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"Promise me one thing. Whatever happens, when you get back to Olympus, when you're a god again, remember. Remember what it's like to be human."

–Jason to Apollo, in The Burning Maze.

Jason Grace was a Roman demigod, the son of Jupiter and the mortal Beryl Grace, as well as the younger brother of Thalia Grace. Jason was a praetor of the Twelfth Legion at Camp Jupiter until he gave his rank to Frank Zhang during The House of Hades as a field promotion; he was the former head counselor of Cabin One at Camp Half-Blood and the Pontifex Maximus at Camp Jupiter. He was in a relationship with Piper McLean until she broke up with him because their relationship felt "forced" and was largely orchestrated by the marriage goddess, Hera. A couple of months later, he died at the hands of the third emperor, Caligula, when fighting aboard his yachts. Nico di Angelo subsequently has a feeling that Jason is somewhere better, although he isn't sure if Jason is in Elysium or if he chose rebirth. He was also one of the seven Heroes of Olympus.


Early Life

Jason, his namesake.

Jason was born on July 1, 1994, the son of Jupiter, the Roman aspect of Zeus, and the mortal actress Beryl Grace; his sister, Thalia, was born seven years prior. Because his father had consecutively sired two children with his mother, Juno, the Roman form of Hera, was made Jason's guardian to placate the indignant goddess' anger, as Jupiter went so far as to name his newborn son after his wife's favorite hero, Jason, in the attempt to appease his wife for his infidelity.

As a child, Jason didn't remember much about his mother and Thalia, but he and Thalia were very close and would play hide and seek in his apartment. Beryl would try to tell Jason about his father, and showed him a storm at the beach, saying it was his father. When Jason was two, he tried to eat a stapler, in which he got his scar from. Jason was the only reason Thalia stayed home, because she thought he was cute.

After Jupiter left Beryl and Thalia, Beryl became resentful of him leaving and began to act out again, resulting Thalia increasingly distrusting her ability to look after Jason. She blamed Hera for them leaving and claimed that she was going after them, saying that two demigods from one godly parent was an insult.

Going to the Wolf House

One day, when Jason was two, Beryl took Thalia and Jason on a family vacation. She drove them up to Wine Country, insisting she wanted to show them a park. When they made it there, she showed Jason to a big building in the park and told Thalia to get a picnic basket. Thalia didn't want Jason to be alone with her, but she thought it would only be for a few minutes. Beryl wanted to stay with him, but Jupiter and Juno gave her no choice. When they made it to the Wolf House, she hugged him for one last time in the ruins of the Wolf house, and promised that it was alright, she would come back and see him soon, with her eyes brimmed with tears. But Jason knew that it wasn't all right. Jason cried in the Wolf House waiting for Thalia and Beryl, but they never came. Instead, Lupa and the wolves did. Because of this incident, Jason wanted to follow rules and keep promises so no one would be abandoned like she did to them.

When Thalia found Beryl, she was sobbing at Stone steps of the Wolf House and said that Jason was claimed by Hera and left for dead, and was inconsolable for days. Thalia ran looking for him, but she couldn't find him. Thalia called the police, who questioned Beryl for a long time. Thalia and Beryl subsequently fought for a long time until Thalia ran away, now that Jason was gone. Thalia never learned the truth about her brother and thought he was dead until The Lost Hero, and never told anyone, not even Luke and Annabeth.

Jason was trained at the Wolf house by Lupa. She found him and tested him on his first night there, to see if he would be a pup or food. She took him under her wing, training him, protecting him and nurturing him, but he couldn't show weakness around her or else he would be torn to shreds - there cannot be weakness in the Wolf pack. She trained him and taught him things such as that he cannot fight force with force, something that helped him years later when fighting Enceladus. She also told him that death in battle is honorable.

Life at Camp Jupiter

Eventually, Lupa took him on a trip south to Camp Jupiter, where she showed him around Camp. Jason was offered a place in the First Cohort, but he denied it, and decided to join the Fifth Cohort to restore honor to it after what happened to Michael Varus. But he also joined it to try to alter his destiny as the son of Jupiter.

At Camp Jupiter, everyone expected Jason to lead and treated him like a prince in waiting. To try to alter it, he befriended the least popular kids and went on the least glamorous quests, but there was no use. He followed all the rules, but in reality, he chafed under the rules and traditions there, and felt a little unconventional. He also hated the infighting and the power plays there. He spent twelve years in the legion. Jason’s entire career at Camp Jupiter had been built on careful choices. He mediated between demigods, listened to all sides of an argument, and made compromises. He was always the leader and never on a team of equals.

Jason eventually became Centurion of the Fifth Cohort, and while Centurion, his cohort always got the job of cleaning out Basilisk's nests.

While at Camp, he befriended Reyna Ramírez-Arellano, and became very close to her. The two bonded over Diocletian and both shared an interest over him and his life. They made a promise that even though it was forbidden, if they ever crossed the Mare Nostrum, they would go to Dalmatia, where he lived. Reyna eventually developed feelings for him, and even though Jason knew he never shut them down, even though he never had feelings for her besides kinship. One time, Jason learned Reyna's last name and tried to pronounce it correctly, and Reyna gave him a murderous look, saying that was the name of a little girl from San Juan and she left it in Puerto Rico.

When they were fifteen, they went to Charleston, South Carolina, to salvage imperial gold torpedoes from the C.S.S Hunley. Jason and Reyna went to the The Battery, and they saw something in the park. They thought it was a Southern belle from the civil war, but every time they tried to approach it, it disappeared. Reyna decided to approach it on her own. When she came back, she seemed shaken up and didn't tell Jason what it said. After that, Reyna never acted the same around him after that.

Jason went on plenty of quests while at Camp Jupiter. He stayed at the palace of Aeolus while waiting to slay the Trojan Sea Monster. He also went on an unknown quest to San Bernardino, to kill ghouls. He also helped find Bacchus's missing leopard in Sonoma.

Jason remembered Octavian from Camp Jupiter and hated him, knowing how persuasive he was. Jason learned many stories and legends from Camp Jupiter, including the Mark of Athena and the story of Cupid and Psyche.

Fighting on the Western Front

While the Greeks were fighting Kronos and the main Titan army in the Battle of Manhattan, Jason led the Twelfth Legion in an assault on Mount Othrys where he fought through an army of Scythian Dracanae with the Roman demigods and defeated the Titan Krios himself with hand to hand combat. During the battle, he toppled the iron throne of Kronos. His actions, which resulted in the destruction of Mount Othrys, led the members of the legion to raise him to the rank of praetor.

Praetor of Camp Jupiter

When Jason was promoted Praetor, he was raised up on his shield as everyone chanted his name, surrounded by Reyna, Gwendolyn, Bobby, and Dakota. Jason was praetor for around two months with Reyna. During that time, Jason and Reyna grew closer together which made Reyna believe that they had a future together.

While praetor, Jason fought to change Camps rules and traditions, even trying to change the name, Twelfth Legion, to First Legion. But it was no use, and Camp was too traditional. But while Praetor, Fifth Cohorts bad reputation was restored in the eyes of Camp and it became respected again for the first time since the 1980s. Jason welcomed numerous demigods to camp, including Hazel Levesque. Jason and Hazel became friends , though Hazel thought of him as hard to read and more as a legend than a person, and he told her about his battle with Krios. Jason and Reyna also met Nico di Angelo when he introduced himself as a son of Pluto, and welcomed him to camp, letting him be ambassador.

Unfortunately, Jason wasn't praetor for long until he went missing that October. Reyna was the last person he spoke to in private.

The Heroes of Olympus

The Diary of Luke Castellan

Years before the outbreak of the second war with the Titans, Luke Castellan, and Thalia Grace were on the run. In one of their journeys, they were led by the goat Amaltheia into a house where they were temporarily entrapped. While there, Thalia and Luke encountered its prisoner: Halcyon Green, the demigod son of Apollo, gifted with the power of prophecy. One of the prophecies Hal told them about was the fact that Thalia would be reunited with her family, but that it was not Thalia's mother he was referring to. Although Luke didn't understand the context behind Hal's words, Thalia was shaken by what she heard.

Leo Valdez and the Quest for Buford

Before the Argo II is fully made, Jason and Piper, who are officially dating, help Leo get Buford back before the Argo II can explode most of the forest.

The Lost Hero

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Juno, his patron.

Jason wakes up on a bus belonging to the Wilderness School holding hands with a girl he doesn't even know. He finds that he has no memory of even going to this school or having a best friend named Leo and a girlfriend named Piper. Gleeson Hedge, his supposed gym teacher and satyr protector (though Jason doesn't know that yet), tells him that he's never seen him before today and that the Mist has been manipulated to make everyone think that they know him. He also reveals that he, Piper, and Leo are demigods and that an extraction team (Annabeth and Butch) is coming to get Piper and Leo to camp along with an unknown "special package", which turns out to be Jason.

When an unnaturally powerful storm arrives, Dylan revealed himself to be a Ventus or venti, a storm spirit, and Jason instinctively took out his gold coin, flipped it, and it became a well-balanced sword made of Imperial Gold though he didn't know how he did it.

While he and Piper fought off Dylan, Hedge (who revealed himself to be a middle-aged satyr) climbed down the canyon wall to retrieve Leo when he was thrown down by a strong gust of wind. Jason also survived a lightning bolt that Dylan attacked him with that could have killed twenty men, blowing off his shoe. This surprises Dylan. Piper is thrown off the sky-walk and Jason jumps after her, discovering that he can manipulate air. After a long battle, Dylan takes Hedge away and leaves Leo, Jason, and Piper on the canyon sky-walk.

Gleeson Hedge, the satyr that rescued Jason

Just then two half-bloods arrive on a chariot pulled by pegasi; a guy named Butch, son of Iris, and Annabeth, daughter of Athena. When Annabeth and Butch notice Jason only has one shoe on (as the other one was blasted into bits by the lightning bolt), Butch tells them that Annabeth had a vision that a boy with one shoe would help her find one of the campers, who has been missing for three days, her boyfriend Percy Jackson.

After they arrive at Camp Half-Blood, Annabeth gives Jason and Piper a tour of the camp while Will Solace takes Leo to his cabin (since he was almost immediately claimed). Jason then meets Chiron (whom he was taken to immediately after Annabeth realized he forgot his memory) who immediately realizes who Jason is by speaking in Latin, to which he responds in Latin. Afterward, they find out Hera is in danger, and Jason must lead a quest in order to save her. Jason reveals his godly parent through the summoning of a lightning bolt, showing that he is a son of Jupiter. He chooses Piper, shortly after she was claimed by Aphrodite, the goddess of love, and Leo, who was claimed by Hephaestus when they got to Camp Half-blood, to go with him on his quest. Jason also receives a prophecy saying that he must beware of the earth, possibly because Gaea, the Earth, is his enemy and that she bears arms to the Doors of Death. This convinces Leo to capture and fix the metallic dragon whom he calls Festus who had gone wild and malfunctioned after his builder Charles Beckendorf died during the Second Titan War.

After they embark upon their quest, they meet King Boreas, who tells them to go to Chicago, the windy city. Although Boreas' daughter, Khione wanted to kill the three, Boreas set them free because he thought it was more amusing to watch them fail their quest. Leo's dragon malfunctions in Detroit and there, they fall into an old factory that originally produced weapons. There, three cyclopes appear and they knock Piper and Jason out preparing to cook and eat them. Leo manages to escape without being seen and he defeats the Cyclopes using crane-like machines he manages to quickly build. Leo soon manages to fix the dragon, and he, Piper, and Jason head towards Chicago. There they meet Medea, a mortal who was supposed to have died more than 3000 years ago. Medea tries to get Jason and Leo to fight each other using her Charmspeak but Piper counters with her own charm speak and manage to break them free of the spell. They then defeat Medea and blow up her department store. Later, Jason and his companions meet another mortal who was supposed to have died millennia ago, Midas and his son Lityerses. King Midas, the king who wished for the golden touch, then learned to bring back people from their golden state with running water. Midas quickly turns Piper and Leo into gold statues. Jason then fights Lit and defeats him with his unorthodox style and tricks Midas into touching his son. Jason retaliates by summoning a lightning bolt to destroy Midas and rain to free Piper and Leo.

File:Khione GN.jpg


They head to Pike's Peak to meet Aeolus, master of the winds. Then Piper reveals that she was, in fact, the traitor because her father had been kidnapped. Jason and Leo resolve to rescue him, even though it jeopardizes the quest. Soon after, Lycaon and his wolves attack. The three fight the wolves but couldn't harm them without silver weapons. Then, the Hunter of Artemis comes in and saves them injuring Lycaon and forcing the wolves away. There, Jason discovers that the leader of the Hunters,Thalia, is his sister. Together they head up the mountain to meet Aeolus. Thalia turns back, and the trio faces Aeolus alone. However, the master of the winds is angry that they aren't there to promote them, but Mellie, an Aura (cloud nymph) blasts them to a cafe near Mount Diablo before he can kill them. He also gave Jason and his companions a lot of information. On the mountain, they find Enceladus, the giant born to kill Athena. Jason faces off against Enceladus and manages to wound him several times. Meanwhile, Piper and Leo fight Earthborn that were summoned by Enceladus. However, because of his strength, Jason cannot kill him as it would take the power of a god and demigod. Jason's weapon breaks, releasing a massive amount of energy but fails to kill Enceladus. Enceladus tries to kill him but he is saved by Piper and Leo who manage to build a machine to knock Enceladus into a pit. Jason calls on Jupiter to save him and his faith rewarded with an incredible lightning bolt, shattering the mountain killing the giant. Hedge takes Piper's father home while the three continue on their journey.

From there, Leo flies Jason and Piper to the Wolf House, where Thalia and the Hunters of Artemis are defending against a pack of lycanthropes and Earthborns. Because his sword was broken, Jason was forced to fight with nothing but a board. He still managed to smack some wolves around with it though. After Khione arrives and freezes all the Hunters, Jason watched as Leo fought her off. After Khione retreated, Porphyrion awakens and Jason decides to hold him off while Leo and Piper try and free Hera. Porphyrion wonders if Jason is Hermes or Ares, but laughs at Jason after learning he is just a demigod. Porphyrion allows Jason to boast, not feeling threatened at all. The two fight. Jason clearly being outmatched by the still weak Porphyrion. Jason even manages to stab him in the ear and blast him with lightning, but it only served to blacken the giants face and the giant then knocks him down. It isn't until Hera is freed that Porphyrion retreats (most likely because a god and a demigod combined could take him down and he was still in his weak form).

Hera unleashes her true form after warning the demigods to look away. Jason doesn't understand the warning until it's too late and sees Hera's true form, which kills all the monsters still remaining in the area. Jason is put into a near-death state, with Hera and Thalia both believing he is dead. Thalia blames Hera for this and tells her to revive Jason but she stated she can't. Piper says he is breathing, something that Hera doesn't believe to be possible. Piper then uses her charmspeak to awaken Jason, much to the relief and surprise of everyone.

When he, Piper, and Leo arrive back at camp, he is visited by Juno, the Roman counterpart of Hera when he is in his cabin alone and is given a new gladius as a replacement for the one he lost while fighting the giant, Enceladus. After this, a head counselor meeting was called, where he then revealed that he is from a Roman equivalent of Camp Half-Blood, and that is where Percy is most likely at (he remembered this because his memory had started healing). Jason also reveals that if the campers at Camp Jupiter discover that Percy's from Camp-Half Blood, they may not be that nice. It is decided that he, Leo, Piper, and Annabeth will go and find Percy at the Roman Camp and then set sail for Greece by sailing on the Argo II.

The Son of Neptune

Jason is mentioned several times by the campers of Camp Jupiter because they've been wondering where he has gone (just like Camp Half-Blood is wondering where Percy is gone). During Percy's time in Camp Jupiter, he noticed that Reyna had romantic feelings for Jason. Percy has a brief dream of Leo working on the Argo II with Piper and Jason behind him. As well, when Percy, Frank, and Hazel are watching Polybotes from afar Ma Gasket yells, "The camp, yes. Vengeance! The orange and purple ones destroy my home. Now Ma Gasket will destroy theirs," referencing how Jason destroyed her factory. She then mentions him, Piper and Leo by name though neither Percy, Hazel or Frank knows who they are. After returning from their quest and saving Camp Jupiter, Leo sends a video scroll to ask for safe passage from the Romans. While Percy tries to tell them that they won't attack, he tells them that Jason is on board the ship, leading Reyna to allow the ship to land, but not without any kind of security. Reyna says that she hoped Jason was returning and she missed him.

