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Or what? You'll stir-fry us? It's not us you need to worry about, mate... It's the boss.

–Idiptu to Sikander as the boy threatens him and Sidana just as their superior arrive in City of the Plague God.

Idiptu was an Asakku under the service of Nergal.

City of the Plague God

As he and Sidana scout out Mo's for Sikander Aziz, the boy attacks them with a wok and traps them in a dumpster. However he uses his tongue to unlock the lid and they escape just as their boss, Nergal, arrives. Sik then takes the refrigerator and barricades the door. It doesn't matter though, because Sidana, Idiptu, and Nergal still get in. Flies and cockroaches swarm into the deli with Idiptu and his companions. They trash the deli looking for the flower of immortality, tearing Mo's flowers off the walls. Then Belet Amari shows up. She proceeds to beat up Idiptu, making Sidana stand down. Nergal then decides to leave.

Later, Sik goes and sees his parents at the hospital. He runs into Idiptu and kill one of his flies, this makes Idiptu mad. He delivers Sik an ultimatum, give Nergal what he is looking for or his parents die. Sik slams him against the wall and says he will stop Nergal.

Idiptu is there at the fight between Ishtar and Nergal. After Sik surrenders and is taken to their base, the boy lies and says he had what Nergal was looking for for days. The accusation causes the demons to fight and Sik uses the opportunity to escape, however he is hit by a train soon after. Three days later he and Sidana patrol Central Park with some plague dogs and find Sik alive, but lose him soon after when the boy and Belet take shelter in Gilgamesh's Glass Ziggurat. After two weeks they return with reinforcements and demand they surrender and Gilgamesh unleashes a storm to scare them off. When Belet is poisoned after killing Sidana, Sik tries to heal her with a petal from the Flower of Immortality, but he snatches it out of the boy’s hand. Later he tracks Sik back to the deli and bursts out of Georiou's, seeking revenge for Sidana's death. He ambushes them as they fly to Manhattan General Hospital and they land in an abandoned office building. As he is about to swallow Daoud, he is mauled by Sargon and Bagheera and run over by Sik.


Idiptu wore a battered bowler hat, pulled down low over his huge toadlike eyes. He had wide lips and a tongue as thick as Sikander's arm.


Idiptu is serious when on missions.

City of the Plague God
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