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Hey! Stick a Keystone in it, Will ya?

–Janice to Claudia as their cohort prepared for the war games in, Camp Jupiter Classified: A Probatio's Journal.

Janice is a Roman demigod daughter of Janus and a legacy of an unknown god or goddess through her mother. She is a Probatio in the Fourth Cohort.


Janus, her father.

Janice was born in New Rome to Janus, the god of choices, and an unnamed mother, who is a demigod or legacy formerly in the Twelfth Legion Fulminata. She was raised by a single parent until she was sent to the Wolf House to be trained by Lupa and survived the training. She then made her way south of Camp Jupiter where she was placed in the fourth cohort.

The Trials of Apollo

Camp Jupiter Classified: A Probatio's Journal

Two months after arriving at camp, she tells a new arrival, Claudia, to use a key stone on the fort they are building for the War Games to keep the arch from collapsing. The legacy of Mercury does this and the girls bond over pastries.

A few days later when Claudia finds her Mercury action figure altered, she tells the legacy of Mercury not to go to the centurions. The following day during the war games, she and Claudia fight back to back and hide behind their shields before the two fall into a trench. While she gets out relatively unharmed, Claudia gets a sprained ankle and a dented shield.

A few days later she and Claudia attend the gladiator matches and got them seats in the splatter zone. She is surprised when the flood gate opens and floods the arena.

Two days later she and Claudia team up with Blaise and Mamurius Veturius to find the missing ancile. After learning Claudia is confined to her bunk, she and the others come clean to Frank Zhang and tell the praetors about their plan, they agree. Their plan goes south as soon as it starts with the wrong bag being dropped off and Frank being hurt in a crash landing. The trio is forced to lug their gear to the dump as Elon guides them. When they reach the dump their plan goes into motion. They set up traps at the trailer entrance and lure Mimi out. She falls into their trap and Claudia finds the ancile just as Frank and two eagles arrive to take them back to camp. The following day she and Blaise offer to go with Claudia as she explores New Rome, however she turns them down.


Janice is described as an African American girl with wide set eyes and keeps her hair in braids.


Janice is shown to be helpful with others. She tends to take her time when deciding on something.


  • Janice is the first known Roman demigod to be born in New Rome.
  • As with other characters, her name is a pun on her divine heritage.
The Trials of Apollo
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