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Humans are a mortal species that, usually, do not have any divine blood or supernatural abilities. They are the dominant species of the planet Earth.


Humans, at least for the vast majority of the population, do not have supernatural powers without the blood of a god or a supernatural in their veins. They tend to ignore, or are unaware of, the greater world around them. Humans typically live an average of seventy-five to ninety years.

They cannot be hurt by certain magical metals such as Celestial Bronze or Imperial Gold. If they are attacked by a weapon made of the aforementioned materials, they will simply pass through them.


Their origins vary from pantheon to pantheon:

  • Greek/Roman: Humanity was created by the titan Prometheus out of clay.
  • Egyptian: Humanity was created by the god Ptah.
  • Norse: Humanity was created from trees by the god Odin.

Knowing the Truth

Some humans are able to see through certain magical barriers that separate their world from the world of the gods. This ability is questioned by even the gods themselves. Those who posses this ability often attract the attention of the gods that result in the birth of a child with divine blood. Some times the descendants of these children possess certain powers as well.

Other individuals who know the truth often have abilities that they use to keep the barrier between their world and human society, usually with or in place of the gods.

If a god or something else reveals the truth to the human, things rarely go well. For example, when Zeus revealed who he really was to Beryl Grace, she felt like she could get anything she wanted and was pleased to attract a god. When he left, she would do dangerous stunts to attract his attention again. Others, such as Tristan McLean, can not process the revelation and would go mad, resulting in their memory being erased or altered to keep them sane. Those who react negatively and keep their memories, such as Mr. and Mrs. Fierro, tend to take their stress and anger out on the child the god has left behind. However some, such as Amir Fadlan, who became aware of the larger work do not see it negatively, but rather they accept it as a part of the world.

Notable Humans

Note: Only include humans who have a significant role in the book or books in which they appear. (ex: a close relative or friend of a non-human protagonist or a protagonist themselves.)

Main Universe

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Main Universe

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