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His sole purpose is to keep balance and peace. He doesn't want to see the gods go to war.

–Ixtab in The Storm Runner

Itzamna (pronounced: "IT-sahm-na") is a Maya creator god associated with writing. He is the moon god, bringer of writing and culture, creator of the calendar, and father of the Bakabs. The god-bird version of Itzamna, Itzam-yée’ ("eet-sahm-YEE"), is a bird deity who sits on the Ceiba World Tree.


Itzam-yée’ sits on top of the Mayan Ceiba Tree and can see all three planes: the underworld, earth, and paradise. His sole purpose is to keep balance and peace.

Itzamna is honored during both the Uo and Mac months of the Haab' calendar. During Uo, physicians and shamans made offerings to the god. Ceremonies led by the elders of the community honored for both Itzamna and Chaac during Mac.[1]

After Ah-Puch was defeated in the war against the gods he started, Itzam imprinted him on paper from the World Tree as part of his prison in Hurakan's volcano, the Beast.[2]

Storm Runner Trilogy

The Storm Runner

After Zane Obispo, son of Hurakan, kills Ah-Puch in the Empty, he ends up in Xib’alb’a. Ixtab makes him write his story with paper she got from Itzam-yée’, it will only reveal the truth and will multiply if needed. When he's done, Ixtab reveals that Itzam gifted him with the paper to cover up the fact he survived the battle against Ah-Puch. The other gods wanted him dead as the Sacred Oath forbid the existence of any godborns, he was helping Zane because, unlike the other gods, he doesn't want to see them go to war.

The Fire Keeper

He appears to Zane Obispo in the form of a blue monkey in Cabo San Lucas in Baja California Sur. He later offers to take him to El Arco on a boat before transforming into a human form and introducing himself to Zane. He describes himself as a fan of Zane‘s book and wants him to keep writing, he also reveals he has been the one talking to him and he is not the fire keeper. He tells Zane his story will likely end in death before he vanishes.

When Zane is taken captive by Jordan and Bird, he tells the son of Hurakan to remain calm and inspect his surroundings.

He is present during the execution of Hurakan. After the twins escape and the gods catch Zane and Brooks, he informs them he has covered up the last few minutes for the spectators and reveals he never broke the sacred oath when the godborns arrive. As Zane explains everything in Xib’alb’a, the gods pardon those they see as gulity and agree to train and claim the godborns. He later gives Zane more paper to write his story on.


Itzamna can take the form of a blue-haired monkey with a mouth shaped like a giant O. He had long fangs and a long tail. His scream sounded like a mix of gnashing teeth and a horrifying howl.

However, his human-like form had black curly hair that sparkled like each strand was laced with stardust. He was tall, skinny, and wore wire-rimmed glasses with mirrored lenses covering his eyes that were black as a starless sky circled with in a silvery light that matched his hair. His long blue robe shimmered and his dark skin glittered like quartz, Itzamna looked like he came from the moon. His voice was deep and soothing like the chocolate drink especial of Jazz, it made Zane's body relax.


Itzamna enjoys watching things from the sidelines, letting the affairs of gods and humans unfold on their own and only getting involved if he feels it is necessary.

He enjoys good writers and will ensure they get a chance to finish their story.


  • Sorcery: According to Ixtab, Itzam-yée’ is the greatest master of sorcery and magic Earth has ever known.[3]
  • Shapeshifting: He can take on the form of animals like monkey with a flash of pale blue light.


  • Jennifer Cervantes first revealed Itzamna's presence in the book of Instagram by doing an impression of him wearing his mirrored glasses.[4]
  • People often mistake Itzam-yée’ for Seven Macaw, a god the hero twins defeated, as they can both be referred to as Principal Bird Deity.
  • Itzamna appears in the Marvel comics as a member of the Council of Godheads along with Zeus, Osiris, Vishnu, and others. He is depicted as the sun god of the Ahau and the son of Hunab Ku and Coatlique, even though she was considered an Aztec goddess.[5]
  • As the god of sorcery, his Greek/Roman counterpart is Hecate/Trivia.
  • His Egyptian equivalents are Isis, Thoth, and Khonsu.
    • Itzamna has symbols similar to Thoth. He can take the form of a blue monkey, while baboons are sacred to Thoth. Also, Thoth is often depicted with the head of an Ibis in Egyptian art. Itzamna has a bird form, Itzam-yee.  
  • His Norse counterparts are Freya, Odin, and Vedrfolnir.


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