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Ignacio "Iggy" Reál is the son of Reina Real and brother of Gabi Real.


Being born with a weak immune system, Iggy spent the first month of his life in the intensive care unit.

Sal & Gabi series

Sal & Gabi Break the Universe

His family is celebrating one month of him being alive. His elder sister takes Sal Vidon to see him. When Sal sticks his hand in a sterile glove, he grabs his pinky.

Gabi Real

Gabi Reál, his sister

The next day his condition gets worse but stabilizes the following day. His sister and Sal see him hooked up to multiple machines and are upset at him having to go through this at such a young age.

On Saturday his condition is stable. However, on Sunday night his immune system shuts down and he is going to die soon. His family says their goodbyes and he is unhooked from his equipment and wrapped in a blanket. When his mother leaves to let his sister say goodbye to him she gives him a kiss. When it is just him, Gabi, and Sal, his sister begs Sal to switch him out with a healthier version of himself. Sal is against this as if he does then that Iggy would be a stranger to her and that the dying baby in her arms is one of a kind. Gabi relents and Sal agrees to search the multiverse for a cure. They find another universe where Floramaria Vidon is hosting a prayer session to cure an alternate version of himself who is dying of neonatal meningitis that was caused by a staph infection. When they learn this about the two Iggys, they concentrate to exchange certain parts of them to help them heal which is a success.

A few days later his sister finds a cat that she names Meow-dad that is using him as a portal to the other Reál family. Gabi takes him to the Coral Castle and they get no Calamitrons.


Iggy is shown to be quite small for a baby with visible veils. Within a few weeks of his recovery, he resembles a normal healthy baby.


  • Interdementinal Doorway: After Sal saves his life, Iggy‘s body acts as a gateway to an alternate universe, with an alternate version of himself receiving having the same ability.


  • In an alternate universe, Grizzly Dad’ums is shown during a prayer session begging Floramaria to save Iggy, who he refers to as his son. Whether the two are biological father and son or he is just saying this as a member of the dads is currently unclear.
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