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–Ichneutae rooting for Clarisse La Rue in Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters.

Ichneutae was a satyr who appears in Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters. He was chosen to guide Clarisse La Rue through the Sea of Monsters, but was eaten by Scylla during an encounter.

Percy Jackson (Film Series)

Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters

Ichneutae was present when the daughter of Ares won the obstacle tower, cheering her on loudly.

He was later chosen by Dionysus to guide the daughter of Ares to the Golden Fleece and eagerly accepted the role. Clarisse later mentioned that the satyr was eaten by Scylla.


Ichneutae was a satyr in his biological late teens to early twenties with an athletic build, dirty blonde hair and mustache, brown eyes, and a light complexion.


Ichneutae seemed to be very confident and brash. His confidence eventually led to his downfall, as he claimed to be able to defeat Scylla, but perished trying.


Clarisse La Rue

Clarisse La Rue, a demigod he accompanied on a quest.

Ichneutae is completely loyal to the daughter of Ares. He happily agrees to go on a quest with her.


  • Ichneutae is the name of a play written by Sophocles. It focuses on a group of satyrs ordered by Apollo to find the cattle that an infant Hermes stole.


  • Ichneutae only appears in the film.
  • His last words were "I got this!", according to Clarisse.