The Mark of Athena

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At the beginning of the book, Jason is on the Argo II, along with Annabeth, Leo, Gleeson, and Piper, his girlfriend. He is seen wearing a Camp Half-Blood T-shirt with a purple toga over it while holding a sword. He offers to stand at the most visible place on the ship to try and prevent the Romans from firing on the ship.

When the five arrive at New Rome, Reyna greets them and they hold a discussion outside of the camp. Jason introduces all of the members aboard except for Coach Hedge who is on the ship. During the discussion, they discuss who the seven are and Jason's adventure's at Camp Half-Blood. After the discussion, Jason asks Reyna if he could show Piper around New Rome. Reyna allows Jason to do so. When the Argo II starts firing, Annabeth spots Jason and Piper in the middle of a crowd of Romans who are throwing plates and stones at them. Frank, however, is able to save them after forming into a dragon and they escape onto the ship. Before they could escape Jason is knocked out from a stone thrown at his head after trying to shield Piper.

Jason is unconscious, while the rest of the seven, save for Piper, look for items for the wrecked ship. Jason wakes up as Piper is telling the group they need to head to mile marker Topeka 32. Piper explains that she saw a man with a silver goblet. Jason recognizes him as Bacchus and says that he did him a favor in wine country a few years back, accompanying Piper and Percy to meet him. The trio walks about a mile to the nearest mile marker and realizes that Leo dropped them off further than they could walk. Percy and Jason have a contest to see who's companion can come the faster. Percy calls Blackjack who appears faster than Tempest, who Jason has only successfully called on three other times. With Piper riding with Jason, they head over to mile marker 32. When they are there they meet Bacchus who explains he planned on meeting Ceres and that it wasn't normal for the goddess to be late. Throughout the encounter, Bacchus refers to Jason as "John Green." (As he does so with the campers back at Camp Half-Blood in his original Greek aspect, Dionysus). Suddenly Bacchus senses Gaea and flees.

Percy and Jason fighting on Blackjack and Tempest respectively.

Gaea has Eidolons enter Percy and Jason to fight. Gaea forces Piper to choose which boy she can save. Instead, Piper has Blackjack knock Percy out (after Percy has knocked out Jason) using her Charmspeak forcing the eidolons to leave. They make it back to the ship where the boys are recuperating. Percy and Jason discuss whether or not they could have really killed each other until Annabeth breaks it up telling the boys, "I'm sure you both would be wonderful at killing each other" and that they need to hold a meeting. At the meeting, Piper tells the Eidolons who are still possessing Leo, Percy, and Jason to leave the ship. After the Eidolons are gone, Jason states that the Romans won't follow them past the Mediterranean Sea, as it is the place of no return and by crossing into it, they would all be listed as traitors of Rome.

Eventually, the seven make their way to Charleston and are under fire by the Romans who have caught up to them. Percy and Jason create a storm around the ship to push the Romans back and create a quick getaway as the take-off into the sky. They make it into the Pillars of Hercules and when they arrive they decide to send Jason and Piper to talk to him about passing through. Jason mentions that their quest was given to them by Hera, quickly angering the minor god as the latter hated Hera, who sends them on the hard task of retrieving the horn of Achelous. The two demigods get the horn which turns into a cornucopia and go meet Hercules again, who gives them permission to pass as they had retrieved the horn. He then asks for the cornucopia, but Piper refuses to give it to him, as he doesn't deserve something as precious as the cornucopia. This angers Hercules and he prepares to kill them all, but Piper releases an unprecedented amount of food from the cornucopia, which completely buries the god, and Jason then flies them to the ship while Percy keeps Hercules at bay with massive waves and they start to take off.

After the ship has passed the Pillars, the ship is continually attacked by monsters. During this time Jason is defending the ship by throwing lightning and creating storms, which wears him out greatly. He switches taking a watch with Percy whenever the ship goes into the water. Soon after, the ship is attacked by Chrysaor and his crew of dolphin man, where Jason is quickly detained along with the rest of the crew except Percy and Frank. Percy Jackson defeats him by tricking his dolphin crew to believe that Dionysus was on the ship (with help from Frank who turned into a dolphin himself). Although Chrysaor didn't believe this, he too was forced to flee after the rest of his crew fled since he was outnumbered and they managed to fly into Rome safely. Once they are in Rome, Jason and Piper stay on the ship while the others scout out and have a picnic. Jason reveals that his birthday is July 1, which is the day they arrived in Rome. Percy comes back from dropping Annabeth off at her quest. Piper reveals her vision of a spiral staircase. The boys then persuade Piper to find these staircases.

When they find the staircase, Percy goes down first in case there is water, as he can breathe in water and won't drown. When he comes back, he tells them he found something weird, which turns out to be a Nymphaeum. Soon, the nymph Hagno and several others, the nine nymphs that watched over Zeus when he was born to appear and flood the chamber with evil water. Percy is unable to breathe and the nymphs begin to drain the three of their power, stealing Percy's control over water, Jason's control over the rain, and Piper's beauty in order to be young again as they had been trapped in Rome for years. Piper comes up with the idea to funnel all their positive thoughts into the Cornucopia, which releases the positive emotions as clean water. As the three release almost all their power into the Cornucopia, the nymphs become young again and spare the three, as the power they gave them as a gift and they restore the trio back to full strength, as well as telling them the location of Otis and Ephialtes.

They quickly arrive at their lair and find the jar Nico di Angelo is in unguarded. When they approach it, a platform lowers with one of the twin giants on it, Ephialtes. Otis soon joins his brother and they begin to talk about their plan to release monsters into Rome to destroy it as their biggest show yet. They had also planned on letting Nico die in public, but because of his death trance, he has been asleep and has no entertainment value, leading to the giants tipping over the jar and releasing him. Nico rolls out and Percy couldn't tell if he was alive or not. Percy tries to keep them distracted as Nico wakes up and begins to crawl away. The twins mention that even if Percy should be kept alive for the bounty, Annabeth is already doomed and Leo, Hazel, and Frank are locked up, meaning the giants can kill Percy, Jason, and Piper (they even claim to have choreographed their deaths). They also mention that Gaea will rise in only a month.

The three lunge into battle, with Jason attacking Otis, Percy attacking Ephialtes, and Piper trying to defend Nico from the released animals and monsters. A hydra is even released by Percy, leading Percy to set a large stack of fireworks off, which destroy the hydra, but also destroys many different areas of the twin's hypogeum and knocking out Piper. When Jason runs to her, Otis tosses his spear at him, which Jason deflects with a gust of wind and it strikes Ephialtes right in his side, turning him to dust. A piece of the ceiling also falls on Otis, turning him to dust as well. However, the two need to be killed by a god and demigod working together and they instantly reform. As they taunt Percy and Jason, Bacchus appears on the scene and raises them into the Colosseum, which Bacchus filled with ghostly spectators. However, Bacchus refuses to help unless the two can 'entertain' him which causes Percy to be angry and relate to Luke's pain after he too was used by the gods. Jason and Percy agree to fight together this time and charge the two. Jason blasts the two with the wind, causing the fake mountain the two were holding onto to fall on Ephialtes. After insulting Swan Lake, Otis charges the two and Jason blows him into the lake and the two stab him with their swords, turning him to dust.


Percy then uses the water to keep the dust from reforming so that they won't have to deal with Otis again, but Otis' head is able to reform. Ephialtes then escapes from the fake mountain and charges the two, managing to disarm them both and almost kills them, but the Argo II appears overhead and blasts them with Greek Fire from the cannons knocking him down. Otis tried to warn his brother but since he only had a head, Ephialtes couldn't understand him and thought he was telling him to finish Percy and Jason off. Bacchus considers this entertaining enough and stabs both giants with his thyrsus, defeating them. Before leaving, Bacchus informs them of the best place to reach Annabeth before she is killed and vanishes. Leo, Hazel, and Frank rejoin Percy, explaining that Frank turned into a weasel and dug to the surface, where they managed to call Coach Hedge to rescue them.

Back on the ship, Jason watches as Percy and Nico argue about the two camps. Nico explains that Hades had shown him Camp Jupiter, because he knew that both camps would need to work together to succeed. Nico also goes on to say he knows where the Doors of Death are on both sides because he'd been there, one in a temple in Greece called the House Of Hades, but the entrance in the Underworld is in Tartarus. Everyone agrees to worry about this later and head off to save Annabeth.

The Argo II arrives at the cavern where Annabeth is and blasts a hole in the ceiling. Jason, Frank, and Hazel all work together to help lift the Athena Parthenos onto the ship just as the floor collapses. As they are securing the statue onto the ship, Percy, along with Annabeth and Arachne, fall through the hole in the ground that leads to Tartarus (they were sucked in by the pit itself). Afterward, Jason feels guilty because he believes if he had flown down, he could have saved them. Nico tries to comfort him, by pointing out that even if Jason had flown down to get them, the only possible outcome would be all three of them falling down into Tartarus as Tartarus probably could've sucked them in, and by saying that Percy will make it through Tartarus because he was the strongest demigod Nico had ever met. They all decide to head for Greece to the Doors of Death and hope that Percy and Annabeth are doing the same from Tartarus

The House of Hades

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Jason woke up Leo from a dream and urged him to go to breakfast, since Nico had new information. In Annabeth's absence, Jason had become the new leader of the ship, but it gave him a lot of stress. Jason had breakfast with Nico, Leo, Hazel, and Frank, and had Nico tell them the new information he found. Jason also often had to stop Leo from making jokes at Nico's expense. As he discussed with the crew, they were interrupted when the screen glitched and Coach Hedge and Piper were revealed to be tied up. Jason immediately yelled for Piper and went to untie her.

After he untied Piper, she urged him to go after the Kerkopes and he carried Leo, controlling the winds and flying to Bologna. They landed in a piazza and followed where the ballista followed the first dwarf. Jason comforted Leo but also realized that the statue of Neptune he saw was a clue and discussed that with him. They figured out it was mechanical and as they discussed, the dwarves found them and got ready to attack. As they taunted them, Jason lunged at Passalos when he discovered he stole Katoptris from Piper. They kept fighting and got the upper hand as they taunted Jason for being a son of Jupiter. They then hung Jason upside town and wrapped him up like a pinata. Leo ended up having to leave Jason hanging to chase after the dwarves. He eventually got out.

A few days later, the Argo II landed in Venice and discussed the monsters they saw in the area. He stayed on board with Coach Hedge due to Venti attacking the ship.

One day, the ship was attacked by a pirate named Sciron and he gathered with everyone at the masts, discussing what to do. Jason flew towards the giant turtle and tried to stab it, but the sword just slipped on his head. He then picked up Coach Hedge and began to fly around the turtle, but it rammed into them and they returned to the ship, without his sword. After they read the letter from Sciron, Jason agreed to accompany Arion and Hazel, since the letter asked for two people. Hazel was skeptical about going with Jason, not fully trusting him, but they went anyway. Hazel also summoned Jason's sword from the seafloor, which impressed Jason. Jason and Hazel climbed Sciron's ship, and he gave her words of encouragement, saying that Hecate chose her for a reason and she'll be able to control the mist. They were greeted by Sciron, who after Jason threatened to attack him, attacked Jason in return. After they talked to him, Hazel realized Sciron would kill them and told Jason her plan to control the mist and have Jason jump into the turtles mouth after cutting his toenails, but really on land, and Hazel would end up killing Sciron. The plan worked and Jason was very impressed.

Jason has a dream in which he learns that Annabeth has managed to send a message intended for Reyna to Rachel Elizabeth Dare at Camp Half-Blood from Tartarus (which meant that she and Percy were still alive); Rachel, accompanied by Grover Underwood, delivers the message to Reyna, who is with Octavian and the other centurions of New Rome atop a Manhattan skyscraper. In order to stop the war between Camp Jupiter and Camp Half-Blood, Reyna must personally deliver the Athena Parthenos to Camp Half-Blood. Reyna then mounts her Pegasus, Scipio, and heads for Europe, dismissing the protests of Octavian. However, upon her leaving, Octavians informs the other centurions that there was a change of plans and that they were going to attack Camp Half-Blood. Upon awakening, Jason directs Leo to change course for Split, Croatia, the site of the palace and tomb of the Roman Emperor Diocletian, a personal hero of Jason and Reyna, whose scepter is said to be able to control the spirits of dead Roman soldiers who worshipped the gods of Olympus.

Nico suggested that he should go with Jason. Jason did not want to be alone with Nico and was happy when Piper suggested to go with, but Nico rejected her, saying the ghosts would only like him and Jason. The two headed to Salona and Jason picked up Nico and flew to chase Favonius, which he protested. Nico began to confide in Jason a little, saying he had been to Croatia when he was little, and Jason tried to empathize with him. Nico became slightly angry, asking why he cared, but he calmed down and told him that Hazel had it worse and being in the Lotus Hotel and Casino made the transition easier. They went underground in the temple and found Favonius, who began taunting Nico, confusing Jason. As the three discussed, Jason comforted Nico when he had to admit his feelings to a love god, thinking it was just a crush on Annabeth. They then got turned into wind and ended up at Salona, and after Favonius left, they drew their swords when Cupid arrived.

Cupid began to taunt Jason, but Nico told him to leave him alone and that he knows its really him he wants. Cupid extorts a confession from Nico as the price of giving him and Jason the scepter: Nico had fled Camp Half-Blood after Bianca's death not just because he felt rejected by the other campers as the son of Hades, and not just because Percy had let him down by failing to keep Bianca safe—he had romantic feelings for Percy, which he could not deal with or let others know. Jason began to understand Nico and realize he was wrong about him, and wanted to be his friend. Seeing this, Jason tries to tell Nico that he would keep it a secret but comments that everyone would still stand by Nico if he told them. He also said out of everything he had seen, what Nico had done was the bravest. However, Nico tells him that he's fine and no longer has feelings for Percy, though this is questioned later on in the book. They then returned to the ship.


Jason has also seen in a dream that Reyna is on her way, and, assuming correctly that she will take advantage of being in the region by visiting Diocletian's tomb, leaves a note for her near the tomb directing her on where to go from there.

As the Argo II continues on toward Greece, the weather becomes unseasonably and mysteriously cool and cloudy, and then Khione, the goddess of snow, and her brothers Zethes and Calais who Jason, Piper, and Leo confronted in The Lost Hero, attacks the ship and sends Leo to Ogygia, the island home of Calypso, in Malta, and in the process, freezing Jason and the other campers in a block of ice. The only person she didn't freeze was Piper because she wanted to make her suffer and also because she thought Piper wasn't a threat. However, realizing the true extent of her powers, she managed to wake up the sleeping Festus who managed to defeat Khione's brothers Zethes and Calais while Piper defeated Khione. At this time, Jason had also become more protective of Nico and defended him when Leo teased him.

Jason has had daily audiences with Auster, the Roman god of the south wind, in connection with the Seven being able to proceed on their way to Epirus. Jason got very tan during his stint in Africa but very annoyed at Auster. After five days, Nico spoke to him and asked if there was any word from the king. Nico told Jason that they needed to leave soon and he sensed a bad feeling about the doors. He then said he had to convince Auster to help them, since he suffered too many humiliations. Jason then tried to discuss what happened in Croatia, saying he understood him and no one would judge him, but Nico grew angry, saying he doesn't belong anywhere and he would never understand since he was everyones golden boy, but no one ever accepted him except for Bianca, with no say in how he felt. Finally, Jason told Nico to take a chance and trust him, and that its better than hiding, and even called him out for always running away and hiding, but Nico snapped and said he would help him then leave forever. Jason began to think being friends with Nico was more trouble than its worth.

Auster is naturally capricious and indolent but yet seems increasingly disinclined to cooperate with Jason, refusing to give him any news about Leo. Meanwhile, Jason has been thinking that he misses Camp Half-Blood and that he never really fit in at the more formal, traditional, even hidebound Camp Jupiter, and that he may have been changed irrevocably by his time at Camp Half-Blood. When Auster finally agrees to meet with him, he indicates that Jason is not committed to one course, Greek or Roman, personally; Jason's heart now lies with Camp Half-Blood, and Auster forces him to commit to it. Once Jason has done so, Auster changes to his Greek counterpart Notus and decides to send The Seven on their way. He gave Jason a team of venti to control to direct them to Malta. Before Jason left, Notus told him he cannot choose his parentage but he can choose his legacy.

