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We choose to believe Ma'at. We create order out of chaos, beauty and meaning out of ugly randomness. That's what Egypt is all about. That's why its name, its ren, has endured for a millennia. Don't despair. Otherwise Chaos wins.

–Jasmine Anderson to Sadie Kane, in The Throne of Fire

Jasmine Anderson (nicknamed "Jaz") is a blonde girl from Nashville, Tennessee. She is the second magician to respond to the djed of Osiris. She has a close bond with Walt, the first magician who responded to the djed. Jaz follows the path of Sekhmet, patron of Healers, allowing her to be an effective healer.


Before joining Carter and Sadie Kane, Jaz lived in Nashville, Tennessee where she was a cheerleader, whose team is not mentioned in The Kane Chronicles.

The Kane Chronicles

The Throne of Fire 

Jaz was one of Carter and Sadie's first trainees along with Walt Stone. She was studying the Path of Sekhmet as she is a healer. The two had a close friendship and Jaz was helping him with his curse, but Sadie felt jealousy towards the two as she didn't know about the curse and misinterpreted the friendship as a romantic relationship. After training with the Kanes for seven weeks, Jaz was taken on a mission to the Brooklyn Museum to retrieve one of the three pieces of the Book of Ra.

At the museum, Jaz worked with Walt to disarm the traps around the side window while Carter, Sadie, and Khufu opened the dome at the top of the ballroom as an exit. When they returned, they found Jaz comforting Walt and telling him that they would figure it out, which Walt quickly lied was about the Book of Ra. In the museum, the group found a statue of Khnum, what they were looking for and after Walt figured out the clue to find the Book, Sadie activated the statue and grabbed the Book, causing it to be surrounded by white ghostly fire which spread throughout the museum, activating every reservoir of Egyptian magic and awakening a griffin later named Freak. At Carter's insistence, Jaz looked with Walt at opening the windows, but Jaz was nervous as the symbols on the window looked familiar. Too late she realized what they were and yelled at Walt not to open the window, but he did anyway and released seven bau: evil spirits known as the Seven Arrows of Sekhmet which were plague spirits created by the goddess. One infected Walt and Jaz used a healing spell to save him, but used up nearly all of her energy doing so and was left greatly weakened. Carter managed to get Freak under control after he ate one of the bau, but the rest were still on the loose and Jaz insisted on drawing on Sekhmet's power to cast a spell to banish them back to the Duat despite her weakened state. Before doing so, she gives a wax figurine of Carter to Sadie to be used in an emergency to heal him, telling Sadie she'd need it and that she was sorry she couldn't do more. Using a statue of Sekhmet, her wand, and a protective circle, Jaz managed to cast the spell, pulling the bau into a vortex and banishing them, saving the guests at the nearby wedding who the bau infected. The group escaped on a boat pulled by Freak, but the experience left Jaz in a coma that no one knew how to pull her out of.

Later, when Sadie is unconscious, Jaz's ren pulls her ba to Brooklyn House to speak with her, which she can do since both of them are near death. Jaz tells her not to blame herself and tells her to use the figurine to heal Carter of the tjesu heru poison he is infected with. When Sadie points out that she doesn't know how to do that, Jaz tells her that she needs only one more thing and to think about how Isis once healed Ra. Jaz also tells Sadie to call upon Walt to help and that some things are important enough that someone should try to help, but doesn't elaborate on that. When Jaz tells Sadie that she taught them to fight for Ma'at and Sadie tells her that she was a terrible teacher, Jaz tells Sadie that she was an excellent teacher and then sends her into a vision of Isis healing Ra. Thanks to Jaz's help, Sadie realizes that what she needs is Carter's secret name and using that and Jaz's figurine, Sadie is able to heal Carter in time.

When Ra returns from the Duat and his presence revitalizes all those fighting in the Battle of Brooklyn House, it re-energizes Jaz and pulls her out of her coma. Jaz helps fight and defeat the enemy magicians and shares a happy reunion with her friends.

The Serpent's Shadow

Jaz is seen during the discussion over how to defeat Apophis near the beginning. She flirts a bit with a stunned Carter as she never flirts with anyone. She is later seen at the BAG dance.

