Percy Jackson sending Luke Castellan an Iris Message .

An Iris Message is a type of video message that is used by gods and demigods to communicate with others using a rainbow. The service is managed by the Greek goddess of the rainbow, Iris.

Iris Messaging

To send a message, one must first find or create a rainbow with Mist and then throw a golden drachma or anything with a good price into it, saying or thinking very deeply:

"Oh Iris, goddess of the Rainbow, please accept my offering."

In The Son of Neptune, when they meet Iris, she tells them that the cloud nymph Fleecy will send an Iris message for them. Fleecy gives them a "direct line" with the saying:

"Oh Fleecy, do me a solid. Show (name and place of person)."

Percy sending Tyson an Iris Message.

This is usually said aloud, though it works non-verbally as well. Then the caller says the name or location of the intended recipient. The way to end an Iris Message is to wave one's hand through the Mist, disconnecting the signal. Iris Messages can also be sent to gods, such as when Percy contacted Mr. D. This is odd, because in The Titan's Curse, Percy wonders if it is even possible.


In The Battle of the Labyrinth, Percy receives a "collect" Iris message, asking him to deposit drachmas in the image for each five minutes of conversation. This happens only once and the sender was dead, so it is not clear whether this is a unique event.

Iris, goddess of rainbows.

In The Lost Hero, Medea calls for an Iris Message with a diamond instead of a coin. This probably means that an Iris message can be activated using any object of value. Greeks use drachmas to activate Iris Messages because this was the Ancient Greek currency. It is implied in The Son of Neptune that Roman heroes do not use Iris Messages (neither Frank nor Hazel had ever heard of this method of communication) since Iris is her Greek counterpart, and by then Romans used more advanced methods, like giant eagles.

Failed Iris Messages

In The Son of Neptune, Percy tries to contact Annabeth Chase via Iris Message, but the Iris Message can't get through. It is implied that this is because Percy can't clearly remember the person he is trying to reach as Hera stole his memory and Hera herself had blocked the message.







Percy, Grover, and Annabeth Luke (though intended for Chiron) Reporting about their quest. The Lightning Thief
Percy and Annabeth Chiron Reporting about their quest and asking for advice. The Sea of Monsters
Percy Dionysus So the camp can hear Luke's plans to reform Kronos. The Sea of Monsters
Percy Tyson To talk. The Titan's Curse
Percy Sally Jackson Telling her that he'll be coming home. The Titan's Curse
Percy Dionysus Calling for help and to report about the Ophiotaurus. The Titan's Curse
Bianca Percy Showing him Nico's current situation. The Battle of the Labyrinth (twice)
Chiron Typhon (his location) To show the Head Counselors the status of the gods' battle with the giant. The Last Olympian
Medea Jane To weaken Piper's confidence and reveal how her father was captured. The Lost Hero
Thalia Grace Jason Grace To summon him to the Wolf House to free Hera. The Lost Hero
Percy Jackson None Tried to call Annabeth, but it was blocked by Hera. The Son of Neptune
Hazel Levesque Reyna Called her while she was taking a bath (unintendedly), Hazel warned her about the Giant Army. The Son of Neptune
Gleeson Hedge Mellie To check in on her while he is with the seven. The Mark of Athena and The House of Hades
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