Jason then used the venti to prow the ship to Malta and blacked out for 6 hours. Upon waking up he was comforted by Piper, who gave him ambrosia. He then spotted Leo and reunited with him at a cafe. Jason could tell that Leo wasn't well and something had happened to him. He realized Leo reminded him of Nico in Croatia, and knew that Leo was heartsick. Jason squeezed his shoulder and asked him what happened, but Leo gave him a look to not discuss it in front of everyone. He became worried when he realized he saw Calypso, but decided not to press him and focus on getting to the House of Hades.

Arriving at the Necromanteion, Jason, Hazel, Frank, Leo, and Piper descend into the ruins and eat barley cakes to protect themselves against the toxic potion they must drink in order to enter the temple, as per Triptolemus' instructions. Nico gave Jason the poison and asked if he trusted him, and Jason drank it without hesitation, starting their friendship. Earthquakes strike the caverns as they walk through them separating them from Hazel and Leo, and monsters assail them. Jason and Piper stood at Nico's back as he used the Scepter of Diocletian to summon ghostly Roman soldiers, but they will not obey Jason, as they sense that he is no longer Roman, and some, but not all, obey Frank, who may not command the entire force, as he is only a centurion. Jason stepped down as praetor and gives it to Frank, who then takes command of the undead soldiers and manages to defeat the monsters. Jason then helped up Nico after he fell. They then encounter Clytius who was fighting Hazel and Leo and manage to defeat him with the help of Hecate.

The five of them succeed in the quest to close the Doors of Death after Percy and Annabeth closed the side of them in Tartarus. Jason was overjoyed to see Percy and gave him a bear hug. Jason ate dinner with Reyna and the others, supported Frank wholeheartedly as praetor, and supported Nico joining Reyna and Coach Hedge, trusting that he would be okay. Jason is seen talking to Frank in hushed tones, probably sharing old legends and stories of Camp Jupiter now that Frank is a praetor.

The Blood of Olympus

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Since the House of Hades, Jason had nightmares about Gaea. Sometimes in Epirius with Clytius, some with Gaea destroying Camp Half Blood, and one with Lupa killing him after revealing her true form and his mom leaving him. In the last nightmare, he would be scared and wake up with tears. He was also very worried about Reyna, Nico, and Hedge. Especially Nico, and he would pray to his father to help him after everything he'd been through.

Jason, Annabeth, and Piper went to Ithaca disguised as suitors (due to Hazel's mist), infiltrating the palace to discover information about Gaea. Before he left, Percy pulled him aside and had him promise to protect Annabeth, and he squeezed his shoulder, promising to keep her safe. Jason was disguised as an old man and hated it, but thought he shouldn't complain after Annabeth went to Tartarus, and was scared about what he would face there. When they arrived at the ruins, they saw ghouls and ghosts eating and making sacrifices for Gaea. Jason was furious after he saw Antinous destroyed a statue of his dad, but he kept his feelings in check with the help of Annabeth and Piper. They discussed a plan to figure out how to defeat them, and went into the courtyard where they were. Suddenly, Antinous thought Jason was Iros, and Jason pretended he was him, joining them for dinner. He ate disgusting meat as he tried getting retribution, and Antinous asked him what he had to offer. Jason began arguing with him about how he forced "him" to fight Odysseus, but Antinous brushed it off and asked him if he was worthy to share in his spoils. The ghosts discussed how they would divide the world and recapped their times fighting over Panelope. He was very surprised to see Michael Varus, and Annabeth gave him a look of support. He and Antinous began arguing as Jason tried figuring out the easiest way to get to Athens, and when Eurymachus tried warning him, he was killed by Antinous. He also discovered Delphi fell.

Suddenly, Michael told Jason to stay when he was about to leave. He exposed Jason for not knowing what drew him there, and exposed him and his friends for being demigods. He summoned Beryl Grace, turned into a mania, to taunt him. She held out her arms, trying to hug him, and Jason's mist disguise wore off. He tried saying she wasn't real, but Michael insisted he was and deserved justice. Jason realized he was entertainment to the ghosts and Piper tried to snap him out of it, saying his mother's voice was working magic on him to trick him, and Annabeth backed her up. But Beryl insisted she was a remnant of what she used to be, insisting Jupiter abandoned her and he and Juno didn't want them to stay together. She insisted they join the suitors so they could be a family again. But Jason stood up for himself, saying she left him and her promise was a lie. Antinous and Michael insisted he belonged with them, but Jason continued to speak his mind, saying he didn't and that they were all losers. Finally, his mother told him that he would never make it to Athens and that Gaea sent her strongest hunter to kill Reyna, Nico, and Hedge. As the ghosts closed in on him, he made a silent promise he would never drink alcohol and told Beryl he was no child of hers. He then made her disappear.

The ghosts closed in on Jason, and he, Annabeth, and Piper fought them, with Jason killing Antinous. But Michael stabbed him with an imperial gold sword in his ribcage, saying he would die a roman. Piper pulled the sword out and pushed him against the wall. Annabeth went to comfort him and gave him ambrosia. After the girls killed the rest of the ghosts, Annabeth comforted him, saying she was sorry and that he was brave. Jason replied saying he knew it wasn't his mother and that he had to. Annabeth then told him a bit about May Castellan, since her experience was similar to Beryl's. Annabeth even almost cried, knowing he may die, but Piper and Jason reassured her. She went to signal Leo, and Piper told him he did amazing. She helped him stay conscious, and when Jason said Reyna, Nico, and Hedge were in danger, she said they would be fine and to worry about them later. She also comforted him about Nico, saying he did what he could, being a friend to him. She then told him about happy memories, like his birthday and the s'mores fight to keep him alert. Annabeth returned and weaved him a stretcher.

Suddenly, Jason realized that the marraige bed could be used to summon Juno and get her help. Though Piper thought he was hallucinating, Juno appeared. Jason corrected Piper when she called her Hera, while Annabeth was not pleased to see her. Jason tried telling Juno he needed help but he winced in pain. Piper tried to get her to heal him, but Juno said she couldn't and this was a wound that was in his soul that he needed to fight. Juno then gave them advice, telling them she was forced to hide from them by Jupiter and to go through the Peloponessian sea. She also told them to find Apollo and Artemis on Delos, and she may meet them on Athens, though few gods will be able to help them. After she left, Jason passed out and Frank (in eagle form) brought him back to the ship.

In the days after, though Jason insisted he was fine, Piper wasn't too sure and knew there was a chance he may not make it. The wound was purple and steamed, and he was mostly bedridden. At breakfast, Piper changed his bandages as he writhed in pain. Leo sat next to him, since he was least likely to punch him, and they discussed subduing Nike. They agreed Jason shouldn't go, since he and Percy may kill each other, the two calling each other bros. Leo was upset over the route to Athens, but Jason said they could only go through the Peloponessian or it would be suicide, as Juno said.

After Piper and Frank returned from Pylos, Jason discussed going to Sparta with the others. That night, Jason visited Piper's room to check on her. Piper asked how he was feeling, and Jason smiled, reassuring he had felt worse. Jason then thanked her and confessed that in Ithaca, seeing his mother, he wanted to stop fighting, but she kept him from slipping away. Piper reassured him that he was a fighter and never gave up. Jason then said he was worried about making a mistake when fighting Gaea, turning out like his mother. Piper reassured him that he would make the right choices and though that they don't know what would happen, he'd never turn out like his mom. She then told him a Cherokee story to comfort him and give him peace of mind. In the end, Piper told him that no matter what annoying qualities he had, he was a good person who always tried to make the right choices. They were about to kiss, but Leo walked in to get Jason for guard duty. Jason kissed her, then left. The next day, when Piper and Annabeth returned from Sparta, he collapsed and was in bed for a day and a half.

On July 27th, the Argo II was being hit with a storm and Jason left bed to help, though Hazel protested. He was tired of people coddling him and just wanted to be useful. He went to the Deck and greeted Percy, who motioned something underwater was causing the storm. He then motioned for Jason to go with him, and though he was hesitant, he followed him. Piper protested, but he went anyway. He made an invisible tornado to encircle around him and used it to travel to the bottom of the Ocean. The air around him made it so he could breathe underwater. Percy asked if he could go deeper, and Jason said he had no idea, so Percy told him to just not pass out. They went deeper and Jason questioned if the ruins he saw was Atlantis. Percy said it was a myth and Jason questioned it, since they dealt in myths. Jason said he could tell why Annabeth was the brains of the operation, and Percy told him to shut up.

They arrived at the ruins and were greeted by Kymopoleia, and questioned Percy if he knew her. He tried to butter her up by saying she was beautiful and young, and Kym addressed him. Jason wanted to fight her, but knew fighting a goddess wouldn't end well. He tried to tell her to go against Gaea and that she didn't keep her promises, but she brushed him off. Suddenly, Polybotes appeared and Jason had to fight Basilisks, managing to disintegrate them. Jason was horrified when Percy was encased in poison and told the giant to let him go. He charged to help him, but Polybotes blocked him with his trident. He said the poison would kill Percy, but he promised to destroy Jason. Jason tried to reason with Kym, asking if unlimited power was really what she wanted, saying after everyone died she couldn't make anyone fear her anymore. He tried to summon lightning, but it failed, and Polybotes slapped him in the chest, making him go flying. But what he said made Kym think about how mortals didn't fear her enough. Jason promised to build Kym a shrine a temple at Camp Half-Blood as well as Camp Jupiter, being feared by both Greeks and Romans. He said with Gaea, she's a tool, but without her, she can rage and storm whenever she wants. After saying Kym could kill him without Gaea, Kym joined Jason's side and they killed Polybotes and freed Percy.

After Percy was freed, he cut him out of the net, propped him against the temple wall, and put him in his oxygen bubble. Jason was relieved and said he got him worried, and promised to Kym that all of the Olympian gods would be recognized, going back and forth between the camps until it was done. After she addressed Percy, she told Jason he would face unbearable sorrow and gave him advice on how to defeat Gaea. He also discovered the air around him was Dylan and that he wished to be freed.

On the way back to the ship, he and Percy sat on the edge of a dome and Percy thanked him for saving his life, but made him promise not to tell anyone. He then confided in him about choking Akhlys and when he was choking on the poison, he felt that he deserved it and didn't want to fight it. Jason understood, and explained why Kym called him Pontifex after he was asked. He said he really did promise to honor all the gods, and he liked going between the two camps. He then complimented Percy for turning down immortality, saying it was noble, but Percy said he sometimes regret it. Jason responded by saying he did what a hero could do and said if they survived, to make sure the gods got recognition. Percy then noticed he looked different, and Jason realized his wound was gone. Percy was proud of him, and Jason realized putting aside his own pain to help his friends healed his wound. They then returned to the ship.

On July 30th, Jason ate gelato with the rest of the Seven after they arrived at Delos. The next day, they arrived at Mykonos, and went with Leo and Piper to see Asclepius. Jason used the winds to carry him and Piper to the surface and they went into his office, awaiting Hygeia in automation form. Jason tried to read the description, but he couldn't from far away. Jason and Piper tried to hurt her, but she could heal herself. Jason and Leo realized that they could defeat her by using idiot mode. Leo reprogrammed her and they were let in. Upon being let in, Jason and Piper sat in the patient chairs. Asclepius addressed him and said to watch the mole on his foot, though its likely benign, and gave him glasses for his nearsightedness. He thanked him, and Piper said he looked distinguished.

At the end, when the gods are called upon to fight the giants, Jason and Zeus fight Porphryion, King of the Giants, with Zeus shooting his Master Bolt to kill him. Jason manages to make a good impression on his father. Later, when Zeus says that Apollo must take the blame for what has happened, Jason risks his wrath by saying that appointing blame doesn't solve anything and calls Zeus's decision to punish Apollo for Gaea's waking unwise, but Artemis placates Zeus's anger and Jason notes that he might have pushed his father too far.

After arriving back at Camp Half-Blood, Jason, Piper, and Leo attack the awakened Gaea with Jason and a restored Festus, pulling her high into the sky, cutting her off from her source of power. Jason uses his powers to contain Gaea's attempts to return to the Earth, but is exhausted by the effort and has to be held by Festus. After Piper uses charm speak to put Gaea to sleep, Festus drops Jason and Piper before Leo scatters Gaea's essence with a mighty blast and they are rescued from their fall by giant eagles.

Following the war, Jason is left devastated by Leo's death but intends to keep his promise to Kymopoleia to make sure that all the gods get recognition. Jason is given the title Pontifex Maximus, essentially a high priest, a title no one has taken up in centuries (except for Octavian who had appointed himself) and moves to Camp Half-Blood permanently, though he plans to travel between the two camps which are now united.

Several days after Gaea's defeat, Jason visits Nico di Angelo with the intention of convincing him to stay. The son of Hades, however, had already chosen to anyway, making a very excited Jason hug him.

That night, Jason comes to Piper's cabin and tells her to follow him. They go to Zeus' cabin, where Jason shows her a secret passage that leads to the roof. When they got up there, Jason comments that it was just like Wilderness School. Piper says that the memory was fake then mentions Leo before remembering their fallen friend. The two then kiss, making their fantasy a reality.

Percy Jackson's Greek Heroes

Right after finishing his narration of this book, Percy reveals that after the events of The Blood of Olympus, he, Jason, and the rest of the Seven started the tradition of monthly Argo II reunion parties, and he is quite worried about being late to the current one.

Between the Series

Several days after the deaths of Gaea and Leo, a parchment scroll with a holographic message, sent from the resurrected Leo, came fluttering into Camp Half-Blood on the wind. Jason and Piper spend most of September searching for Leo, Festus, and Calypso until Chiron persuades them to return to their normal lives.

Eventually, however, Chiron persuades them to resume their school year, and so Jason and Piper depart to a school in Los Angeles (where Tristan McLean lives), taking Gleeson Hedge, Mellie, and Chuck along with them.

The Trials of Apollo

The Hidden Oracle

Jason is not present at Camp Half-Blood when the de-powered Apollo and Meg McCaffrey arrive, so Nico di Angelo explains where he and the rest of the Seven are now while showing Leo's holographic message. It is noted that Jason is in Los Angeles, studying with Piper after an unsuccessful search for Leo. Later, during the Colossus Neronis' attack, Apollo asks about Jason, calling him the "flying boy". Percy replies that they "fresh out of flying boys" and they needed Apollo to use his plague arrow instead.

The Dark Prophecy

Thalia tells Apollo to check in on her brother for her if he and Meg make it to Los Angeles.

The Burning Maze

Apollo, Meg McCaffrey, and Grover Underwood are searching for a way into the Labyrinth and learn from Gleeson Hedge that Piper and Jason had found a way into the Labyrinth. The trio drives to Los Angeles to retrieve Jason and Piper. After meeting Piper, they learn that Piper and Jason have broken up.

While the trio plus Piper are in the Labyrinth, they encounter Medea and learn that Jason learned a truth that was enough to break him. They learn that Jason found the Sybil and knows the location of the emperor, Caligula.

They visit Jason’s new all-boys school, Edgarton Day and Boarding School, that Jason transferred to once Piper and he broke up. They get out of the middle of a class, where Jason was expecting them. As he takes them to his dorm, explaining that he already killed a blemmyae and thinks a teacher is an empousa. He learns that Leo is alive and they discuss how Jason has created a redesign for Camp Jupiter to include more shrines for gods. Jason also reveals to Apollo that the Sybil gave him a dreadful prophecy: if he went after Caligula, either Jason or Piper would die permanently. Because of that, he plans to confront Caligula himself along with Apollo and Meg in order to protect Piper, even if that means his death. He made Apollo promise that he will bring his designs for the new Temple Hill to Camp Jupiter in case something happens to him, although Apollo refuses to believe that Jason would die.