Jaz takes part in the battle in the Hall of Ages where Carter and Sadie find her treating Cleo who's arm has been transformed into a sunflower. When Carter is blasted by Kwai, Jaz rushes to his aid and is knocked out with everyone else who isn't hosting a god by Kwai's attack. Jaz fights in the final battle and survives to see Carter become Pharaoh.

Demigods & Magicians

The Son of Sobek

Jaz, Sadie, and the other initiates are in the First Nome learning how to control cheese demons so Carter has to go fight a monster alone. However, one of his supplies is a healing potion from Jaz that she made him due to his propensity to get injured. Carter later uses half of Jaz's potion to heal himself after his brief fight with Percy Jackson and the two use the other half to heal most of their wounds after defeating the petsuchos.

The Staff of Serapis

When Annabeth Chase is injured in a train wreck, Sadie offers her one of Jaz's healing potions, saying that Jaz is the best at making them. Annabeth is worried about the effects as she is a demigod, not a magician but is hurting too much not to try it. Annabeth is surprised that the potion actually tastes good as she has had bad-tasting potions from the children of Hecate and it works on her, healing her injuries. When Annabeth later gives Sadie ambrosia to heal her own injuries from the ongoing battle with Serapis, she refers to how the potion worked on her when Sadie worries about taking the ambrosia.


She is very sympathetic and kind. She would even risk her life to protect Carter, Sadie, and Walt from the evil spirits. Also, she gives encouragement to Sadie when Sadie loses hope. Jaz was working on a cure for Walt's curse as well.


Carter describes Jaz as pretty in a blonde cheerleader kind of way, yet he says she is not his type. In The Throne of Fire graphic novel adaptation, Jaz is seen to have blue eyes. She also is seen to carry a brown staff with yellow flower-sunlike ornaments on the top of the staff.


Since Jaz is following the path of Sekhmet, the goddess of plagues and destruction, so she can unleash giant blasts of energy and control the Seven Arrows of Sekhmet when linked with the goddess, however, it should be noted the effort to do this without proper understanding of divine magic nearly killed her. It also stated that she can turn people into shrubs. She may also have some power to see the future as she foresaw that Sadie would need a special figurine to heal Carter in the future and made it for her, warning her that she would need it, but this is unconfirmed as Sadie thought about how Jaz is not known to have that ability.

  • Healing Magic: Jaz has a talent for healing magic. Jaz is shown to be able to brew very effective healing potions, effective enough that half of one healed Carter's injuries from a fight with Percy Jackson and the other half was able to heal most of both Carter and Percy's injuries from a battle despite being split between them. Sadie later tells Annabeth Chase that Jaz is the best at creating healing potions and Annabeth, who has had potions from the children of Hecate before, is surprised to discover that unlike most healing potions, Jaz's actually taste good.
  • Telekinesis: Jaz was shown flinging enemy magicians across the battlefield in the battle with Apophis.

Magical Items

Jaz carries a Tools of a Magician kit.

Wand: Jaz uses her wand in The Throne of Fire to create a protective circle. This may be her offensive weapon because it is unknown if she carries a staff.

Wax figurine: Jaz gave Sadie a wax figurine of Carter.

Sekhmet wax figurine: Jaz uses this figurine to help her banish all the bau to the Duat.


  • Jasmine is an English feminine given name derived from the flower of the same name. It is also the English version of the Persian name Yasman, introduced to the English language from the Old French language.
  • Anderson is an English surname meaning "son of Anders/Andrew". It‘s origins parallel similar surnames in Scandinavia.


  • Her real name is Jasmine, but she prefers to be called Jaz.
  • Jaz's last name was never revealed in the books, just like Felix. Rick Riordan later revealed during an interview that her last name is Anderson.
  • It is possible that she had a crush on Carter, since she's seen in The Serpent's Shadow flirting with him.
  • She may be able to see into the future: she knew that Sadie would need a wax figurine of Carter to heal him.
  • Jaz's age has not been confirmed, but it is probable that she is around Carter's age, as Sadie mentioned in The Throne of Fire that Jaz is older than Sadie.
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