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Someday, when you least expect it, you'll pay with your blood for this. My sons will have no mercy, nor will I.

–Swearing vengeance against Zane in The Fire Keeper.

Ixkik' ("sh-KEEK") is the Mayan goddess of the Blood Moon. She is the main antagonist of The Fire Keeper and The Shadow Crosser.


After the Lords of Xib'alb'a sacrificed Jun Jun'ajpu' and displayed his severed head on a calabash tree, Ixkik' went to investigate. One of those lords, Blood Gatherer, who sickens the blood of people with Flying Scab, was her father. She was curious at the strange skull-shaped fruit, when instructed to reach out and take one Jun Jun'ajpu' spat on her hand causing her to become pregnant with two sons. Six months afterwards, the Lords of Xib'alb'a sentenced her to death as she did not know the man of the skull. Their messengers managed to keep Ixkik' alive after they tricked the lords with a heart out of tree sap.

Ixkik' sought the protection of Xmucane, the mother of Jun Jun'ajpu' and her own mother-in-law. Xmucane knew her sons were dead so she devised a test for the maiden as proof of their lineage. If she could go into the garden and return with a sack full of corn, she would be accepted. Even though she only found one stalk of corn, Ixkik' was able to pass the test by invoking two female daybearers related to corn (Ixtoj and Ixq'ani), and then plucking the corn silk from the ear which transformed into corn, thus filling the net sack. Xmucane initially responded angrily to her success, but after seeing the impression her net had left on the ground in the garden, she was convinced of the truth of her story. She was accepted into the household and gave birth to her sons alone at the mountain, they were name Xb'alamkej and Jun'ajpu'. Unlike many other divine moms, Ixkik' had a direct hand in raising her sons, the hero twins.[1]

Storm Runner Trilogy

The Storm Runner

Ixkik was mentioned by Pacific regarding how the birth of the hero twins inspired jealousy in the Mayan Gods, resulting in the Sacred Oath where no godborns would ever exist again. She attends the party and wears a butterfly mask, something she would reveal to the son of Hurakan during their first face to face meeting, and watches as Ah-Puch takes Jordan and Bird and Zane exposes her sons for the frauds they are.

The Fire Keeper

Ah-Puch mentioned Ixkik' is how the twins got their deception powers. She speaks to Zane Obispo as a disembodied voice and creates a mist to keep Zane from reaching his father and to shield her sons from the gods. She urges them to escape and they reluctantly obey. As they leave, she threatens Zane with violence if he interferes with her plans.

The Shadow Crosser

She disguises herself as a demon named Iktan and, having spent the last three months helping Zane track down godborns, they find the last one in New York City. As they find them, which are really two, in an antique shop, she betrays the son of Hurakan and attacks him. After scaring off Alana and Adrik, she tracks them down and brings backup. The nawals and godborns give her the slip and she loses them as they reach the gateway.

When Zane and his companions are heading to SHIHOM, Ixkik' and Camazotz ambush them and demand the stone. After the gods arrive, she leaves with it. After killing Akan to resurrect Tlaltecuhtli, she betrays the Mexica goddess after she imprisons the remaining Mayan gods and Camazotz in her, then goes back to 1987 and has her sons look after her.

A few days later, after the gods are brought back to the present she has her army hunt them down, declares Jordan king of the sobrenaturals and marries him and Quinn. She then demands Zane come to the Ceiba World Tree. She kills two gods to prove her point and gives Zane ten minutes to come to her. When the son of Hurakan arrives, she demands his surrender or the gods and his friends die. Zane agrees if she spares the gods and has Quinn escort his friends out. She agrees and when her daughter-in-law demands Brooks be freed, she rejects it. She restrains Quinn as her daughter-in-law attacks her and calls out Marco's bluff as he masquerades as a second Zane. When Zane's friends go on the attack, she orders her demons to kill the gods before she chases after the son of Hurakan when he goes into the jungle. When she catches him, she sends both of them to some ruins and explains that, as someone with the power of the dragon, he can rewrite the perceived history to be what ever he wants. She demands that he rewrite history to make it appear as if Jordan was king all along and the gods and godborns are the enemy. He refuses as she takes a physical form, revealing she has no face. However, it changes to reveal she was actually Iktan before she reveals her true face. Zane tries to take her out with fire and Fuego but fails. After revealing her true face, she demands he rewrite history and brings in Zane's mother when he refuses. He reluctantly agrees and they shake on it if his friends, family, and the gods are unharmed. However she decides to take his mother's face for him destroying her son's futures and Zane attacks. He subdues her when Ren Santiago arrives with the Time Rope, trapping her in her true form, and she and Jordan are banished into a time loop as she tries and fails to drag Zane with her.


Ixkik' usually takes the form of mist when in the presence of her enemies.

However in her physical form, she has pointed teeth and slit shaped eyes with waist length silver hair and a green reptile skin dress.

As Iktan, she is a demon with blue skin and braided silver hair.


Ixkik' is a cruel, manipulative, and power hungry goddess who cares only about being at the top and will not hesitate to double cross her allies.


  • Nephokinesis: Ixkik' is able to control mist.
  • Shapeshifting: Ixkik' can change her shape into anyone or anything she wishes.
  • Tracking: Ixkik' is able to track godborns before losing their scent within half a mile of them after sniffing a pint of godborn blood.
  • Shapeshifting: Ixkik' is capable of disguising herself as a human.
  • Toxikinesis: She can secrete a deadly poison from her claws.


  • Ixkik' can also be referred to as Xquic.
  • Ixkik' was not spelled with an apostrophe on ReadRiordan.
  • Ixkik', unlike many immortal parents from various myths, had a direct hand in raising her godborn children, instead of typically leaving them with their mortal parent/family or entrusting them to someone else.


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