They take one of his school’s vans to drive to Santa Barbara, searching the Stearns Wharf for hours. During dinner they see a fleet of yachts form a blockade around the harbor with the coastguard and local law enforcement helping with security. They agree to search the center ship. Piper talks some mercenaries into giving them their dinghy and they head to the heart of the blockade. Jason takes Piper up first. They are quickly captured by Pandai and, along with the recently captured Meg and Apollo, taken to an interrogation room. After Meg tricks them into revealing the locations of the shoes and Caligula, the daughter of Demeter attacks. Jason destroys one with a bolt of lightning, altering their presence on the boats. He and Meg go after Caligula while Piper and Apollo find the shoes. They then put up a fight before being imprisoned in tornadoes. He is shocked by Piper’s condition. He breaks free of the twister prison and disintegrates numerous pandai before fighting Caligula. However, Jason is shot by multiple arrows on his arms and legs. It appears that he knew he could only buy them time, and his last words to Apollo were "Get out of here! Go! GO! Remember!" He holds his gaze just a moment too long, and Caligula, taking advantage of this, jabs him between the shoulder blades with a spear. Jason's final noble action was sacrificing himself to save Apollo, Meg, and Piper from the third emperor. He collapses from Tempest's back and falls face-first onto the boat floor, and Caligula stabs Jason in the back again to make sure he is dead.

Once the gang is onshore, they find Jason's body, blank as parchment and covered in slime, brought to them by Tempest. A heartbroken Piper begs Apollo to save him like how Leo took the Physician's Cure, but Apollo says death is not in his hands. Piper says they can use plants based on a Cherokee myth to save him, but Meg says that too will fail. Her last hope of using the Doors of Death is crushed by Apollo's gentle reminder that Jason is not a cheater and that he will not elude the laws of death. When Tristan McLean arrives, the Mist makes him believe Jason died in a surfing accident.

Later, when Meg and Apollo met up with Piper in Santa Monica, Jason's coffin is being loaded into Tristan McLean's plane for Meg and Apollo to take to Camp Jupiter for Jason to be buried there. Leo Valdez drops in of Festus, and is told the bad news about Jason, Leo is extremely upset that he didn't get to see Jason after he died fighting Gaea. As he and Meg are flying to Camp Jupiter, Apollo swears vengeance on the Triumvirate for Jason Grace.

The Tyrant's Tomb

Apollo and Meg take his body to Camp Jupiter. On the way to camp, they are attacked by an Eurynomos who tries to eat both them and the son of Jupiter‘s body. However, they are saved by Lavinia Asimov and she takes them and Jason to camp. Along the way, they are attacked by two more eurynomos but they are soon defeated and the procession continues. Two days later he is given a state funeral with full honors.

During the Battle of San Francisco Bay, Frank Zhang avenges Jason by killing Caligula by burning his stick. As Frank kills the emperor and avenges his friend's death, he states that it's for Jason Grace. Apollo notes that the last word Caligula ever heard was Jason's name.

The Tower of Nero

After Apollo tends to Luguselwa the best he can, he passes out and dreams of the son of Jupiter. He apologizes for his death, but Jason says he chose the fate to save his friends. He then tells Apollo the Nero’s fasces was guarded by something he knows, a servant of Mithras. But before he can say more he leaves.

When Apollo visits Camp Jupiter, its stated that Jason's temple-expansion plan is still moving forward with new shrines being added every week. When Percy and Annabeth at the camp, Annabeth later tells Apollo that she cried herself sick at the news of Jason's death while Percy can barely talk about it without breaking down. The three agree that Jason was the best of them.

While at Camp Half-Blood, Apollo discusses with Nico di Angelo a voice that he hears calling for help. Nico is sure that it might be Iapetus, but Apollo asks if it could be Jason. Nico admits that he considered the possibility and the idea of trying to find Jason and bring him back, but decided against it. Nico has a feeling that Jason made his choice and bringing him back wouldn't be honoring his sacrifice if Nico undid it, unlike Hazel who was floating around in Asphodel and needed to come back. Nico has a feeling that Jason is somewhere better now and Apollo suggests that Jason could be in Elysium or experiencing rebirth. However, Apollo has no idea for sure as he's clueless about after-death matters.

Magnus Chase and the Gods of Asgard

The Sword of Summer

Jason is mentioned in the title of Chapter 48, with the title being, "Hearthstone Passes Out Even More than Jason Grace (Though I Have No Idea Who That Is)".

The Ship of the Dead

Percy mentions Jason when he talks about how you don't have to know about the sea to fight in the sea. He explains how the son of Jupiter saved him from Kymopoleia by offering her fame to Magnus and his friend, Alex Fierro.

Towards the end of the novel, Annabeth calls Magnus and is crying. The reason is revealed to be Jason's death in The Burning Maze.


But if a hero isn’t ready to lose everything for a greater cause, is that person really a hero?

–Jason to Apollo on being a hero in The Tower of Nero.

Jason Grace was a very kind and open-minded person. When he found out that Nico di Angelo was gay, he immediately accepted him. Also, Jason was one of the only demigods alongside Reyna who reached out to Nico and tried to comfort him. This reassurance gives Nico the confidence to come out later in the series. When Jason came to Camp Jupiter, he immediately befriended the unpopular kids. During his time in Camp Jupiter, Jason tried to mediate between conflicts and compromises that help both sides. Jason was regarded as a very fair Praetor and leader by Hazel Levesque during his time in the legion. Jason is also a very courageous hero. Jason argued against his own father, Zeus, the king of Olympus and the most powerful god by far, to defend Apollo from punishment. Most importantly, Jason didn't hesitate to sacrifice his life in The Burning Maze to keep Piper safe.

Jason shared similar qualities to Percy Jackson. They are both dense about romance and are incredibly loyal to their friends. Jason didn't realize that Reyna had a crush on him for years despite them being very close. Jason also didn't know Reyna was "cursed" by Aphrodite while the rest of Camp Jupiter did. Also, In The Mark of Athena, Jason asked Reyna if he can show his girlfriend Piper around New Rome, which hurts Reyna a lot because she also had strong romantic feelings for him. Jason also didn't realize that Piper was jealous of Reyna while other Argo II members did, like Annabeth Chase and Hazel. When Jason saw Piper get bullied in The Lost Hero, he felt angry and instantly defended her because he hates bullies.

Jason also knew his friends very well. Jason is the only person who can read Reyna's body language and understood that she was weary and tired, something other people have not noticed. Jason is also very caring and tries to help his loved ones overcome personal issues. In The Lost Hero, Jason tries to help Leo feel more confident about himself. Jason also immediately embraces and helps Piper when she admits to being a traitor. Jason gives Frank advice about being Praetor and tries to help Hazel feel more confident about her abilities.

On the outside, a lot of people regarded Jason as too perfect and too straight-laced. He followed authority for the most part and was a strict rule follower. This caused people to not trust him, like Annabeth and Hazel. But in reality, Jason tried to bend the rules to make a change. But in the end, Jason followed the rules due to abandonment issues. Jason didn't want people to abandon him or break promises to him as his mother did. He thinks of rules as promises he needed to keep. But throughout his time at Camp Half-Blood, Jason became more relaxed, with his hair growing out and becoming messier. Jason also started to break the rules and crack jokes. After he confronted his mother at Ithaca, he overcame his abandonment issues.

Jason had a tough time figuring out who he was and who he wanted to be. He learned to resent being a son of Zeus and thought of his parentage as trapping him in a destiny he couldn't control, forced to be a leader, and treated like a prince in waiting. Jason hated being a leader, which was made worse by being Praetor at Camp Jupiter. When Jason went to Camp Half-Blood, his identity crisis became worse since he enjoyed his time there over Camp Jupiter. Jason felt conflicted because he didn't want to abandon Reyna but also preferred being with Piper and Leo at Camp Half-Blood. Jason thought he solved it by deciding to be Greek and resigning as Praetor, but he questioned who he was even more after being stabbed by Michael Varus. But finally, as he faced Kymopoleia, Jason realized that he was both Greek and Roman. Both camps were a part of his family, and he decided to become a Pontifex Maximus. His crisis was solved when he met his father, finally accepting his parentage.

Jason was quite intimidating when it comes to his powers, and people think of him as very powerful and scary. Unlike his other aspects, Jason is very sure of himself when it comes to his powers and defeated the Titan Krios without a second thought, and dueling the emperor Caligula himself. He was even ready to fight Porphyrion without a weapon. Jason beat a lot of monsters and giants in his life.

Jason was also a great artist since he sketched beautiful designs of temples for many gods. Jason is also intelligent as he was taking Calculus and Physics, college-level courses as a 16-year-old before his death.

Jason's honorable personality made him favored by the gods. Hera considers Jason to be her champion. Athena approves of Jason and Artemis thanks him in The Blood of Olympus. Zeus (before Jason spoke against him) was proud of his son for his bravery during the quest. Apollo loved Jason deeply, and his death had a massive impact on him.


If Jason were here, Calypso would fall all over him. She’d beg him to stay, but he’d be all noble about returning to his duties, and he’d leave Calypso brokenhearted.

Leo Valdez saying Calypso would fall in love with Jason, in The House of Hades.

Jason Grace is described to be extremely handsome, and he is arguably the most attractive demigod in the series. Jason has the regal features of a Roman statue, electric blue eyes, and close-cropped blond hair that grew out during his time at Camp Half-Blood. Jason also has a small scar on the corner of his lip from trying to eat a stapler when he was two years old. Piper noted that the scar makes him look even more attractive. Piper said that his face was kind and gentle but always looked a little sad.

Jason looks nothing like his father. Instead, he looks more like his mother. Jason is very tall, he was one inch taller than Percy Jackson at the beginning of the quest, despite being nearly a year younger. Jason has a very athletic build; Piper said that Jason is more muscular than Percy. Leo describes Jason to be "rugged" and handsome multiple times throughout the series. Leo also feels uncomfortable and jealous next him since Jason is really attractive. He has well-muscled, tanned arms and legs. His tattoo has the picture of an eagle with SPQR and twelve lines, indicating he has been at Camp Jupiter since he was three or four years old. Piper noted that his eyes seemed to hold some deep sadness, much like her father.

Jason's looks attract female attention; two daughters of Aphrodite, Drew Tanaka and Piper McLean, fell in love with Jason because of his good looks. Also, when Aphrodite gave Jason's team a makeover, Jason was the least modified, implying that Aphrodite approves of his physical attributes. Other females have fallen in love with Jason Grace and complimented his looks, like Reyna.

In The Mark of Athena, Annabeth Chase says that Jason is "ruggedly handsome" and he "looked too perfect," which is why she didn't trust him. Percy Jackson described Jason to look like "blond Superman" when he's flying.

In The House of Hades, Leo Valdez states that if Jason fell in Ogygia instead, Calypso would fall in love with him due to his attractiveness and beg Jason to stay. After his encounter with Sciron, Jason's hair has had a groove in it since a Celestial Bronze bullet grazed him. Later in the quest, Piper said that Jason's height had grown taller, his body became more slender, and his hair had become longer and shaggier, giving it a "rebellious" look.

In The Blood of Olympus, Reyna described Jason to be the "All-American Boy" (and hes the only demigod Reyna complimented in terms of appearance). Reyna also says that Jason's electric blue eyes are intense, alert, and distracting. Nico says Jason looked like a fighter since he's constantly alert, has a lot of energy in his frame, and his stare is very intense. Nico describes Jason's blond hair to be shaggy like Will Solace. Eventually, Jason started wearing glasses made out of Imperial Gold due to being diagnosed by Asclepius as nearsighted.

Also, throughout the series, Khione (a beautiful snow goddess) was shown to be attracted to Jason's appearance. Khione genuinely wanted Jason to be one of her ice statues and was delighted when he became one. Khione later admits that she hated Piper for taking Jason away from her.

In The Burning Maze, Jason's hair was cut short again and had its original close-cropped style. Jason wore a regular school uniform and black-rimmed glasses. Apollo says that Jason looked quite "impressive" in terms of his physical appearance. During Jason's adventure, he wore his glasses, dress shirt, slacks, and loafers. Apollo said Jason's outfit made him look like a paralegal.


You defeated, like, two hundred enemies, Piper said. You were scary amazing.

Piper McLean talking about Jason's feat, in The Blood of Olympus

  • ADHD: Like most demigods, he possesses inborn supernatural battle reflexes and senses that he uses to analyze the fighting style of his opponent.
  • Dyslexia: His brain is hardwired for Latin.
  • Swordsmanship: Jason is arguably one of the best swordsmen in the series, alongside Percy and Luke Castellan. Jason's swordsmanship was on par with Percy Jackson, who is regarded as the best swordsman in the last 100 years at Camp Half-Blood. In The Mark of Athena, Jason's swordsmanship was on even footing against Percy during their fight at Kansas to the point that Piper couldn't believe the speed of their sword fighting. During the fight, Jason had eventually overpowered Percy and had the opportunity to stab him in the face, but Jason was later distracted by Piper's charmspeaking. Furthermore, during the fight at Kansas, Jason was distracted by Piper's charmspeaking twice but still managed to dual Percy equally, which most demigods cannot say. Also, in The Burning Maze, Apollo notes the calluses on Jason's hands, which is proof that he did not get rusty in sword fightning.
  • Polearmsmanship: In The Blood of Olympus, Jason showed himself to be a remarkable spear user. Jason managed to defeat "two hundred ghosts" of the suitors by himself, mostly with his spear. Jason annihilated this army completely unscathed; he was only injured later because he thought the fight was over and dropped his guard. Otherwise, it was a flawless victory. Also, Jason managed to defeat a master Greek swordsman Lityerses by himself with his spear.
  • Dreams: Like most demigods, Jason had dreams that showed him different events. In The House of Hades, Jason had a dream showing him a conversation between Rachel and Reyna. In that vision, Jason learned that Reyna was flying to Greece to fulfill a promise they made to each other as kids. Also, in The Lost Hero, Jason had several dreams. He met with Hera, and eventually Lupa, who helped him on his quest.
  • Fighting Skills: Jason's fighting skills are amazing as he bested Kronos' brother, Krios, in hand-to-hand combat. Most importantly, in The House of Hades, Tartarus calls Iapetus weaker than his brother Krios. Iapetus almost defeated Percy, Thalia Grace, and Nico di Angelo. Since Krios is a stronger Titan than Iapetus, it's a remarkable feat for Jason to kill Krios by himself with his bare hands. Most importantly, Jason Grace is the only demigod to kill a Titan alone, a feat that Percy and Nico do not have. Furthermore, Jason killing Krios by himself is a feat only Hercules has accomplished, and he is technically Jason's older brother. He also killed the Trojan Sea Monster, who is described by Chiron to be "the size of a Skyscraper," making it one of the largest monsters in the series. Jason easily defeated a master Greek swordsman Lityerses, and dominated Mount Othrys by fighting through hordes of Scythian Dracanae and toppling Kronos' black throne. He had easily killed the powerful storm spirits in The Lost Hero, and was holding his own against one of Medea's golden dragons. He has also proven that he can hold his own against larger, more experienced, and more powerful opponents by himself. For example, Jason fought the Giant Enceladus alone. Even though Zeus landed the killing blow with a lightning bolt, Jason did most of the work. Also, Jason fought Polybotes underwater and defeated the Giant. In The Blood of Olympus, Jason ultimately kills the Giant King Porphyrion, the most powerful Giant, with Zeus's help. Jason has also helped defeat six giants in total, the most out of any hero on the quest. As stated previously, Jason is one of the only demigods to be equal to Percy in combat. Percy later states in The Son of Sobek that not many people can fight him well, indicating that Jason is a better fighter than most. Because Jason is trained in Roman legionary warfare, his fighting style includes analyzing your opponents' moves and learning their style. This was proven effective against Lityerses (a master Greek swordsman), who eventually lost to Jason's combat prowess. Like Reyna, Jason can even use improvised weapons to fight as he used a wooden plank in the Wolf House in The Lost Hero to fend off numerous opponents. In the final battle against Gaea's troops at Camp Half-Blood, Jason fought on the front lines and managed to kill numerous monsters before he helped defeat Gaea. When Jason fought Gaea, he created a storm powerful enough to help defeat her. Finally, in The Burning Maze, Jason defeated several Pandai on his own. Pandai are extremely powerful monsters, and Jason blasted them to dust with lightning.
  • Superhuman Strength: Being a son of Jupiter, Jason is far stronger than the average mortal and most demigods. Jason knocked out demigods and full-grown wolves with one blow. Jason also toppled Kronos's black throne, deflected blows from giants, and shattered Clytius's metal armor with one kick which is an impressive feat. He threw Coach Hedge's club at Dylan, even when it was extremely windy. On several occasions, Jason managed to lift multiple people while flying. His most impressive feat is when he destroyed Krios with his "own hands."
  • Superhuman Agility: Being a demigod, Jason is a lot more agile than a regular mortal. In The Mark of Athena, Annabeth states that Jason moved like an acrobat when he leaped over Dakota and knocked him out. The House of Hades, Jason was fast enough to deflect Cupid's arrows that materialized from thin air. In The Blood of Olympus, when Jason was underwater, he could dash 30 feet in mere seconds by utilizing his storm spirit. This makes Jason one of the fastest demigods in the series.
  • Superhuman Durability: Jason is shown to be far more durable than a mortal and most demigods. Jason was able to withstand powerful attacks by a giant, shook off getting hit by a chariot in mid-air, and only managed minor injuries when getting hit by an explosion caused by breaking his magical spear. Jason fell from the sky into the Cyclops' home during The Lost Hero but had shown no signs of discomfort. He even managed to shake off several hits from the god, Eros.
  • Superhuman Reflexes: Jason has incredible reflexes, which is proven throughout the series. In The Lost Hero he dodged Enceladus attacks even when the earth was pulling him down. Lityerse, a master Greek swordsman who is regarded as a fast fighter, couldn't land a blow on Jason because he easily dodged them. Also, Jason avoided a giant spear thrown by Otis, the giant. Most importantly, in The House of Hades. Jason deflected Cupid's arrows which materialized from thin air.
  • Genius Intellect: Like Annabeth Chase, Jason is one of the most intelligent demigods in the series. Jason is highly knowledgeable in history, and both Greek and Roman myths. Jason also possesses a great deal of knowledge about monsters, which was helpful during the quest. Jason helped Annabeth uncover the mysteries of the Mark of Athena, tricked Midas to turn Lityerses into gold, and convinced Kymopoleia to help him defeat Polybotes (since both a demigod and god is needed to defeat a giant).
  • Leadership Skills: Jason is the former Praetor of Camp Jupiter and is one of the most outstanding leaders throughout the series. Hazel said Jason was a great and natural leader. Leo and Piper have described Jason to be the natural leader of their group. Frank, who is a master tactician, looked to Jason for leadership during the quest. In The House of Hades, after Annabeth fell inside the Tartarus, Jason took the leadership role and was looked at for decision-making. Jason was also a centurion for several years before becoming Praetor. Jason's most remarkable achievement was leading the legion through Mount Othrys which, according to Hazel, had "a million" monsters. This eventually led to Jason being raised on a shield to become Praetor.
  • Intimidation: Each Roman demigod trained at the Wolf House has mastered the wolf-stare, a skill that intimidates their enemies so it is assumed Jason has learned it. Leo also noted that Jason can be very scary when he is about to summon lightning.
  • Bravery: Jason is one of the bravest heroes in the series. Despite facing large and powerful monsters, giants, and a Titan, Jason is not afraid to fight them alone. In The Burning Maze, Jason knew someone was going to die from the prophecy and sacrificed himself without hesitation to save Piper. Jason also stood his ground when Nico radiated his aura of fear.
  • Willpower: Jason has shown immense willpower through the story. After suffering a fatal injury in The Blood of Olympus, Jason ignored the pain and continued to push forward and fight. Jason also summoned a hurricane and "a legion" of venti against Gaea while holding onto Piper and flying. Finally, when Nico radiated his aura of fear, Jason stood his ground and reached out to him which most demigods would not do.
  • Medical Skills: Jason has shown that he has some medical experience, as he was able to fix Piper's hurt foot with just a piece of wood, gauze, and duct tape.

