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The House of Hades, also known as the Necromanteion, is an underground temple in Epirus, Greece, dedicated to the god Hades and his wife Persephone. The mortal side of the Doors of Death was located here under Gaea's control, until Hazel Levesque returned ownership of the Doors to Thanatos.

The Heroes of Olympus

The Mark of Athena

Nico di Angelo explains that the other side of the Doors of Death are in Tartarus. Once Annabeth Chase is reunited with her friends and Percy Jackson after recovering the Athena Parthenos, she is dragged into the pit by spider silk or web leftover from her recent fight with Arachne. Hazel Levesque, who realizes that her ankle was tangled in spider silk, desperately shouts for the others to help. In an attempt to save Annabeth, Percy lunges for her but realizes he cannot cut the silk from Annabeth's ankle as he cannot hold onto Annabeth and his sword at the same time. They are pulled into the pit, but Percy manages to grab hold of a ledge to keep them both from falling in but he couldn't pull them both up. Instead he says he won't leave her and tells Nico that they will meet all of them on the other side of the Doors of Death. With Percy and Annabeth trapped in Tartarus, the remaining demigods plan on flying to the House of Hades aboard the Argo II and defeat the forces of Gaea to save Annabeth and Percy.

Hades, the god who the temple is dedicated to.

The House of Hades

While trying to reach the House of Hades in Greece, Nico di Angelo explains to Hazel that there is an object inside the temple that only she can move and it will pose as one of their great challenges. He also asks that she not tell the others, as it will only worry them. Once they get there, Jason Grace promotes Frank Zhang to praetor while Nico summons the army of Roman ghosts, who then fight against all the monsters that had come from Tartarus via the Doors of Death. The actual altar for Hades has been destroyed to make room for the Doors of Death. When a rockfall separate Hazel and Leo from the others, she leads him to the Doors, but is confronted by Pasiphaë and the giant Clytius. She uses the Mist to defeat Pasiphae, making her believe that she fell into a pit, and when fighting Clytius, Hazel cuts the chains holding down the doors. The rest of the seven then come in, due to Jason's flying ability and fight Clytius, which results in him being set alight from Hecate's torches. They then help Percy and Annabeth up and leave the temple.

Doors of Death. The mortal side is in the House of Hades.

The Blood of Olympus

Shortly after leaving the House of Hades, Jason's nightmares become much worse: he is constantly tormented by Clytius, and Gaea, and, worst of all, he dies again and again from seeing Hera's divine form in his dreams. Jason recalls how Nico once told him that the House of Hades would stir up his worst memories, making him see and hear terrible things from the past, and making his ghosts restless. The ghost that keeps tormenting Jason is his mother, who left him in the Wolf House as a child.


  • Interestingly, in The Lightning Thief, Percy refers to Hades' palace as the "House of Hades". Also, in The Last Olympian, when challenging Kronos, Hades himself exclaims: "Today the House of Hades will be called the saviors of Olympus!" 
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