Inge is a hulder and former servant to Alderman.

Magnus Chase and the Gods of Asgard

The Hammer of Thor


Alderman, her former master.

Inge was first seen when Magnus Chase and Hearthstone are brought to Alderman's house. After she informs Alderman of his son's return, he has her serve them refreshments. After Alderman talks with Magnus and his son, he orders Inge to take them to Hearth's room and to clean up his mess. She explains Hearthstone's punishment to Magnus and tells them that the fastest way to complete it is by stealing Andvari's treasure. She meets them outside the next morning to give the more information.

After Magnus and Hearth return, she is ordered by Alderman to ready a party. During the chaos of Alderman's madness, Hearth frees her from his family. She kisses him on the cheek, tells him she loves him and vanishes.

The Ship of the Dead

When the trio travel back to Alfheim to retrieve Bolverk's whetstone, Hearthstone mentions that Inge is currently living with her family.

9 from the Nine Worlds

Speaking of Trolls...

She is enslaved by another family but is soon saved by Hearthstone, who was alerted throughout his bracelet. They are then greeted by Thor.


Inge is described as having a childish apperarence with rosie cheeks and has a cow tail.


Inge is shown to be a sympathetic person who cares greatly for others.


  • Teleportation: Inge is able to teleport, such as when she left Alderman‘s house when she is freed from his family’s services by Hearth.
  • Danger Intuition and Calling: Inge can both send distress signals through her hair to objects made from it and sense when anyone wearing an object made out of her hair is in danger.
  • Alf Sign Language: Inge is able to sign, a skill she learned during her time in the service of Alderman and his family to communicate with Hearthstone.


Lover interest 


Hearth has known Inge for some time, aside from his brother she was the only person in his family to accept him for being deaf. When he freed her she kissed him on the cheek before vanishing. Months later when she was enslaved by another family, he came to her rescue and fought a troll for her. After which they stared into each other‘s eyes.


  • Inge‘s ability to send and receive destress signals is similar to an Empathy Link.
Magnus Chase and the Gods of Asgard
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