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The following article/section is from the Race to the Sun continuity under Rick Riordan Presents and not the Riordanverse canon.

Jóhonaa'éí (pronounced JOE-ho-nah-Al) is a Navajo Holy Person associated with the sun living at the House of the Sun.

Race to the Sun

When Nizhoni Begay reaches the House of the Sun to ask for help in defeating the Bináá' yee aghání, he asks her to prove she completed the trials. She does so as Mr. Yazzie elaborates some of the details for him. When he asks Nizhoni of she sees herself as a true monster slayer, she says yes and he takes her to get her weapon. When she says her brother and friend were lost along the way, he says sacrifices had to be made and they are in the lost and found. He says Nizhoni can see them if she defeats Mr. Charles. She refuses and they let her see them after she gets her weapon. When they enter the forge he asks Nizhoni what her and her companion's skills are. As she says them, he creates a book on how to destroy enemies for Davery, a bottle of liquid lightning for Mac, and a bow and three arrows for Nizhoni. When the girl asks why the holy people can’t fight the monsters, he gets offended and Mr. Yazzie explains that monsters are a human problem. As he makes one last weapon the others leave the room to find their companions. When Nizhoni finds those who failed the trials in the lost and found he gives her a choice, either to take on the monsters and achieve glory or let the others do it in her place. She chooses the later and the heroes are freed. He and Mr. Yazzie go around the room helping the newly freed heroes. He gives Bethany Begay a lightning sword and goes outside with the others when the guardians and heralds arrive to tell them the monsters are free. Soon he is seen rising into the sky to bring the morning light.


Jóhonaa'éí appears as a Navajo man in a yellow velvet shirt and blue jeans. He wears a lot of turquoise jewelry and a silver and coral concho belt.

For combat, he wears traditional Navajo armor.


Jóhonaa'éí is a man who passes judgement on others after he knows how they endured the four trials. He is also somewhat narcissistic, having pictures of himself all over the House of the Sun.


  • Electrokinesis: Jóhonaa'éí is able to take lightning and use it to create weapons.
  • Photokinesis: As the holy person associated with the sun, Jóhonaa’éí is able to control light.


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