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Indra is the Hindu god of Storms, Thunder and Lightning as well as the ruler of the heavens.


Indra is the son of Sage Kashyapa and Aditi, the mother of the Gods.[1] He is known for his strength and virility. He gained supremacy over the gods for something he did in a popular myth. Once, a serpent named Vritra swallowed the cosmic waters and held back rains. Although most gods ran away in fear, Indra pierced the serpent with vajra allowing the vital waters to flow again.

Indra used to be friends with Takshaka, the king of the naga tribe in the Khandava forest. He even gave the naga a boon that made him immune to electrokinesis. When Krishna advised the Pandavas to have Agni eat and burn down the Khandava forest, Indra sent his favorite clouds to put out the fire. But it was too much work for him, and Krishna was on the side of the Pandavas, which included Indra's own son, Arjuna, after Kunti invoked him.

The Trials of Apollo

The Dark Prophecy

When climbing onto Livia, the elephant, Apollo mentions Indra during this book in reference to a late night road trip in search of vindaloo, a type of curry popular in the Goa region of India.

Pandava Quintet

Aru Shah, his spiritual daughter

Aru Shah and the End of Time

The statue of Lord Indra at K. P. Shah's museum was one of Aru Shah's favorites.

When Boo takes Aru and Mini to the Court of the Sky, Urvashi did not believe that they were Pandavas, so she orders for the Claiming ceremony to begin. One of the statues was of Indra, Aru didn't think he was her spiritual father, there would be an incredible amount of pressure for being the reincarnation of Arjuna, the most famous Pandava. But she was soon proven wrong because Indra is said to have thrown a net over Aru, made of lightning bolts, to protect her from the arrows and by doing so, he claims her. Indra also gives Aru, his prized lightning bolt, Vajra, which at the time was not activated, so it is disguised as a glowing ping pong ball.

Aru Shah and the Song of Death

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He had glowing dark skin and wore a crown that sparked with electricity.His eyes were the silver of storm clouds and he is bedecked in jewels that shine like miniature suns. He holds his lightning bolt,Vajra in his hand.


  • Atmokinesis: As the god of storms, he likely has the ability to manipulate the weather.
  • Electrokinesis: As the god of lightning, he likely has the ability to manipulate electricity.


  • He has two vahanas: Airavata, the white elephant who spins clouds, and Uchchaihshravas, the seven-headed white horse. It can be assumed that his favorite color is white.
  • Indra's name is derived from a Sanskrit word which means "lord" or "king".
  • In some versions, Indra is a son of Kashyapa and Aditi, making him one of the Adityas. Others say he was born from the mouth of Purusha, the primal human, along with Agni.[2]
  • It is believed that the rainbow is Indra's bow.
  • Indra is the first character mentioned in both a Rick Riordan book and a Rick Riordan Presents book.
  • His Greek/Roman counterparts are Zeus/Jupiter.
  • His Norse equivalent is Thor.
  • His Egyptian counterpart is Tefnut.


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