The Hoover Dam Snack Bar is a snack bar at Hoover Dam in Arizona and Nevada.

Percy Jackson and the Olympians

The Titan's Curse

Zoë Nightshade, Percy Jackson, Thalia Grace, and Grover Underwood visit Hoover Dam after leaving the Junkyard of the Gods. Percy tells the others to go on ahead to grab some food as Bessie the Ophiotaurus had appeared. Skeleton warriors soon appear and Percy joins a tour group to hide. Athena, disguised as a mortal tour guide, gives him some advice on how to escape the dam. The skeletons follow, forcing Percy to run around into the lower levels of the dam and eventually he runs into Rachel Elizabeth Dare for the first time. She sneezes, causing Percy to slice her with Riptide, but the blade passes through harmlessly since she is a mortal. Rachel can see through the Mist and saves Percy from the skeletons. Percy finally finds the snack bar just as the group receives their lunch and are about to eat. In order to get away from the skeletons, Grover starts a food fight that all the other customers join in on, creating a distraction.

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