As much as Hazel feared fire, she feared storms more. Jason Grace could cause some pretty huge storms.

Hazel Levesque talking about Jason's storms, in The House of Hades

Being the son of Jupiter, he is an extremely powerful demigod, who not only has authority over creatures of the sky but can also influence the forces of weather and can control the air around him. During his time at Camp Jupiter, Jason was considered the most powerful demigod in the legion. Jason is the only demigod in the series to kill a Titan by himself, and even killed the Trojan Sea Monster which is the "size of a skyscraper" according to Chiron making it one of the largest monsters in the series. In The Heroes of Olympus, Jason is shown to be a part of the Seven, making Jason one of the most powerful demigods in the world. Jason is one of the only demigods that can rival Percy Jackson. Jason helped take down six Gigantes, the most out of any hero on the Argo II, and summoned a hurricane that helped take down Gaea, the strongest antagonist in the series. In The Burning Maze, Jason fought Pandai's who are extremely powerful monsters. He later defeats the Pandai by blasting them to dust with lightning bolts. Hazel believes that Jason is the most powerful demigod in Camp Jupiter. However, Hazel later states that Nico "might" be able to rival him, and eventually Percy was the strongest she knew which Nico agreed with in The Mark of Athena. In The Blood of Olympus, Dylan states that Jason has now become significantly more powerful than he was during their first meeting in The Lost Hero. Jason is a jack of all trades. Jason is a master swordsman and spearman. He is the only demigod that can consistently utilize 2 elements, lightning and air. Jason can fly, summon "a legion" of venti to increase his number (like a child of Hades), and can be very destructive when he controls the weather. All of this makes Jason one of the strongest demigods in the entire series.

  • Aerokinesis: As a son of Jupiter, he can control and manipulate the air.
    • Air Blasts: He can control, and generate very powerful winds and air currents, enough to instantly knock the Giant Otis down in The Mark of Athena, and a stronger one that sends Porphyrion himself flying in The Blood of Olympus.
    • Air Dash: When Jason dominates a chaotic venti, he can wrap it around his body, which looks like a tornado (according to Percy). Jason's venti is able to dash long distances in an extremely short amount of time. Jason managed to dodge Polybotes's attack underwater by dashing 30 feet in mere seconds.
    • Flying: He can ride air currents, making him fly. He can fly for hours without tiring. Jason also managed to fly while carrying Piper, summoning a hurricane, and dealing with Gaea's attacks. This shows that Jason's ability to fly has improved greatly over the series.
    • Air Solidification: Jason has shown to be able to shape and condense the air in different forms. In The Blood of Olympus, Jason condensed the air around Gaea, a primordial goddess. This prevented Gaea from attacking him (and Piper) while sealing her away.
    • Wind Manipulation: Jason can manipulate powerful winds generated from other sources. In both The Lost Hero and The House of Hades, Jason utilized powerful winds from the wind gods. Also, in The Burning Maze, Jason manipulated winds created from Medea's tornado-prisms and blasted his opponents away. Jason protected his allies (Apollo, Piper, and Meg) from powerful winds that could've killed them.
    • Air Ropes: In The House of Hades, Jason managed to create air ropes which helped him harness the wind gods. Jason then used these air ropes to help the Argo II travel across the world to help Percy and Annabeth.
    • Seeing Air Magic: He could see a path in the air, leading him to Boreas's palace in The Lost Hero.
    • Venti Control: He is able to dominate the will of more chaotic venti.
  • Atmokinesis: As a son of Jupiter, he can control the weather. in The Mark of Athena Jason summoned powerful rainstorms and thunderstorms. In The Blood of Olympus, Jason's weather control grew and he summoned a hurricane against Gaea
    • Storm Generation: He can generate fierce storms, as seen throughout the series. In The Mark of Athena Jason and Percy combined forces to generate a powerful storm against the Romans at Fort Sumter. This storm obliterates the legion, but Annabeth noticed that she wasn't affected by the powerful winds. This means that Jason and Percy can control their storms to damage enemies while protecting allies. Jason's skill with this ability grows to such that in The Blood of Olympus he managed to summon a hurricane powerful enough to wound Gaea with an unrelenting bombardment of lightning and powerful winds.
    • Rainstorms: In The Mark of Athena, Jason summoned a powerful rainstorm that flooded a chamber, almost drowning Percy, Piper, and himself.
    • Thunderstorms: Throughout the series, Jason has summoned fierce thunderstorms. In The House of Hades, Hazel states that she fears storms more than fire and that Jason can "cause some pretty huge storms."
    • Hurricanes: In The Blood of Olympus, Jason's ability to control the weather has improved tremendously. Nico di Angelo states that Jason summoned a hurricane against Gaea.
    • Tornado Manipulation: In The Burning Maze, Jason managed to explode two of Medea's mini-tornadoes. Furthermore, Jason managed to control the powerful winds from the explosion. Apollo admits they would've died, but Jason channeled the winds in different directions away from his allies.
    • Storm Venti Control: As shown in The Blood of Olympus, Jason can summon storm venti for a variety of purposes. Jason can use them to breathe underwater and dash around at high speeds. He easily dominated Dylan (a very powerful venti) and utilized him as a tornado. Jason also tamed Tempest, a very chaotic storm horse. Later, he summoned "a legion" of Venti to amplify the storm he used to bombard Gaea.
  • Electrokinesis: As a son of Jupiter, Jason has a great amount of control over electricity and lightning. His ability to summon lightning bolts improves throughout the series.
    • Lightning Bolts: Jason's ability to use lightning bolt's improves significantly throughout the series. He can summon extremely powerful lightning bolts from the sky, which Piper compared to an artillery shell in The Lost Hero. His lightning bolt was strong enough to destroy King Midas's mansion, which was made out of gold. He would go on to summon lightning powerful enough to stagger the giant king, Porphyrion and blacken his face. As the series progressed, his lightning bolts became more powerful and took less effort to summon them. It is mentioned to make him feel faint in The Lost Hero, the effort required dramatically reduces by The Blood of Olympus. Once, his lightning knocked Percy off his horse and he used that opportunity to almost stab Percy in the face. Jason had summoned enough lightning to melt iron nearly instantly in The House of Hades. In The Blood of Olympus, he managed to summon a lightning bolt powerful enough to destroy a host of basilisks, despite being underwater. In the final battle against the Giants, he used a lightning bolt to augment himself when he leapt at Porphyrion, knocking the Giant King to his knees. Finally, in The Burning Maze Jason managed to kill several Pandai by himself. Pandai are some of the most powerful monsters in the series, and Jason blasted them to dust with Lightning.
    • Electrical Immunity: He is completely immune to electricity, having survived being struck by an electrical bolt "strong enough to kill twenty people" in The Lost Hero. He also survived a direct hit from one of Jupiter's lightning bolts that passed through both Jason and Enceladus and was still powerful enough to split the ground beneath them.
    • Static Electricity: Like his sister, he can generate huge bolts and arcs of static electricity.
    • Static Shocks: He can send strong electrical shocks through others on contact. One of his static shocks was powerful enough to send Khione herself sliding across the floor, even though unintentionally.
    • Electrogenesis: Jason can create electricity from thin air. In The Blood of Olympus, Jason was able to produce electricity underwater against Polybotes. In The Mark of Athena, Jason's entire body unintentionally sent out an electrical explosion that blew Percy and Piper away. Finally, in The Burning Maze, Apollo's group couldn't stay hidden since Jason's dress shirt was bursting with electricity. Jason himself is a source of electricity.
    • Electrical Conductivity: In The Blood of Olympus, Jason was able to fry Polybotes' basilisks with electrical tendrils underwater without electrocuting Percy in the process.
    • Electric Sense: Jason can sense incoming lightning bolts like his sister. In The Lost Hero, he sensed the lightning bolt that Jupiter sent down to help him kill Enceladus.

In midair he willed his blade to extend into a javelin – a trick he’d never tried with this sword – but somehow he knew it would work.

–Jason turning his Gladius into a long-range Javelin , in The Blood of Olympus

Ivlivs, his coin

  • IVLIVS: A coin made of Imperial Gold. It turns into a golden sword on heads and a golden javelin on tails when flipped. The weapon hasn't been named yet in the series, but the coin has the word 'Ivlivs' on it, which is Latin for 'Julius.' It was destroyed by Enceladus during his and Jason's fight on Mount Diablo.
  • Gladius: Juno, the Roman form of Hera and Jason's patron, gives this to him at the end, so that he has a proper weapon. It is a Roman Gladius made of Imperial Gold.

Magical Pets/Companions

  • Tempest - A chaotic storm spirit that is in the form of a horse made out of electricity and thunderclouds. It was found and tamed by Jason in The Lost Hero. Jason was later able to summon him for help in The Mark of Athena. During The Burning Maze, Tempest is seen returning Jason's body to his friends after he was killed by Caligula.



Jason with Thalia, his sister

And you took my brother! Thalia’s voice cracked with emotion. Here—on this spot. You ruined our lives. We should leave you to Gaea!

–Thalia to Hera for taking Jason away from her, in The Lost Hero.

Jason's sister, Thalia Grace, was born to Zeus. Thalia is a Greek demigod, because when Zeus visited her mother the first time, he was in his Greek form. When Zeus came to Jason's mother for the second time, he came in his Roman form, Jupiter. Jason was, therefore, a Roman demigod, while his sister is Greek.

It is shown that Jason cared for his sister. He felt somewhat depressed that Thalia found a new family in the Hunters of Artemis. However, it is shown that when Jason first saw her picture, and Annabeth told him her last name, his instincts told him she is dangerous, as Juno left enough memory to know that digging up his past could be disastrous and that she was his sister. Thalia was deeply upset when she found out about Jason's death. Thalia screamed a lot in frustration and threw things around in rage

Jupiter, his father.

I am always with you, Jason. I have watched your progress with pride, but it will never be possible for us to be...He curled his fingers, as if trying to pluck the right words out of the air. Close. Normal. A true father and son.

–Zeus to Jason, in The Blood of Olympus.

Jupiter sired Jason, his second child with Beryl Grace. Like all the Roman gods, Jupiter rarely involved himself in the life of his child. As a Roman, Jason was raised to hold a deep respect and reverence for Jupiter as the king of the Roman gods and chief god of Rome. At the end of The Lost Hero Jason transfers this respect to Zeus, he talks to the statue of Zeus in Zeus' Cabin on how hard Zeus must have it as the leader and has to set an example.

Throughout the books, Jason's view of his father changes. Early on, he insists he is a son of Jupiter and not Zeus, but by the end of the last book, he sees both as equally his father. As he became more Greek, he came to accept that Jupiter is far less than the perfect god he was raised to believe. In The Blood of Olympus, he goes so far to risk Zeus' wrath by openly questioning him in front of the other gods when Zeus wrongfully blames Hera and Apollo for the Second Giant War. In the end, while he still respected his father, it's far less than it once was.

In The Tower of Nero, Hera becomes angry with Zeus about his seeming lack of care over Jason's death while visibly mourning his loss herself. This clearly offends Zeus, showing that he did feel grief towards his son's death and was just suppressing it, to where he angrily tells Hera that he didn't kill Jason, that it was Caligula, but Hera responds that at least Apollo grieved and got vengeance.

You left me. He told his mother. That wasn’t Jupiter or Juno. That was you.

–Jason to his mother, in The Blood of Olympus.

Since Jason had forgotten most of his memories, we can imply that he wasn't taken care of by his mother, since Thalia said that she was the one who took care of him until Beryl Grace, his mother, gave Jason away to Juno.

Apollo, Jason’s godly paternal half-brother.

But yes … Jason. He was the best of us.

–Apollo speaking about Jason to Percy and Annabeth, in The Tower of Nero.

Apollo first meets Jason in The Blood of Olympus, where Apollo is punished by Zeus. Jason desperately tries to defend Apollo and talk him out of it, to no avail.

Apollo and Jason meet again in The Burning Maze, where Jason is happy to see him and he gets invited in to his dorm, and sees his plans to honor the minor gods. Apollo is later the first person Jason tells about his plan to sacrifice himself to Caligula. Apollo tries to talk him out of it, but Jason tells him that’s what he has to do, but Jason does convince him to tell Piper about it. Jason then tells Apollo that when he becomes a god again, to remember what it’s like to be human.

Jason, Piper, Meg, and Apollo then go to get Caligula's shoes to navigate the maze, and Jason and Meg get captured. Apollo goes to try to save him, and Caligula threatens to kill him and Meg, causing Apollo to stab himself in the chest with his arrow. Jason then sacrifices himself so everyone can survive, and his last words are to Apollo, telling him to go and remember, calling back to their old conversation, then gets stabbed numerous times. Apollo is devastated over his death, but knows that he will stay dead and he wouldn’t have cheated death, since he follows all the rules.

