes money for the trip. They learn that Ah-Puch plans to take revenge on the hero twins in Venice Beach. Brooks tries the talk him and Zane out of it, but they will not take no for an answer. Before setting out Brooks tells them the twins’ Birthday is the following day and she has an invitation.

Brooks tells him to take I-10 to Tuscan, but he misses the turn and they end up in Yuma. He drops Zane and Brooks at a fast food restaurant to order food while he gets gas. As they finish the kids tell him demons are coming towards them. They head to his truck and are confronted by doppelgängers of themselves. He takes care os his and Zane‘s copies and the two of them fight Brooks’s copies. They hit the road soon after. He drives through the night until they reach San Diego. He waves at Zane as he orders breakfast. They arrive in Venice Beach and, after negotiating for a Scarface poster, is taken by Brooks with Zane to meet with her friend Jazz. After they save Jazz from passing into a diabetic coma, he becomes concerned when Zane passes out. They take him to Jazz’s apartment upstairs and wait until he wakes up. When he wakes up and the giant discovers Zane is supernatural, he backs up Brooks’s claim of Zane being a magician. Jazz gives them formal wear that masks their worst physical qualities and a scooter to get to the twins. They reach the Beverly Hills Hotel by hitting the turbo button to narrowly avoid the police. He breaks his arm in the landing bu the clothes heal him withi minutes. They reach the third floor and Brooks tells him and Zane they will need to play a game and trade magic to get the information from the twins.

Brooks loses her invitation but gets them in anyway. She explains how the twins help make people famous in exchange for their talents. Soon after they arrive one of the twins arrives and says hello to Brooks. The twin, Jordan, takes them to Bird, the other twin, and they refuse to give up how they defeated Ah-Puch. After Zane wagers his jaguar jade in a game for their meth of defeating Ah-Puch, they accept. He reveals that he ate a meatball, and Brooks tells him the food is poisonous to humans. She explains that his enchanted clothes with stop him from dying. They reach the court and the games starts. He starts to hallucinate due to the poison and performs poorly before passing out.

As his nephew and Brooks struggle to lift him, Jazz arrives and swings Hondo over his shoulder. After they reach Jazz's boat, the giant takes him below deck. After the boat starts to get crushed, he takes Hondo and puts him in a raft. He recovers from his poisoning and is relieved to see Zane alive. He complements Jazz on his inventions and when they reach shore, set out to find the lighting striker to train Zane. The four make their way to the old meeting grounds of the five most important gods and goddesses in the Mayan pantheon and make camp.

He and Jazz come charging into battle against both the demons of Ah-Puch and Ixtab. He lures them to a tree and starts to attack them with one of Jazz's flashlights. When the gods arrive Quinn keeps him from talking and takes him and Jazz to safety with Brooks. They end up back in Jazz’s shop and he and his sister relocate to Isla Holbox, where they plan to open a surf shop and teach kids wrestling.

The Fire Keeper

He has grown calmer during his time on Isla Holbox. He and his sister started Maya Journeys, a company that started out selling beach equipment that now also gives tours of the island.

He calls Zane and Brooks over to dinner. The following morning during yoga, he finds Ren Santiago and the book Zane wrote, he is impressed by how Zane describes him and wakes his nephew at 9:00 to tell him about his findings. When his sister arrives she tells him to change the tires on their cart for an upcoming tour and leaves to give a tour to Canadians. During the tour he blows the tires on the cart and leaves the Canadians in the jungle. He finds Zane, Brooks, Rosie, and Ren and tells them he knows Ren is a godborn and asks to join them. They agree and head out.

When Ren zones out he and Zane put her on Rosie. As he is not a supernatural, Hondo does not see the beast until he is close to its base, and only because he is with other supernaturals. They enter and he does calming breathing to ease his claustrophobia. When Ren comes to he offers the teach her some mental exercises. The five wander around the beast until they find a gateway to a snowy landscape. They enter, except for Ren, and they fall through a frozen lake into an icy tornado after he inadvertently triggers Rosie. Brooks saves him and Zane and the four end up in an icy cavern with eyes everywhere. As he looks for a way out Ren arrives from an elevator and soon Quinn arrives from an escalator. He flirts with her and she reluctantly agrees to help them. She takes them to Clementino, who chooses what is destroyed and what is saved in Xib’alb’a, for sanitizing and new clothes to hide their human sent. They are given off fast food employee uniforms and white sneakers to mask their hum sent, however Quinn can still smell him. They then set out into the underworld.

