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The borough of Manhattan placed under sleep.

Hypnokinesis (from the Greek word hypnos, meaning sleep and the Greek word kinesis, meaning movement or motion) is the ability to manipulate sleep patterns and, by extension, dreams. This can be used to induce instantaneous sleep on biotic subjects, or to induce perpetual insomnia (which in a few days can kill you). One with this ability can remove the need to sleep from any biotic subject, or make them dreadfully tired all the time. One can also cause the subject to sleep forever in a comatose-like state and can even determine how deep a sleep or how long a person or people has. This has been seen to be very powerful, as proven in The Last Olympian. Hypnokinesis is primarily used by Hypnos and his children, though, as shown in The Blood of Olympus demigod children of Hades are shown to possess this power as well.

Percy Jackson and the Olympians

Morpheus, the god of dreams.

The Last Olympian

About two months before the start of the book, Grover Underwood while in Central Park sees Morpheus walking around and puts Grover to sleep for two months before Percy Jackson and Nico di Angelo wake him up. Later, right before the Battle of Manhattan, Morpheus places a huge sleeping spell over the entire island of Manhattan causing everyone, but the demigods, gods, Titans, monsters, and clear-sighted mortals, to fall asleep.

The Heroes of Olympus

The Lost Hero

When Annabeth Chase and Jason Grace walk into Hypnos' Cabin to get help from Clovis, Jason Grace finds himself falling asleep and Annabeth warns that if he falls asleep inside the cabin, he may never wake up.

The Son of Neptune

Percy is said to have been asleep for a long time. This deep slumber was result of Hera's magic.

The Blood of Olympus

After Shadow Traveling to a small ship outside Camp Half-Blood’s shores, Nico puts the mortals aboard to sleep.


The general abilities of Hypnokinesis include:

  • The ability to put people to sleep.
  • Astral projection/dream travel, as in The Lost Hero, Clovis, son of Hypnos, says to have met Michael Jackson in his dreams. In The Blood of Olympus, Nico astral projects himself into Clovis' dream, in order to send a message to Thalia. Hence, demigod children of Hypnos and Hades have much higher control over their dreams than other demigods.
  • May be able to manipulate dreams, since dreams are a part of sleep.
  • Can recover lost memories.

Known Users

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