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Kid’s not stupid. Once he gets what he wants, well ... then we part ways. I intend to overthrow the human race and institute a government by the horses, for the horses.

–Incitatus to Apollo in The Burning Maze.

Incitatus was the prized stallion of emperor Caligula. Very few people know that he is actually capable of full speech. Centuries later he became Caligula‘s enforcer when Triumvirate Holdings was formed. He was later killed along with a group of Pandai by the Meliai.


Caligula was said to have tried to elect Incitatus as part of his consul while dressing him up in senatorial purple. He also rode his horse across a bridge of boats on the bay of Baiae to prove what a roman astrologer said was wrong regarding him becoming emperor.

When Caligula opened a palace at the base of Palatine Hill, Incitatus pulled his golden chariot then was led to the hors d'oeuvres table. Many years later, Incitatus was called back to life from Caligula, who became a god-emperor and formed the Triumvirate Holdings.

The Trials of Apollo

The Dark Prophecy

Meg McCaffrey alluded Incitatus when she spoke the Dark Prophecy on the Throne of Memory. It said Apollo must find the master of the "swift white horse."

The Burning Maze

Incitatus is heard by Apollo, Grover Underwood and Gleeson Hedge talking to Caligula on a phone after the destruction of Macro’s Military Madness, Naevius Sutorius Macro called him but he showed up too late. Incitatus suggests to Caligula in checking the ruins of Aeithales saying he might not have taken care of it since it's still dangerous. Caligula becomes furious at this, the horse decides to go back as the human police arrive.

Incitatus later attacks Piper McLean and Apollo on the Julia Drusilla Yachts after they find Caligula's caligae and takes them to Caligula. He watches what was going on as he eats oats as if they were popcorn but is shocked when Apollo stabs himself. He helps Caligula fight Jason Grace, who eventually dies during the battle.

Incitatus and a dozen Pandai arrive at the bear pit of the old Los Angeles zoo to capture Apollo and kill the others. He revealed to them that Caligula is currently sailing towards the Bay Area to deal with Camp Jupiter after their initial attack failed. However, Meg McCaffrey orders the Meliai to attack, killing him and all his troops. Incitatus didn't think they could actually defeat them but he didn't know they were Dryads at first.


Much like his partner Caligula, Incitatus is very prideful, ruthless and arrogant. As such, Caligula trusts him more than anyone. He despises humans and the gods, seeking to overthrow humanity and create a society for horses only, claiming that "a world ruled by horses isn't much different from a world ruled by the olympian gods".


Incitatus is a white stallion with brown eyes. He was a beautiful, tall and muscular animal with his coat gleaming like a sunlit cloud. His tail was white and silky, he didn't wear a tack or saddle but did wear golden, gleaming horseshoes. His voice was deep.


  • Speech: Even though he was a horse, Incitatus was capable of full speech.


  • His name is a Latin adjective meaning "swift" or "at full gallop."
  • According to Robert Graves' I, Claudius, Incitatus was slaughtered after injuring his leg at a race.
The Trials of Apollo
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