An Ichthyocentaur is one-third horse, one-third fish, and one-third human.


Ichthyocentaurs are the aquatic half-brothers of the centaurs, commonly known as 'fish centaurs'. Unlike their siblings, however, they are much more civilized and operate throughout the ocean. They also train merpeople heroes at Camp Fish-Blood


Chiron, their half-brother

The Heroes of Olympus

The Mark of Athena

Chiron suggests that the seven find his half-brothers to help them in their quest. Hazel, Frank, and Leo are dropped into the Atlantic unconscious, after they are attacked by the Skolopendra, one of Keto's children, and are rescued by the Ichthyocentaurs, after the sea monster retreated back into the deep. They are interrogated by Aphros and Bythos and later freed. They meet several other fish centaurs and see their camp. They are later sent back to the Argo II, with brownies from Aphros, who teaches home making and cooking, after been given assurances that they would help the creatures at Death in the Deep Seas, Phorcys' exhibit of captured sea creatures at the Atlanta Aquarium. Percy is irked that they didn't want to speak to him though as he is a son of the sea god.

The Blood of Olympus

When talking with Percy and Jason Grace, Kymopoleia reveals that the icthyocentaurs have chosen to side with Camp Half-Blood in the war and are fighting to keep dangerous sea creatures from reaching the camp. Percy is still irked they didn't want to talk to him however.


From the waist up they are human, but they have green and blue skin, and lobster claws on their head that function like horns. They have the forelegs of a horse, but their hind legs are actually a fish tail with a V-shaped tail fin. Leo thinks of Bythos as the 'Lima Bean Man' and decides that none of the fish centaurs that he met looked like Chiron. Although ironically, when Leo first meets him, after falling overboard, he sees a strange face that has the same curly hair, shaggy beard, and intelligent eyes which he thinks looks like Chiron.
Centaur Humanity-Healing-300x283

Another Centaur, their half- brothers

Notable Individuals


  • Ichthyocentaur literally means 'fish horse.'
  • Aphros was sometimes seen as Aphrodite's foster father after her birth.
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