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And you’re smelling as foul as ever, Ah-Puch.

–The Storm Runner

Ixkawkaw (pronounced "ess-ka-kow") is the Mayan fertility goddess of chocolate.


The Maya worshiped the goddess Ixkawkaw for bringing them the sacred cocoa. It was discovered by the Maya as early as 1,000 BC. Ancient Mesoamericans cultivated cacao plants found in the tropical rainforests of Central America. They learned to extract liquid from the beans inside the cocoa pods.[1] They fermented, roasted, and ground the beans into a paste that they mixed with spices and consumed exclusively in water. Centuries before convenient microwave packets with teeny tiny marshmallows were available, the frothy hot chocolate drink was believed to have potent healing properties. Ixkawkaw kept her people happy, healthy, and well-fed, imparting knowledge and tools to create a life of abundance.[2]

However, soon her cocoa beans were used as currency to exchange for food or clothes. It was reserved for rulers, warriors, and priests and used during sacred ceremonies. Montezuma, a very famous ruler, was drinking 40-50 goblets of hot chocolate a day. This resulted in the goddess of love making the people no longer sing and dance, they starved and the land was no longer bountiful. But in her gratitude to Ixkakaw, the goddess of love reminded the people that there was more to life than just working for rulers. She covered Ixkakaw with flowers and beads and she was allowed to return to her people.[3]

To earn her position on the council of the gods, she had to battle and overthrow Ixchel, the goddess of healing, who is notorious for being averse to conflict.[4] She also took part in the war against Ah-Puch.[5]

Storm Runner Trilogy

The Storm Runner

Ixkakaw and the other gods of the council arrive in the Old World to kill Ah-Puch. She along with Nakon and Alom are stunned to learn Hurakan broke the oath and sentence him to death. They allow Zane Obispo to fight the death god and were led to believe he died in the fight.

The Fire Keeper

Ixkawkaw is present at the execution of Hurakan along with the other major gods. After the twins escape and the gods catch Zane and Brooks, she cruelty asks Zane to explain and watches in shock as Ah-Puch and the godborns arrive. They go to Xib'alb'a and Zane tells them everything, they pardon all gods they see as guilty and agree to train and claim the godborns. She gives Zane chocolate bars at Itzamna’s urging to help him with his writing.


Ixkawkaw has bronze skin, straight dark hair with bangs framing her eyes and looks thirty. She wears a brown cat-woman-like body suit, was small and willowy and walked more gracefully than the other gods, she looked like a ballerina.


  • Cocoakinesis: As the goddess of chocolate, she can likely control it.
  • Vitakinesis: She is able to heal others.
  • Happiness Manipulation: She is able to manipulate happiness.
  • Nourishment Manipulation: She can manipulate nourishment.


  • Ixkawkaw is also referred to as Ixcacao, it translates into Cocoa Woman.[6] The word chocolate comes from the Mayan word xocolatl.
  • Ixkawkaw was also the name of one of the daybearers that tested Ixkik', although she was also called Ixtoj.
  • She's one of the five most powerful gods in the entire Pantheon.[7]
  • The Maya dubbed cocoa the food of the gods, similar to Nectar despite being more bitter.


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