Apollo cries a lot about Jason’s death, and blames himself for it, which doesn’t help when Styx tells him it was his fault. Apollo promises to remember and become a god again, and carries his coffin to Camp Jupiter with Meg. He then sings a song to the campers about Jason’s deeds, and how great of a warrior he is, bringing everyone to tears. He then sings the same song to the fauns and nymphs.

Love Interests

He was sitting in a rocking chair on the front porch of a house on the California coast. Piper was serving lemonade. Her hair was grey. Deep lines etched the corners of her eyes, but she was still as beautiful as ever. Jason’s grandchildren sat around his feet, and he was trying to explain to them what had happened on this day in Athens.

–Jason imagining a future together with Piper, in The Blood of Olympus.

Piper McLean, his ex-girlfriend.

Jason and Piper met in The Lost Hero, but Piper had fake Mist memories of the son of Jupiter. In her memories, she spent three months trying to get Jason to notice her. Then they finally kissed on the roof of the Wilderness School. The next three weeks of dating were the best in Piper's life, but the memories were fake in reality. Jason woke up on a bus on the way to the Grand Canyon with no memories, and Piper squeezed his hand and asked if he was okay. Jason thought that Piper was cute and seriously beautiful, but he didn't know her (due to his memory loss). Piper eventually realized that Jason wasn't lying about not knowing her and believed he had amnesia. Piper tried to retake his hand, but Jason let it go, which caused her to worry. However, even though Jason didn't know Piper well, he was angry when Dylan, a bully, and the other girls harassed her. Eventually, Piper fell off the ledge of the Grand Canyon because of venti's that attacked her. Jason saved Piper by jumping down the Grand canyon, grabbing her (while holding on to her waist), and flying midair. Jason admits that he was tempted to kiss Piper at the bottom of the Grand Canyon. After the incident with the storm spirits, Annabeth approaches Jason and his group. After a conversation, they board a chariot and head to Camp Half-Blood. When they arrived at Camp Half-Blood, Piper found out from Annabeth Chase that her memories of Jason were fake, and she cried, completely heartbroken. Piper still had feelings for him and was jealous when he talked to Annabeth since she didn't like other girls looking at her handsome boyfriend. Piper also hated Drew Tanaka for flirting with Jason and acting very close to him. Jason was very attracted to Piper at the campfire when she was blessed by Aphrodite and called her a knockout. He wanted to wrap his arms around her but himself, not wanting her to think he was shallow. Eventually, both went on the Quest for Hera, along with Leo Valdez. Jason was glad she was found with him and knew he would need help, and it felt right for Piper to be with him. Later on, Piper gets jealous when she sees Jason looking at a picture of a girl and thinks it was his girlfriend (it was actually his sister, Thalia Grace.) The two bonded over the course of the quest. When they visited Boreas' palace, Jason took Piper's hand for reassurance, and she touched his arm when he zoned out. Jason was grateful for Piper and needed a friend, and thought he was more beautiful after she lost the Aphrodite blessing. He thought she was beautiful and confident. Jason even began wishing their fake relationship was real the longer he spent with her, but thought it wasn't fair to Piper if he had someone waiting for him back home. Jason told Piper she was amazing after they left the palace, but Piper felt guilty, thinking if he knew the truth about her, he wouldn't like her anymore. She also became skeptical of Jason, worrying if he was the enemy.

The two liked to speak in private a lot, which made Leo Valdez jealous and like a third wheel. They saved each other's lives a lot on the quest, with Piper saving him from Medea and Khione, and Jason saving her from Midas and Lityerses, and from hypothermia. Jason ended up apologizing to Piper for the fake memories and messing with her head, and Piper reassured him that no one asked for this and it wasn't his fault. After that, Jason encouraged Piper to get some sleep and she put her head in his lap and started snoring. Jason encouraged her to tell him and Leo about her father when he found out he was in trouble, but Piper didn't want to, afraid it would hurt them. Piper eventually told Jason and Leo, and to her surprise, Jason put his arm around her and apologized for what happened to her dad and said he trusted her with his life. After she saved him and he had to go home, his memories of the incident erased, Piper sobbed into Jason's shirt, and he hugged her, and he said she did amazing.

After the quest was over, Piper threatened Drew that if she even talked to Jason, she would throw her over the Long Island sound and that Jason was hers. Piper could also sense that Jason saw his past, and she didn't push him to talk about it and told him she would follow him anywhere. The two held hands afterward. People watched Piper and Jason and were disappointed that they didn't kiss, but Piper knew that they would in time. As for Jason, he had feelings for Piper, but when he remembered Reyna, her memory made him question how he felt about Piper and wondered if he was doing something wrong.

In The Demigod Diaries, they were officially in a relationship. Piper became very mad and tried not to scream when Maenad's giggled and touched Jason's shoulders. Piper leaned over and kissed Jason before she and Leo went to distract the Maenads.

In The Mark of Athena, Piper and Jason deeply loved each other, and Jason wanted to show her around New Rome, to Reyna's chagrin. Jason defended Piper from the Romans when they were getting pelted with stones and plates. Eventually, Jason got hit with a brick as he was protecting her. Piper kept an eye on Jason once they returned to the Argo II recovering. Piper gave him Nectar and Ambrosia, and was worried that when he woke up, he wouldn't remember her. Piper was very relieved when he woke up and almost sobbed when he said he recognized her as his awesome girlfriend. However, Piper was jealous of Reyna and felt guilty about being Jason's boyfriend after she met her for the first time, and was worried that Jason had feelings for her. The jealousy became worse when Jason encouraged Piper to tell Reyna the truth about what happened, and Hazel and Annabeth winced, wondering how he could be so clueless. She also wished he wouldn't act so distant sometimes, like when he was reluctant to tell her about the Mark of Athena and when he thought about his old life at Camp Jupiter. After she saved him from Eidolons, they talked against the rail, and he put his hand on her wrist and discussed the Mark of Athena. Jason reassured Piper that he didn't have feelings for Reyna and apologized for asking to contact her. Jason said he would never go back to Camp Jupiter unless Piper came with him.

Their relationship was more stable after that, though Piper was still jealous of Reyna, and when Jason talked about when he and Reyna went to Charleston, he nervously glanced at Piper. She also got jealous when he said he trusted her, but Jason said he was beautiful and powerful and didn't want her to be Roman, he wanted her to be herself, but she couldn't get rid of her doubts. Piper mostly admired how he was a leader and didn't break the rules and admired how easily he did each task. The two cooperated well when they defeated Achelous and Hercules, and he saved Piper by grabbing her waist and flying. When they arrived in Rome, they had a picnic, and Piper was excited when she found out it was his birthday. Jason confided in Piper that he was always the leader at Camp Jupiter and was not used to being in a crew of equals, where no one was the leader. Piper reassured him that they would figure it out, and even though he wasn't sure if he bought what she said, she was glad he was confiding in him. They kissed after. Later, when they went to save Nico di Angelo, they almost drowned, Piper mouthed that she loved him. She later reassured him that it wasn't his fault Percy and Annabeth fell into Tartarus.

In The House of Hades, the two were close as ever, and Jason couldn't bear the fact of not returning to Camp Half-Blood with Piper and Leo. Piper's jealousy of Reyna seemed to have subsided, though Jason was cautious when he mentioned her. Every time Jason thought of Reyna, he could only think of Piper and wondered if she was using Aphrodite magic on him. Jason was relieved when Piper suggested going to Dalmatia with Nico and him, but Nico said she shouldn't go, disappointing Jason. After Croatia, Piper could sense something big happened there, but she didn't push him to tell her. She was also confused when he defended Nico, and she and Leo quizzically glanced at each other, wondering when he supported Nico. Piper noticed how Jason had changed in the last few months and had realized he was getting more comfortable with himself. Jason excitedly kissed Piper when she figured out the last line in the prophecy and said she was a genius. Jason was very grateful for Piper after she saved him from Khione, but he was worried she was too hard on herself after afraid to let her guard down. They both agreed they were lucky to have each other.

In The Blood of Olympus, they both went to Ithaca with Annabeth, and he was proud of her when she defeated a flock of Harpies the day before. Piper caught him after being stabbed by Michael Varus, and she acted calm, healing him so he wouldn't die. Piper kissed him on the forehead and comforted him so he could stay conscious, and made sure he stayed with him. She reassured him that Nico would be okay and had him think about the s'mores fight at camp half-blood and his birthday in Rome. Piper helped him heal over the following days and regularly changed his bandages. She also told him Cherokee stories to comfort him. Jason also thanked Piper for keeping him from slipping away and confided that he was worried he would turn out like his mother. Jason was also glad that Piper was no longer jealous of Reyna, asking about her well-being. Jason reassured Piper that she was the best person to hold the Physician's Cure. They both helped defeat Gaea together. When they returned to camp half-blood, Piper and Jason went on the roof, and they snuggled. They kissed, and Jason said they were making their own story and making a fresh start, and that was their new first kiss. They then confessed their love to each other. They mourned over Leo the entire night and told stories about him, hoping he was alive.

However, their relationship didn't last long after that. They spent the entire month looking for Leo; then, they went to school together in California. Piper later broke up with Jason. Even though she still loved him as a friend, she realized that Hera forced them together, and their first months of dating were an illusion, then Aphrodite pushed her into thinking she needed to be with someone romantically. She wondered what her life would be like without all that pressure and was figuring herself out and trying to find herself. He transferred to an all-boys school after they broke up, so Jason could be away from drama. Jason was confused as to why she broke up with him, and Gleeson Hedge and Mellie became mad at Jason as a result, due to not knowing why they broke up, thinking he dumped Piper. Months later, they both went through the Labyrinth to figure Herophile's location, but Jason found out something he wouldn't tell her, which was revealed to be that one of them would die.

In The Burning Maze, Apollo was confused when she found out they broke up, but Piper said that not all relationships last forever like Percy and Annabeth. Jason and Piper were still friends but were very awkward around each other. When she said hi, she had a hint of strain in her voice. Piper also told Apollo that Jason had done many designs for temples of the gods and that he could see his sketchbook, making Jason frown, wondering if he was praising or criticizing him. Jason finally admitted to Piper that he hadn't told her everything in the burning maze and tried to apologize, but Piper pushed for information. Piper was angry when he didn't want to say to her and said after all of the dangers they had faced, she was mad that he was lying to her, just to protect her from Caligula. Jason admitted that he messed up by not yelling at her, but he didn't due to how things have been between them. Piper told him that it wasn't about them; it was about that Satyr's and Dryad's were dying. Jason later confessed to Apollo that he didn't tell her everything because he knew she wanted to spend time with her dad and was excited to return to Oklahoma and that he planned to let her go and face Caligula himself. Jason told Piper the truth later, and Piper said he would have done the same thing if she were him. She said she was furious but also empathetic. Apollo was surprised at how well they understood each other and could talk about complex subjects. When they made it to the Julia Drusilla Yachts, Piper grabbed onto Jason's waist and let him lift her up, despite them being broken up. She later told Apollo that Jason was her closest friend, even more than Annabeth.

Jason later sacrificed himself and died to save Piper. Piper tried to warn him about Caligula and tell him to leave with her, but Caligula killed him to ensure she wouldn't die. Piper was devastated when Jason died and was in a panic: yelling at Apollo, throwing sand, slapping away the ambrosia and nectar Apollo tried to give her, and shuddering with dry sobs. Piper refused to believe he was dead and said Jason had gone through too much to die. When Tempest brought Jason's body to the beach, she begged Apollo to fix him and shook his dead body, yelling his name. She mentioned a Cherokee legend that said that a plant could cure him and mentioned that he could go through the Doors of Death since Medea came back that way. Apollo told her she couldn't, and Piper became furious, saying that he didn't care and was angry that he died for a pair of shoes just for Apollo to see an Oracle. She told her father he died in a surfing accident while sobbing and told Apollo never to come back, blaming him for his death. Piper later avenged his death by defeating Medea, telling her that she wouldn't while Jason is in Elysium.

Piper made sure that Apollo and Meg McCaffrey made it to Camp Jupiter with his body. She also arranged Jason's final arrangements. When Piper reunited with Leo and asked where Jason was, she broke down, hugged him, cried, and told him what had happened. Piper was sad that it happened so fast, and she never got to say a formal goodbye to Jason. In The Tower of Nero, she was glad that Jason was buried at Camp Jupiter and said Apollo did right by him. She said that the memory of Jason's death was part of her now and that she would never forget.

Upon seeing her, Jason felt an incredible pang of guilt. He'd let her believe that they had a future together

–Jason about Reyna, in The House of Hades.

Reyna, his former co-praetor and best friend.

Reyna and Jason have known each other at Camp Jupiter since Reyna was twelve. Reyna and Jason became very good friends, and Reyna developed a huge crush on Jason and thought of him as an All-American boy, which Jason was oblivious to. Reyna and Jason bonded over Diocletian and liked to talk about him and wanted to see Dalmatia someday. When Reyna was 14, they went on a quest to Charleston to salvage Imperial gold weapons from the CSS Hunley, and Reyna saw Venus, who told her that no demigod would heal her heart. Because of this, Reyna began acting distant from Jason and never told him what happened, and though she was broken and needed romantic healing. The two kept secrets from each other, with Jason not telling her about Thalia Grace and Reyna not telling him about her father. Jason was the only one who knew her last name. However, Reyna hated when he said it and told him she didn't want to use her last name anymore. The two ended up being co-praetors for a few months, and during that time, Reyna believed they had a romantic future together. Then Jason went missing. Reyna was the last person Jason talked to before he went missing.

In The Lost Hero, Jason remembered Reyna as one of his friends who were there when he became Praetor. He began questioning how he felt about Piper and wondered if he was doing something wrong.

In The Son of Neptune, Reyna missed Jason a lot. After Jason's 8 month disappearance, Hazel said the Romans were searching for him and have not given up. Reyna grimaced at Hazel's statement. Percy realized that Reyna had strong feelings for Jason and considered him to be more than a colleague. Percy (who can be dense about romance) noticed Reyna's feelings for Jason on multiple occasions. When Reyna had a private conversation with Percy, she had spoken very highly of Jason. Percy heard about him so much, and he asked Reyna if she was dating Jason. Reyna said they might've been together, and she believed that a romantic relationship would form between her and Jason with more time. Reyna really liked Jason as a praetor and wanted a warrior like him to rule Camp with her. When the Argo II arrived at Camp, Reyna's expression turned wistful. Reyna said she hoped Jason was there and that she missed him.

In The Mark of Athena, it is said that Jason described Reyna to his crewmates on the Argo II. Reyna was very happy to see Jason return to Camp Jupiter safely and called him her "colleague." Annabeth noticed that Reyna spoke the word colleague like it was dangerous, implying that Reyna viewed Jason to be more than a colleague. Jason introduced Reyna to Annabeth, Leo, and Piper. Reyna was very excited to have a proper reunion with Jason. When Reyna turned towards Jason, Annabeth noticed that Reyna had a "hungry sort of gleam" in her eyes. When the group decided to eat together, Reyna sat with Jason and his friends. However, Reyna realized that Jason and Piper were a couple and looked back and forth between them with her brow creased. Reyna was deeply saddened to see Jason's relationship with Piper, and her eyes became stormy, reflecting Reyna's pain. But Jason was oblivious to Reyna's jealousy and even asked her if he could show Piper around New Rome. Annabeth thought Jason was dense for not realizing "how much Reyna liked him." Annabeth recognized that Reyna was really hurt to see Jason give Piper a tour around New Rome. Annabeth compared Reyna's pain to rubbing salt on an open wound. Eventually, Reyna let Jason give Piper a tour of New Rome. But Reyna had a hardened expression, and her tone towards Jason was cold. Later on, Reyna spoke with Annabeth privately and confided that Jason changed. In Reyna's eyes, Jason was not quite Roman anymore, and Reyna's voice sounded like broken glass. Annabeth, who had "spent her whole life learning to read people," sensed that Reyna wanted Jason to "love her." Also, Piper admired Reyna for keeping her emotions in control and not being too upset about Jason. Piper didn't blame Reyna for having a crush on Jason and understood her reasons. Reyna admires Jason for his personality. Reyna looked up to Jason because he always followed the rules, was a leader, and tried to be a role model for other campers. At his core, Jason is a Roman, which is one of the reasons why Reyna was attracted to him.

