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It’s been centuries since the stone giants found a worthy opponent for a traditional two-on-two duel!

–Hrungnir to Magnus, Alex, and T.J. as he challenges them to a fight in The Ship of the Dead.

Hrungnir (pronounced "H-roong-near") was a Jotunn who knew the location of Kvasir's mead.


In Norse Mythology, Hrungnir challenged Odin to a horse race. It would be his horse, Gullfaxi, against Odin's horse, Sleipnir. After Sleipnir won, Hrungnir got invited into Valhalla, but then got drunk and abusive. He wanted to take Valhalla to Jotunheim as well as Freya and Sif. The gods called on Thor to take care of this Jotunn, they agreed to a duel. Thor received help from one of his servants, Þjálfi, Hrungnir a clay creature named Mokkurkálfi but wet himself after being totally scared by Thor. After a long fight, the thunder god finished Hrungnir off with his hammer, Mjolnir, while Þjálfi defeated Mokkurkálfi. However, Thor got stuck under Hrungnir's leg, the only one who was able to lift it was his son, Magni. His father gave him Gullfaxi as a reward for that.

Magnus Chase and the Gods of Asgard

The Ship of the Dead

Hrungnir is first mentioned by Njord, he tells Magnus Chase that they must travel to York in the U.K. to find him. They must battle and win, which has a low chance, in order to find the location Kvasir's Mead.

When the Big Banana used the River Ouse to reach their destination. Magnus, Alex Fierro and Thomas Jefferson Jr. found Hrungnir blending as a pile of rubble near a Tesco Express grocery store. He recognizes their quest for the mead and remember the story where Odin stole it first. He decides that Alex is to make a clay warrior to fight his own the following day.


Hrungnir is shown to be a formal talker who is aggressive in battle.


Hrungnir was twenty feet tall and his appearance perfectly mimicked limestone. His rough brown-and-beige skin was beaded like a Gila monster’s. A flocking of rubble crusted his long shaggy hair and beard. He wore a tunic and leggings of quilted heavy canvas, giving him that fortress-wall look.


Magnus Chase and the Gods of Asgard
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