Arion, an immortal horse

Horse is a quadruped animal with a tall body and hooves. Horses are considered sacred to the Greek god Poseidon and the Norse god Frey.


In the Greek Mythology, Poseidon created horses out of the sea foam as a gift for the people of Athens during a competition with Athena for being the patron of the greek city.

The Roman emperor Caligula rode Incitatus, a talking horse.

Similiar Species


Centaurs are creatures with the torso, arms, and head of a human and the lower body and legs of a horse. While most centaurs prefer to relax and enjoy life in the form of parties, some such as Chiron show a more mature tone.


Icthyocentaurs are centaurs and hippocampi like creatures with the lower part of a hippocampus and the upper part of a man. They also have blue or green skin.


Pegasi are horses with large feathery wings that enable them to fly. An example of one is Percy's loyal companion Blackjack.


Hippocampi are creatures whose front half is that of a horse and their back half is that of a giant fish. They also have colours similar to a rainbow.


Hippalektryons ("rooster ponies") are an endangered species of magical horses. They have the front half of a horse and the back half of a rooster. Their rear feet have huge yellow claws. Their tails are feathery and their wings are red.


Unicorns are a magical species of horses who didn't was made for war or battles. In truth, they are very important to medicine as their silver and gold horns could be used to a multitude of forms as well powder or drought.

Fire-Breathing Horses

Fire-Breathing Horses are a magical species of horses than can breathes out fire through their nostrils. Percy notes that the fire must hurt the horses' sinuses. They might have manes of fire because a little girl looked at them and said, "Pony on fire!"

Flesh-Eating Horses

Flesh-Eating Horses are horses that feed on the flesh of other animals or mortals. They also hate to bathe themselves.

Known Horses



  • Since he created the horses, Poseidon get the title of "Father of Horses",
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