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The following article/section is from the Storm Runner/Shadow Bruja continuity under Rick Riordan Presents and not the Riordanverse canon.

The Jaguar Jade is a magic item that allows Zane Obispo to travel to The Empty. It is infused with the oldest and ancient magic, from before the very first creation.

Storm Runner Trilogy

Zane Obispo, the owner of the jade

The Storm Runner

Pacific gives Zane Obispo the Jaguar Jade when the meet in the Pacific Ocean, she removed the sharp incisor from a leopard's mouth. She says jaguar jade is the oldest magic in the universe, Hurakan told her to deliver it to his son. Zane briefly lost it when he returned to shore, but a wave brought it back. He always kept the jade close to him, even when changing his clothes, he thought it could be used to stab Ah-Puch to death. While he was bleeding at Venice Beach, Zane said "I’m searching for my dad" which caused the jade to take his soul to the Empty to meet with his father.

Zane made a bet with the hero twins, Jordan and Bird, if he wins then he and his friends get information on how the twins defeated Ah-Puch. If they win, the get the jade. Bird said it can be infused with the desire of the giver, it's a conduit of pure magic and whoever gives the jade away can give it any power, he hasn't seen a stone like this in centuries.

While entering the Old World, after a talk with Pacific and Mat, Zane decides to give the jade to Brooks. He tries to do so when the boat they are on gets attacked by fish-like monsters, but ends up losing it. But Brooks was able to find it just in time for Zane to use it to take Ah-Puch to the Empty with him to have a final battle.

Afterwards, Zane takes the Jaguar Jade out of his pockets when he tells Brooks at Isla Holbox that he has to bust his father out of his prison.

The Fire Keeper

Zane considers using the jade various times during his quest to save his father, such using it to escape Isla Holbox. He finally gives it to Ah-Puch to save Ren Santiago from Camazotz.


The tooth was about four inches long and had a razor-sharp tip. It was a deep green and it pulsed with a strange warmth.

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