They soon reach a canyon filled with toxic gas and Quinn tells them to stay quiet and breath only when necessary. He and Zane fly across on Quinn while Ren flys on Brooks. When Hondo brings the attention of winged Demon Runners, Brooks and Quinn take evasive maneuvers and fly to a mountain range. They then end up in another part of Xib’alb’a and meet with Ixtab when the goddess learns they are their. When the goddess asks to speak with Zane alone he refuses to go until Zane reassures him he is okay. As he leaves he keeps glancing back at the two.

An hour later Zane returns Itzel arrives soon after with their new armor like clothing. He gets a pair of shredded jeans and a gray button down shirt. After Zane meets with his father in The Empty, he tells him and Ren about Ixtab’s plan, which he is against. They wande through a battle field to meet with Ixtab. After Zane accepts her deal he threatens the goddess if anything happens to his nephew. After the goddess leaves Quinn in charge of the Death Ceremony, they set out and he talks with Ren. When Quinn tells them to jump into a waterfall he goes with Ren.

The group end up at a wedding reception in San Miguel de Allende and Quinn informs them that despite spending ten hours in Xib’alb’a, only two hours have passed in the mortal world. He and Rosie break off for a minute to buy churroes. After crossing through a church they end up at El Grito, the home of Fausto who will perform Zane‘s death ceremony. He shoots a cold glare at Quinn before entering. When Fausto emerges from his home he hugs Quinn an the two stare each other down. When Quinn puts her arm around him he becomes overjoyed. He gives Zane a worried look as his nephew undergoes the death ceremony. After the ceremony is complete he and the others stare at Zane in shock and stays the night at Fausto’s.

Hondo and Brooks search Zane’s internet history and find that he is going to the replica of The Beast in New Mexico. However wh they arrive the twins ambush them and the two are taken prisoner. He and Brooks are captured by Bird and Jordan with him being paralyzed from touching the bars too much, he also has a large gash on his bicep. When ever Zane touches his bars, their cages are filled with tox gases. After Rosie, Ren, and Ah-Puch arrive and free Zane, him, Brooks and the godborns, Rosie heals him and he protects the godborns when Marco wakes up Camazotz. After Ah-Puch sides with the bat god and explains Hurakan and the godborns will be used to resurrect the Mexica Gods and create a new world order wi the twins on top, he helps Rosie and Zane fight of the bats. When Ah-Puch stabs Camazotz, he carries Brooks to the gateway, but stops before it closes. As Ah-Puch distracts Camazotz, he and the others take the gateway to an unknown jungle, as Zane and Ren set out to free Hurakan, he tells Zane to “shoot to kill”.

After the failed execution and the twin’s escapes, he and Jazz stand with the godborns on the pyramid‘s stairs. As they go to Xib’alb’a, he and the others step outside so Zane can tell them what he knows and plays fetch with Rosie as he waits. After they decide to reopen the Shaman Institute of Higher-Order Magic, he suggests he became a teacher. When they return to Isla Holbox, he sees Quinn and becomes overjoyed and has pizza for dinner with his family, the Santiagos, and Brooks and Quinn.


Hondo is a short Hispanic man in his early twenties (although he looked seventeen) and was built like a tank with boulder-size biceps, abs of steel, and hands of iron. However despite his muscular build he was considered short.


Hondo is a lazy man who lounges around the house whenever he is out of work. However he has the well-being of others at heart, such as teaching his nephew wrestling moves.

Despite his laziness, Hondo can give his all whenever he is needed, such as defending his sister and nephew from an Alux and accompanying Zane and Brooks to Los Angeles to meet with the hero twins.

He is blindly courageous at times, such as threatening Ixtab if her deal with Zane backfired on him.

During his time on Isla Holbox, Hondo has become more tranquil, taking a liking to meditation.


  • Wrestling: Hondo is a skilled wrestler.
  • Battle Prowess: Hondo can hold his own in battle against supernatural treats.
  • Bilingualism: Hondo can speak both English and Spanish.


  • Hondo is a name of from the Shona tribe in Southern Africa meaning “warrior”.
  • Obispo is Spanish for bishop.


  • He smokes cigars and drinks beer.
  • Hondo drives an F150.
  • Hondo has some similarities to Gabe Ugliano, being lazy and letting others do his work for him. However unlike Gabe, Hondo helps others in need.
  • In his portrait reveal on ReadRiordan, he is incorrectly referred to as Zane’s older brother.
  • In his youth Hondo watched the original Blue’s Clues.
  • Hondo speaks in Spanish when he is stressed out.
  • Hondo is the second human character in both the main literary universe and Rick Riordan Presents to have an active role in at least one quest, the first being Rachel Elizabeth Dare.
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