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The Iron Monster Attacks are a series of attacks on the residents of Alke that left various residents of the Alkean Mainland and MidPass by the iron monsters. Whenever they would attack, they would take prisoners and bring them aboard the Maafa.

Tristan Strong Trilogy

Tristan Strong Punches a Hole in the Sky

After sensing danger was coming for them, John Henry and Brer Rabbit tasked Gum Baby with traveling to another world to retrieve an item to help them. However when she arrived, she wakes up the current owner of the journal, Tristan Strong, and after demanding it she finds it and runs, but not without Tristan chasing after her. When they reach a bottle tree, Tristan punches one and unknowingly unleashes a haint. Soon after they fall into Alke, one year after Gum Baby left, to find Bone Ships sailing around the Burning Sea and iron monsters searching the land for potential prisoners.

After they are pulled out of the water and bright to the Thicket, they learn of the destruction the attacks have brought to Alke and its people. After thinking of a way to defeat them once and for all, Tristan and a few others set out to find a Story Box, a box that contains stories to draw the iron monsters into a trap. Along the way Tristan and his companions fight various iron monsters such as Fetterlings, Brand Flies, and Hullbeasts.

When they finally find a Story Box, they head to the Golden Crescent and partack in the final battle. As the battle rages on, Tristan boards the Maafa and agrees to tell its story if it stops the attacks. The ship agrees and calls off the attacks. After the bat, the residents of the Mainland and MidPass start to improve their relationship as the Midfolk, whose home was destroyed in the attacks, are allowed to remain on the Mainland until their island is repaired.

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