After leaving Camp Jupiter, Jason wanted to contact Reyna and tell her what happened, thinking she would believe them. He even encouraged Piper to try, which made Annabeth and Hazel cringe at how oblivious he was to her feelings for him. Jason later confessed to Piper that he never had feelings for Reyna or felt that way towards her and wouldn't abandon Piper for Reyna at Camp Jupiter. However, Jason trusted Reyna and hoped that she would still be on his side. Jason believed that Reyna could slow the Romans down.

Reyna later confronted Annabeth in Fort Sumter. Annabeth noticed that Reyna's expression looked the same when she found out Jason was with Piper. After feeling betrayed by Jason. Reyna was very bitter, hurt, and too alone and believed nothing would go right for her again.

In The House of Hades, Jason saw Reyna and a dream and felt guilty for making her believe they had a future together, and even though he wasn't in love with her or led her on, he hadn't shut her down. Jason had no feelings towards Reyna other than friendship, and every time he heard Reyna's name, all he could think about was Piper, making him wonder if she was working Aphrodite magic on him. He also felt guilty for going missing and leaving her alone to rule Camp Jupiter. Jason also felt guilty that he would rather be at Camp Half-Blood with Piper and Leo than rule Camp Jupiter with Reyna. He thought she was a good person and felt like he was turning his back on her. Reyna ended up going on Scipio and went across the Atlantic to find Jason at Dalmatia due to a promise they made to each other when they were young. Jason was amazed that Reyna would journey across the Atlantic Ocean alone, and didn't know if it was terrifying or awe-inspiring, and knew if anyone could make it across the Ocean, she could. Jason told his crewmates about Reyna and left a note for her in Split of their route to Epirus. Reyna ended up finding it and reuniting with the crew. When Reyna and Jason reunited, Jason bragged to Reyna about how great Frank Zhang was. Reyna also accepted that Jason had stepped down as Praetor.

Also, later in the journey, Jason is aware of Reyna's romantic feelings for him. He hesitates when speaking about Reyna because he doesn't want to make Piper jealous.

In The Blood of Olympus, Jason learned about Orion from Beryl Grace and wanted to warn her, Nico, and Hedge. Jason was very grateful for Reyna delivering the Athena Parthenos to Camp half-blood and knew she did so much for them. Jason was also glad when Piper asked about Reyna's health. It is also revealed that Jason said good things about Reyna to Thalia (his older sister). As for Reyna, she was upset because she did not see Jason in Dalmatia. Reyna daydreamed about visiting the palace in Split alongside Jason to admire their favorite emperor's home. Reyna pictured having romantic walks with Jason through the old city and having sunset picnics together on the parapets. When Reyna met with Thalia, she was distracted by her electric blue eyes because they reminded her of Jason. Reyna also felt insecure about being rejected and humiliated by Jason, which Orion used to taunt her. By the end of the book, Reyna stops having feelings for Jason and let go of her jealousy towards Piper. When the Argo II arrived, Reyna addressed Piper, not Jason.

In The Tyrant's Tomb, Reyna finds out about Jason's death and felt anguish. Reyna and Frank agreed to make Jason's dream of building the temples for all the gods a reality and held a funeral for him. Reyna looked tired and weary a few days later at the funeral and looked like she had spent the last few hours crying in private and pulled herself together. Apollo also describes Reyna's eyes to look like "empty wells" during Jason's funeral. Reyna attended and walked in front of Jason's funeral procession. She also tried to notify Thalia about the funeral and wished she was there to honor his death. Reyna was very grateful for Jason's sacrifice and called it the ultimate sacrifice. In a conversation with Apollo, Reyna realized that she felt pressured to find a romantic partner. Reyna initially believed that she was "broken" after her conversation with Aphrodite. Many people were also trying to tell Reyna what to do about her love life which added more pressure. Reyna did care for Jason romantically and believed they had a future together. But after Jason's death, Reyna realized that she didn't need someone else to be happy, which played a role in her decision to join the Hunters.


Leo Valdez, his best friend.

Though Leo and Jason first met in The Lost Hero, Leo had fake mist memories of being his best friend at the Wilderness School. Leo remembered messing with Jason, pranking him, and in return, Jason wouldn't be annoyed by Leo's jokes. However, when Jason and Piper started dating in the fake memories, Leo felt like he was not needed anymore and even though he was happy for them, he felt like a third wheel. When the two actually met, Leo thought that Jason was messing with him and faking his amnesia to get back at the last time he pranked him. But Jason knew that he never met him before and that his memories were fake. Leo tried to mess with Jason, saying that he does everything he says, does his chores, and gives him dessert, but Piper chastised him. Jason thought that Leo was weird, and told him that. He thought that if Leo was his best friend, his life must be very messed up. Jason tried to question Leo to see if they were really friends, and when Leo couldn't prove the details of when they met, Jason knew that he was right. Nevertheless, Jason was concerned about Leo's safety when he was attacked by Dylan.

During the campfire that night, Leo volunteered to go on the Quest for Hera with Jason, saying that he can get him a ride. Jason smiled and let him go, saying that since their journey started together, it was right for him to come with them, and that if he can get him a ride, he can go. Leo was overjoyed and pumped his fist. Leo knew that he could help Jason as soon as he heard his vision, and knew the woman he saw was the same woman who he saw as Tía Callida. Leo ended up fixing Festus to transport Jason and Piper on the quest. Jason was weirded out but amazed when he found out that Leo fixed Festus, and thought it was weird that he named it Happy the dragon, but was ready to accompany him. Leo and Jason bonded over the course of the quest when Leo saved Jason from Ma Gasket and the other cyclops, and trusted Jason enough to tell him about Tía Callida, still considering Jason his friend. Jason was very impressed with Leo when he saved him from the cyclops with one tool kit, thinking it wasn't bad. In return, Leo was also grateful for Jason when he was willing to fight Calais and Zethes to save him. In Chicago, Leo even confided in Jason, telling him about his fire powers and his mother's death. Jason was very Impressed by his cooking and his fire powers, and when Leo said he didn't want to tell him because he didn't want to look like a freak, he reassured him that he was just as a freak as he and Piper were. He also reassured him what happened to his mom wasn't his fault.

However, on the quest, Jason and Leo developed a slight rivalry. Leo was jealous of Jason and Piper, and hated that they left him out of things when they were talking. He was jealous that they got to meet Boreas and not him, while he had to deal with Calais and Zethes. Their rivalry finally came to a head when they were charmspeaked to fight each other by Medea, telling them that they resented each other. Leo revealed that he thought Jason was always the star, who took everything for granted, and Jason said that Leo was annoying, who cannot take anything seriously or even fix a dragon. Piper managed to snap the two out of it and save them from killing each other. After the incident, Leo and Jason both felt horrible about how Medea turned them against each other, and Leo felt bad about how he did secretly resent Jason for the things he told him. Leo was upset about what Jason told him, even the next day, made worse by the fact that Festus broke for good. Jason tried to apologize, and said what happened wasn't Leo's fault and reassured him that he was amazing, but Leo brushed it off, still upset by his failure. Jason finally apologized in Omaha, saying he didn't mean anything he said and that he wished he could do half of the things Leo could do. He said that Leo did take things seriously and that he wasn't annoying. Leo accepted his apology, and joked that he can't resent him if he apologizes, and that he is supposed to. He told him that he is annoying and to not insult his ability to annoy. This eased the tension between the two.

Jason and Leo bonded even more afterword, and Jason even wanted Leo there with him when he talked to his sister, Thalia Grace. Leo was very surprised when Jason wanted him as support, and Leo said that sticking around was his specialty. Jason also told Thalia to not mind his jokes. For once, Leo didn't feel jealous of Jason and actually sympathized with him, knowing that he was lucky to know his mom while Jason didn't, finding himself saying "Love You" in Morse code on his knee. Later, when they went to Aeolus's palace, Leo went to comfort Jason while they walked, and Jason expressed his jealousy towards Thalia of having all the demigod stuff together. Jason even confided in him, saying he wondered if what happened with his mom was his fault. Leo supported him, saying that it takes awhile to get used to demigod stuff and that what happened with his mom wasn't his fault. The next day, when Piper was worried that Jason would betray them, Leo knew that he wouldn't and trusted him as part of the team. Jason was amazed when Leo showed him Bunker 9 back at Camp Jupiter.

By The Demigod Diaries, the two were best friends. Jason helped Leo calm down when he made a huge mistake with Buford, and went to Bunker 9 with Piper, ready to help. Leo thought of Jason as cool, confident, and surfer dude handsome. Jason was very confused, but Jason was determined to help his friend. After they saved Camp, Jason sat with Leo and Piper at the campfire and they drank hot chocolate. Leo thanked Jason for saving him, and Jason reassured Leo that he would do anything for him. The three all did a toast to each other, to friends. During the ensuing months at camp, Jason and Leo would play the Wii, with a program Leo made called "idiot mode".

In The Mark of Athena, Leo was very concerned for Jason after he was injured by the Romans. Leo considered Jason his best friend and didn't know what to do with himself if Jason didn't make it. And when Percy and Annabeth came to check on Leo, he immediately asked if Jason was okay. Leo felt extremely guilty for what happened and blamed himself. However, Leo felt insecure about being the third wheel with the two, not being included as much when Jason and Piper had "quality time" together, making Leo feel like an outsider. But this didn't affect his friendship with Jason at all and didn't resent him for it. Leo was ecstatic after he returned from Salt Lake City to find Jason awake, and greeted him, saying he was glad he was better. Jason reassured Leo that what happened was not his fault, not blaming him for his injury. Leo and Jason also agreed with each other that they were not sure if they could trust Nico di Angelo, and Jason defended Leo when Hazel almost yelled at him. Leo and Jason collaborated numerous times on the way to Rome, including raiding a Confederate museum with Frank. Jason was extremely worried when Leo went missing, and flew around the Atlantic Ocean like a madman trying to locate him. At the end of the book, Jason clapped Leo on the shoulder, calling him the admiral.

In The House of Hades, Leo empathized with Jason having to be the sole leader of the Argo II, and Leo could tell how stressed out his friend was. He could tell that he had sunken eyes and uncharacteristically messy hair. He knew Jason was most likely used to being under stressed from being Praetor at Camp Jupiter, but still felt bad for him. Leo trusted Jason's abilities as a leader, and thought he had a talent for being levelheaded in a crisis, getting Leo out of bad situations. As for Jason, he was close enough to reprimand him when he went too far, especially when making jokes at Nico's expense. Jason was very confident in Leo's abilities, and was certain that he would be able to defeat Clytius due to his fire powers. He also knew that Leo could always light things up when the team was down. Leo and Jason collaborated on defeating Akmon and Passalos, and Jason flew Leo around Bologna in order to catch them.

When Leo was blown off the Argo II by Khione, Jason was devastated from losing his friend, and was guilty that he was rendered helpless while Leo was blown off the ship. For five days, Jason confronted Auster and Notus to try to convince him to help him find Leo. Jason was extremely worried about Leo and thought he was in trouble and lost. On the fifth day, when he met with Auster, he asked him yet again to give him news about Leo, and begged him to let them leave and tell him where Leo is so they can head on to Epirus. During the conversation, Jason realized that his months with Leo at Camp Half-Blood were more fulfilling than his lives at Camp Jupiter, and that he wanted to stay with him at Camp. Jason was overjoyed when he reunited with Leo at Malta, but could tell that his friend was heartsick, just like Nico in Croatia. He could feel that he no longer had nervous energy and it was replaced by a wistful sadness. Jason squeezed his shoulder and asked him what happened, but Leo refused to elaborate. Jason knew that something happened between him and Calypso, but knew he didn’t want to talk about it and changed the subject.

In The Blood of Olympus, Leo loved all of his friends, including Jason, and would do anything for them. Leo was very worried about Jason when he was injured at Ithaca. Leo could hear the pain in Jason's voice and wanted him to rest, worried that he would die from the imperial gold. He even felt helpless about Jason's state, knowing that people are harder to fix than metal automations. Leo also regarded Jason as the least likely to slap him when he made bad jokes, which is why he sat next to him at breakfast one day. As for Jason, he wished Leo wasn't so protective of him after his injury, and wanted to prove himself to the team. Leo was very worried when Jason went up from below deck to help everyone, telling him to go back downstairs. Leo and Jason later went to Epidaurus with Piper to meet Asclepius, where Leo hid his suicidal plan from him. Jason questioned him about it after, but Leo refused to tell him. In fact, one of the reasons Leo did what he did was to save Jason, knowing it was one of them that would die.

Once they made it back to Camp, Leo stayed on the ship and told a Jason to go. He felt bad about leaving him behind, but he knew that just like when he met Zeus, there was no time for a proper goodbye to his friend. Jason almost cried to Nico telling him where Jason was. They both thought he would be okay, but they charged into battle "For Leo". Leo ended up seeing Jason for one last time when he flew down with a repaired Festus, and Jason, Piper, and Leo helped defeat Gaea together. When Gaea passed out, Leo urged Jason and Piper to go, and Jason refused, saying Piper had the cure and that they needed to stay with him. Leo told them he loved them as he dropped them to the ground, the last words Leo would ever say to Jason. In the aftermath of Leo's death, Jason was initially furious at Hazel and Frank for keeping Leo's suicidal plan from him, but he knew that was a plan Leo would've done. Even though Nico told him that Leo was dead, Jason chose to believe that Leo was still alive and told Piper so. The two then spent the night talking about the memories of their friend.

In September, after Jason and Piper received a parchment scroll from Leo, they spent the entire month looking for him, until Chiron urged them to get on with their education. Jason still hoped during those months that Leo was still alive. As for Leo, in both The Hidden Oracle and The Dark Prophecy, he expressed interest in seeing Jason again.

In The Burning Maze, Jason found out that Leo was alive from Apollo. Jason was so shocked all of the electrical outlets in his dorm room sparked, and he looked at Piper, stunned. He said he didn't know whether to laugh or yell, after all, he'd been through grieving for him. However, Jason never got to see Leo again because he was killed by Caligula. When Leo arrived in California, he immediately asked where Jason was, and his face crumbled when he realized what happened to his friend. Leo was teary eyed and looked like he had been struck repeatedly as a Piper hugged him, sobbing, telling him what happened to Jason. He looked at Jason's diorama after brushing the tears from his face, and said he never got to say goodbye. He sadly said that Jason did what he always did, saving the day. He then told Apollo to take Jason home and do right by him.

Percy Jackson, one of his friends.

Percy and Jason learned of each other's existence in The Lost Hero and The Son of Neptune. Jason figured out that Percy was at the Roman camp, and probably didn't know who he was. As for Percy, he suspected that Jason and Reyna were a couple, and felt awkward replacing him as praetor, and thought it would be awkward when Jason came back. The sole reason Jason went back to Camp Jupiter was to find Percy.

Percy and Jason meet in The Mark of Athena at Camp Jupiter. They immediately bond, and Jason thinks it isn't surprising that Percy was made Praetor. They also bond over how they both outrank Octavian and give each other a fist bump. Percy also offered to step aside as praetor for Jason to solve the 3 praetor problem. Percy comments that he looks nothing like his sister, Thalia Grace, and they both thank each other for everything they did for both camps.

However, Jason and Percy had a slight rivalry. When they fought over the same chair at dinner, they had a silent standoff and sparks literally flew from Jason's hands, until they ceded the chair to Annabeth. Percy also became suspicious of Jason when he wasn’t sure if he heard a legend that began the Greek and Roman rivalry. Later, when they were in Kansas, Percy, Piper, and Jason went to meet Bacchus, and they both wanted to summon their horses, and they had a little challenge to see which "friend" got there first. Blackjack got there first before Tempest, and Percy and Jason both complimented each other on their respective horses. Percy also told Blackjack that Jason was a friend, despite their rivalry. After Bacchus left, Percy and Jason were possessed by Eidolons and drew their swords, forced to fight each other, and tried to kill each other until Piper knocked them both out. When they went back to the Argo II, Jason apologized to Percy got knocking him out, but they soon argued how they would’ve been able to kill each other until Annabeth interrupted. Soon they were possessed again and tried to kill each other yet again. They forgave each other, but they harbored a small grudge about it, with Jason having a bit of resentment in his voice when he talked to Percy, calling him Captain Salt Water.

