Jamestown, Virginia is the location of one of Thalia Grace, Luke Castellan, and Annabeth Chase's old safehouses. The safehouse contains many demigod provisions such as weapons, nectar and ambrosia.

Percy Jackson and the Olympians

The Sea of Monsters

Percy Jackson, Annabeth, and Tyson go to one of Annabeth's old safehouses in order to avoid being seen by a U.S. Coast Guard naval ship.

Percy sends Tyson to find donuts for them to eat so that he can be alone with Annabeth in the safehouse. When Tyson returns, the two were surprised by how quickly he found the doughnuts and soon discover that Tyson had gone to a Monster Donut store nearby, which was connected to a Hydra. He was able to buy donuts due the fact that he is a monster, whereas a demigod would have gotten killed. The group is then attacked by a Hydra, and narrowly escape by being saved by Clarisse La Rue.


  • The James River is a site where Thalia and Luke created a safe house before they had found Annabeth.
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