The James River Safehouse is an old safehouse near Jamestown, Virginia that was originally built by demigods Thalia Grace, Luke Castellan, and Annabeth Chase.


When Thalia, Luke, and Annabeth were on the run, living on their own, they built safe houses. This is one of the places that they stopped before Grover Underwood came and took them to camp.

James River

James River in Virginia

Percy Jackson and the Olympians

The Sea of Monsters

After Percy Jackson, Annabeth, and Tyson escape from Princess Andromeda, they begin sailing along the coastline of Jamestown, Virginia until a coastguard ship began following them. Annabeth tells Percy to follow the James River and they arrive at an old safe house hidden behind a woven circle of branches. Inside the safe house, there were important supplies like a lamp, an icebox, sleeping bags, and blankets. There were also weapons like swords, spears, and arrows. There were also medical supplies like ambrosia and nectar. It is revealed that Annabeth had been here with Luke and Thalia when she ran away from home and was trying to make it to Camp Half-Blood. It is here that Luke makes a promise with Annabeth that they would always be a family and hands her the knife she uses today. They stayed there until they were found by Grover who tried his hardest to bring them back to camp safely. As Annabeth told this to Percy, she had sent Tyson out to find food and suggested donuts as there would not be any around and would keep him busy. Surprisingly, Tyson found a Monster Donut shop which only attracted the attention of a hydra which attacked them. The three were saved by Clarisse La Rue who was on her way to the Sea of Monsters. However, the safe house was destroyed by the Hydra as shown when Percy saw that it had one of their duffle bags that was in the safe house.

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