Zane Obispo is my son, the son of wind, storms, and fire. He has the blood of a creator and a destroyer, and I claim him as my own.

–The Storm Runner

Hurakan (pronounced: "hoor-ah-KAHN") is the Mayan god of wind, storm, and fire. He's also one of the two creator gods, the other being K’ukumatz.


Hurakan was responsible for designing the human body. He helped Kukuulkaan create them four different times,[1] as the powerful gods wanted to have creatures, unlike animals, worship them. They first made them out of mud, but the humans were weak and useless. So the two destroyed them with a flood or the humans dissolved by themselves. Then they used wood to make another batch, but they were dumb as wood so they were destroyed too, while the survivors became monkeys. After the hero twins had their adventures, they tried corn and those humans could think, mark time and keep records. However, those humans were too smart and could understand too much like the gods, so the gods sent a great fog to obscure some of their knowledge.

Some believe Hurakan was also responsible for giving humans fire, the eternal flame. He took a piece of the flame and created the first Fire Keeper from it to watch over flame and protect the magic of the Maya. Hurakan believed in balance above all else and worried if the gods held all the power.

At one point he imprisoned Ah-Puch in a ceramic owl and created the volcano he was in. He also saved Pacific after she spoke the Prophecy of Fire.

In The Series

Centuries later he met Mrs. Obispo at the Yucatán peninsula and the two had a son together. However, because of the Sacred Oath forbidding the gods to sire demigods, he and Zane would be killed if they were found out to be guilty. Thus, he would send windstorms to shield Zane from the other gods.

Rick Riordan Presents

The Storm Runner

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Zane Obispo, his son

Hurakan appears on a skyscraper close to Ah-Puch’s penthouse, telling Zane not to accept his deal on becoming one of his soldiers of death.

He pulls his son into the Empty, a realm of his creation. He tells Zane that he must seek out Saqik’oxol, the White Sparkstriker, and that his short leg will give him strength.

While Zane is with Saqik’oxol, he pulls him in to the Empty to train his son in his dominant power: fire. The first attempt goes poorly and he tells Zane to release the energy or else he would burn from the inside out. Zane soon goes back to his body.

When the council is gathered, he introduces Zane as the one from the Prophecy of Fire as well as his son. Hurakan is then chained down in snakes by most by the other gods and sentenced to death. However, by claiming Zane in front of the other gods in the Old World, he has unlocked his son’s full power allowing him to defeat Ah-Puch.

After the fight, Hurakan was imprisoned in a tiny prison for the time being. The council decided not to kill him as they might need his power someday. After going to his new home in Isla Holbox, Zane Obispo decided that he had to free his father.

The Fire Keeper

About seven months later, Zane Obispo revealed a message from Jazz in a coconut sent from a bird. It said Hurakan's current location WaTiki Indoor Waterpark Resort in South Dakota, his prison was moved every month or so, but in four days three demons would appear. Zane was going to go there and free him, but that night another godborn named Ren Santiago appeared, her mother broke the Sacred Oath after Hurakan. After going to Ixtab, she revealed that his story allowed worshipers of Tlaltecuhtli to kidnap other godborns, she couldn't help him free Hurakan.

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In the Empty, Hurakan took the form of an obsidian black jaguar (panther) and shone almost silver in the moonlight. He had piercing green eyes.

When encountering Zane in the Old World, Hurakan had dark disheveled hair, looked like hadn't shaved in three days, and was so stiff he could've been made of stone. He wore a dark T-shirt, dark pants, and a leather band on each wrist. His eyes can change from gold to black.


Hurakan is a caring god. Wanting to keep his son hidden, he distanced himself from Zane and hid his presents from the others gods. When the two met in person, he expressed his pride in Zane and explained why he had to distance himself.

He is also calculating, taking small details into consideration to fight Ah-Puch. He teamed up with Ixtab to make the necessary events occur to defend the death god.

Hurakan is also brave, willingly letting the other gods know he broke to agreement to not have a godborn in order to give Zane a fighting chance against Ah-Puch.


  • Aerokinesis: As the god of wind, Hurakan has control over the winds. He had used this power to shield Zane from the other gods.
  • Atmokinesis: As the god of storm, Hurakan has control over storms. He had used them to shield Zane from the other gods.
  • Pyrokinesis: As the god of fire, Hurakan has control over the element. His son, Zane, was given this ability as well.
  • Creation: As one of the creator gods, Hurakan can create worlds, such as the Empty.


  • The name, Hurakan, means "one-legged," in reference to his serpent leg. His Maya name was Hunracán with Hun meaning "one" and Racan meaning "leg."
  • The tropical cyclones called hurricanes were said to have been named after Hurakan.
  • Other names for Hurakan include Huracan, Bolon Tzacab, Kʼawiil, and God K.
  • In Aztec mythology, Tlaloc is similar to Huracan.[2]
  • In Popol Vuh, the story of the hero twins interrupts Hurakan and K’ukumatz's story of creating humans after the second attempt.[3]


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