Jason and Percy became closer as the voyage went on, and worked together to fight the Romans at Charleston. And after they defeated Chrysaor, Jason offered to drive the ship so Percy could get some sleep. Percy also told Jason about how Nico di Angelo tricked him and turned him in to Hades. Percy also examined his fatal flaw and realized he felt a responsibility for everyone on the ship, including Jason. Percy also felt more confident when he collaborated with Jason to defeat their enemies, and felt more capable of solving problems. Percy also healed Jason from drowning when they were almost drowned by Hagno. Jason thanked him and clasped his hand. Percy and Jason also collaborated well tracking down Nico and defeating Otis and Ephialtes, and they could understand what they were saying since they thought the same way. As Percy and Jason defeated the giants, Percy could feel a spark of friendship. Percy realized that he and Jason thought very similarly. Percy clapped him on the soldier when they defeated the giants. When they got back on the ship, Jason elbowed Percy and said they weren't such a bad team.

After Percy fell into Tartarus, Jason felt guilty and said he should have flown down to save them, and should have paid attention. However, Jason was determined to get to Epirus to save him and Annabeth. In The House of Hades, Jason gave Percy a bear hug when he was rescued from Tartarus. Percy was very supportive when he found out that Jason resigned as praetor for Frank and had no arguments about it.

In The Blood of Olympus, Percy and Jason are very close friends. Before Jason went to Ithaca, Percy pulled Jason aside and asked him to protect Annabeth, since it was the first time they were apart since Tartarus. Jason squeezed Percy's shoulder and promised to get her back safely. Percy and Jason also called each other "bros", and when Annabeth said they shouldn’t go together to see Nike, they said they might kill each other again like in Kansas, calling each other "my bro Jason" and "my bro Percy". Percy later offered for him and Jason to face Mimas and get the Makhai. Later, when there was a storm, Percy and Jason went to see what was causing the storm, and Jason appreciated that Percy wasn't treating him like a glass vase after his injury, and could tell Jason wanted to be back in action. They went underwater to find what was causing the storm, when Percy said that Atlantis was a myth, Jason said that they dealt with myths and that he could see how Annabeth was the brains of the operation, and Percy told Jason to shut up. Jason freaked out when Kymopoleia and Polybotes poisoned Percy and tried to make him choke, and Jason demanded that they let him go. He charged at the giant to help him, but Polybotes blocked him with his Trident. He ended up saving Percy.

After Jason saved Percy, Percy thanked Jason for saving his life, and Jason said that's what people do for their friends. Percy told Jason to not tell anyone about him saving him, and Jason promised to keep it, since Percy would never hear the end of it. Percy confided in him that felt like he deserved to choke after what he did to Akhlys, and how it felt good choking the goddess, and if Annabeth hadn't stopped him, he didn't know what would've happened. He said he thought his choking was payback from the Fates for what he did to her, and that’s why he didn't try to control the poison and get it away from him. Percy said it sounded crazy, but Jason understood. Jason confessed that he admired Percy for turning down his immortality. Percy was also proud of Jason when he found his own cure to his wound. Percy later got Jason, along with the rest of the crew, gelato. Later, before Percy went to the Acropolis of Athens, he offered his hand to Jason and called him "bro", saying he will be the one killing giants until they meet again. When they returned to Camp Half-Blood, Jason grinned when Percy said, "Greeks, let's um, fight stuff" and thought that Greeks weren't organized but they made up for it with enthusiasm. Jason and Percy kept in touch, going to monthly Argo II reunion meetings.

In The Ship of the Dead, Percy mentioned to Magnus Chase and Alex Fierro how Jason saved him from Kymopoleia. He later cried when he found out that Jason died.

In The Tower of Nero, Percy is very upset by Jason's death and can barely talk about it without breaking down.

Hazel Levesque, his friend.

Jason remembered Hazel as one of his friends at Camp Jupiter in The Lost Hero. Jason seemed to be very nice to Hazel, and welcomed her to Camp, even though she was a daughter of Pluto. In The Son of Neptune, Hazel missed Jason, despite only knowing him for a few weeks, and knew that he wasn't dead. When Percy mentioned she arrived just after Jason disappeared, Hazel looked down, as if Percy had hit a sore spot. Hazel also became furious with Octavian when he wanted to stop looking for Jason, and Hazel insisted that he wasn’t dead. Hazel was also slightly angry for Jason being missing, because he put the Fifth Cohort back to square one, and ruined their reputation again.

Jason and Hazel reunited at Camp Jupiter in The Mark of Athena. However, their relationship quickly became strained. When Jason found out that Nico di Angelo was missing, he was against rescuing him because he was unsure where his loyalties lied. Hazel became angry at Jason, since she saw him as a great praetor and a man she looked up to and fair, and stormed out of the mess hall and cried. When Piper lectured Jason for being cold, Jason didn't think he was being cold and just thought he was being cautious. The next day, when they arrived in Charleston, Jason apologized in his own way, saying that when the Romans sided with the confederacy, demigods sometimes made bad choices and spoke without thinking, and are too suspicious. Hazel stared at Jason until it dawned on her that he was apologizing. Jason then elbowed Leo so he could apologize to Hazel too.

In The House of Hades, Jason offered to take Hazel to help defeat Sciron. Hazel reveals she has mixed feelings about Jason, and wished Nico, Piper, Frank, or Leo were there instead of Jason, since she couldn't get a read on him. Even after being with him, she thought of Jason more as a legend than a person, and didn’t quite forgive him for not wanting to rescue Nico. She also had a hard time warming up to him, with his cold and calculating eyes and his careful reserve, like he was calculating every word before he said it. Hazel didn't understand what motivated Jason and had doubts of what he was capable of, and was worried he might hesitate saving her too, just like Nico. However, Jason was very nice to Hazel and made her feel like she was a valued member of the team, telling her she will get a handle of the Mist and that Hecate chose her for a reason. That surprised Hazel, because she knew it wasn't a throwaway comment just to be nice. Hazel and Jason cooperated well with defeating Sciron, and when she defeated him, Jason grinned at her and said she did amazing, but was concerned when she passed out. However, Jason felt a little nervous around Hazel after she defeated Sciron, especially after Pluto appeared to her, which was a bad omen to Romans. Hazel was later confused when Jason liked Diocletian.

In The Blood of Olympus, Hazel used the Mist to turn Jason into an old man. Hazel was also concerned when Jason got up from bed, Hazel said he should be in bed, due to his injuries, making Jason wish the crew didn't treat him like glass. Jason was later initially mad at Hazel when she didn’t reveal Leo’s suicidal plan to the others, but his anger subsided because he couldn't be mad at Hazel when she was crying, and he agreed that it was a plan that Leo would’ve done. Jason was also considerate of Hazel when she was asleep, and made sure he didn't wake her up when he went to talk to Nico. Hazel and Jason remained in contact after the quest, going to monthly Argo II reunion parties.

In The Tyrant's Tomb, when Hazel found out that Jason died, Hazel cried, "oh gods", and let out a single devastated sob, throwing herself on his coffin, then shivered in silence. Hazel revealed to Apollo that she had nightmares about his death and asked him how it happened. Hazel then talked to Jason, dead, and said he was angry at him for doing this to Piper and not letting her be there for him. Hazel then got up and trembled, then brought him back to Camp. Hazel attended Jason's funeral the next day, and was an honor guard and torch bearer that stood next to the wagon carrying Jason’s coffin.

In The Tower of Nero, Hazel and Frank kept going with Jason's temple expansion plan, building more temples every week.

Frank Zhang, one of Jason's friends.

Frank and Jason first met in The Mark of Athena, and when Jason heard how Frank heard how he killed Alcyoneus, Jason questioned how he killed Alcyoneus without the help of a god, and Frank said he did by pushing him into Canada. Frank became very mad at Jason when he was opposed to rescuing Nico di Angelo, but was more angry at Leo than Jason. Later, Jason wanted Frank to come with him to find a map in Charleston, because he was a son of Mars, and ghosts are bound to serve him. Frank and Jason cooperated well and they both flew in the sky and flew to Fort Sumter, helping defeat the Romans.

In The House of Hades, Frank and Jason had become good friends, and Frank was in awe of Jason and respected him as the leader of the Argo II. Jason reassured Frank they wouldn't be in Croatia for long, since Frank complained that Percy and Annabeth needed to be rescued. While Jason went to Dalmatia, he trusted Frank enough to make him in charge of defending the ship. Frank also listened to Jason when he ordered him to go get Coach Hedge, and when he did, Jason gave Frank an appreciative nod. When the ghosts didn't listen to Jason when Nico summoned them in the House of Hades, Frank realized that Jason wasn’t quite Roman anymore and his time at Camp Half-Blood had changed him, and he tried to make the ghosts listen to him. When they slightly listened to him, Jason was amazed as to how they did, and Frank said they didn't recognize Jason as a Roman officer anymore. Jason ended up promoting Frank to praetor so the ghosts could listen to him, respecting him as a leader. Jason also listened to Frank when he ordered him to move legionnaires across the pit. After it was over, Jason calmly told Frank he was on fire. Jason later told Reyna that she should’ve seen Frank fight, showing that he was impressed by the son of Mars. That night, Jason spoke to Frank in hushed tones, telling him advice on being praetor.

In The Blood of Olympus, Jason respected Frank as the co-leader of the Argo II and obeyed his orders. Jason and Frank also lead a backup charge into the Parthenon to defeat the Gigantes. When Jason found out about Frank not revealing Leo’s suicidal plan to him, Jason was originally angry at him, but he calmed down because he couldn’t be mad while Frank was crying, and admitted it was a plan that Leo would've done. Frank and Jason kept in contact with each other, meeting for monthly Argo II reunion parties.

In The Tyrant's Tomb, Frank was very saddened when he found out about Jason's death, and was trying not to burst into tears around the legion. He promised to make Jason’s dream of honoring all of the gods a reality before his funeral. He couldn't even say Jason's name without almost bursting into tears. Frank attended and led Jason's funeral, and started the funeral feast. Frank eventually tried to sacrifice himself to save Camp Jupiter and avenge Jason's death, and destroyed his firewood, saying "this is for Jason."

In The Tower of Nero, Hazel and Frank kept going with Jason’s temple expansion plan, building more temples every week.

Annabeth Chase, his friend.

Jason and Annabeth first meet in The Lost Hero, where Annabeth and Butch Walker save Leo, Piper, and Jason at the Grand Canyon, after she got a vision saying a boy with one shoe was the answer to finding Percy. Jason and Annabeth were not on good terms at first. Annabeth was immediately suspicious when she met Jason when he called Storm Spirits the Roman name and not the Greek name. Annabeth then thought that Jason did something to Percy when she realized that he only had one shoe. And when they made it to Camp Half-Blood, she became even more suspicious when he called Hephaestus his Roman name, Vulcan, how he had a tattoo burned into his skin, and how he had a vision of a woman saying to be freed from a prison, who said he was his patron. Annabeth even became angry at Jason when she found out that Chiron told him something he didn't ever tell Annnabeth, who knew all of his secrets. However, Annabeth agreed that Jason had a point when he wondered why his memory was taken, and helped see if she could hurt his memory back by taking him to see Clovis. Piper became suspicious when Jason and Annabeth were "hanging out" and was worried that they were attracted to each other.

Later, Jason sat next to Annabeth at the campfire, making Piper more jealous, and comforted him when he was embarrassed by Drew. Annabeth was also worried that the quest to save Hera was a trap, but Jason wanted to do it anyway, and she let him, but refused to go on the quest with him. Jason also thought that Annabeth had a distracted look, thinking a million things at once. Annabeth later walked in on Jason looking at pictures to check on him, and encouraged him and said he would do fine on the quest. She also told Jason that he was most likely a loner who survived fighting monsters before he arrived at Camp, though she was unsure where he got the tattoos. Jason also confided to Annabeth about his dream and Annabeth gave him advice for the quest. Annabeth even told Jason about Thalia and Luke, but their newfound friendship came to a halt when he said that Thalia was his sister, thinking that he was lying. After the quest, Jason and Annabeth discussed Camp Jupiter. Jason also described Reyna to her after.

In The Mark of Athena, it is revealed that even though Annabeth tried to hide it, he didn't trust him, and thought he acted and looked too perfect, and was afraid he would betray her to the Romans. She also couldn’t look at him without getting a bitter taste in her mouth, because he reminded her of how much she missed Percy. Later, on the Argo II, when she noticed Jason looking at her, he made her nervous and she wondered if he was really on her side. However, it is revealed later that she didn't trust him due to what happened with Minerva. On the other hand, Jason looked to Annabeth as a leader and a friend, and introduced her to Reyna, saying she usually doesn't Judo flip people. However, the two grew closer and learned to trust each other throughout the book, and discussed the Mark of Athena (the source of Greek/Roman hatred) together, without hostility or blame, amazing Piper, thinking that there was maybe hope between the two camps.

Later, after Annabeth defeated Arachne, Jason was amazed at what she did, all with a broken ankle. After she fell into Tartarus, Jason tried to dig through the rubble to find her and Percy, to no avail. He felt extremely guilty, thinking he should’ve flew down and saved them instead of the Athena Parthenos. However, he was determined to get to the House of Hades to save her and Percy. In The House of Hades, he took her place as leader of the Argo II.

In The Blood of Olympus, Jason promised to protect Annabeth, per Percy's request, when they went to Ithaca. Jason described Annabeth as ready for any threat, and would kick any guy in the legs if they asked for a drink. When Beryl Grace appeared to Jason and tried to Charmspeak him, Annabeth tried to snap him out of it and told him that wasn’t his mother anymore. After Jason was injured by Michael Varus, Annabeth freaked out over his injury and tried to heal him, her fingers trembling. Annabeth then sympathized with him about his mom, and told him about May Castellan, her voice trembling. She almost cried when she realized it was only a matter of time before Jason died, since he was stabbed with Imperial Gold. Annabeth helped weave a makeshift bed to take him home.

In The Tower of Nero, Annabeth was devastated by Jason's death in The Burning Maze, and said that she cried herself sick, wishing she was there for Piper. She agreed with Apollo that Jason was the best of us. In The Ship of the Dead, Annabeth was crying from Jason's death when Magnus called her.

Nico di Angelo, his friend.

Jason met Nico at Camp Jupiter at one point. Before rescuing him in The Mark of Athena, Jason voices his doubts about Nico's loyalties, infuriating Hazel, and wanted to leave him to die in Rome. Jason pointed out that it might be a trap and also found Nico's loyalties doubtful, because despite knowing about both the camps, Nico did not tell anyone. Jason had also learned from Percy about the incident in Hades' Palace (in The Last Olympian, not knowing what to think of him. Nevertheless, he still saved him, and Nico thanked him and the rest of the crew, saying he almost lost hope. Nico later told Jason about how they could save Percy by going through the House of Hades.

In The House of Hades, Jason is still scared of Nico, and doesn't want to go along with him after hearing how he betrayed Percy in the past. Jason also thought that he had a tendency to hide in the shadows. He wished someone put a bell around his neck to be reminded that he was there because he hid in the corner and blended into the shadows. He also thought he wasn't easy to figure out. He thought it was disturbing Nico spent more time with the dead than the living. He didn't get why Nico hated Percy so much but still took the Argo II to Epirus, didn't spend much time at either camp, and pushed people away. Nevertheless, Nico still trusted Jason and obeyed his command, and Jason tried to talk and bond with Nico, letting Nico share his news about meeting priests of Hecate to the crew, and told Leo to stop making jokes while he was talking.

Jason was creeped out by the suggestion of going to go to find Diocletian's Scepter in Croatia with him. Jason was excited when Piper offered to go with him, but Nico rejected the notion of her going, and Nico had a look as if he was waiting for Jason to protest. Once they got to Salona flew Nico into the sky, which made Nico angry about being touched. He thought having Nico around was not reassuring when they went underground, especially with the glow of his Stygian Iron sword. Jason comforted him when Nico was nervous about confronting Cupid, even though he thought it's just a crush on Annabeth, and said it may be embarrassing, but it's just for the scepter. When the two arrive in Salona, Jason is grateful to have Nico there with him, and the two defended each other during Cupid's attacks, with Nico helping Jason up when he fell. Nico even let himself be bullied by Cupid so he could leave Jason alone. Jason was so shocked by what he saw from Nico's past that he was unable to move or speak. But Jason realized by Nico was so afraid, and realized he had a crush on Percy. Nico eventually was forced to confess that he had a crush on Percy, and Jason accepted him immediately, thinking about his perspective of being gay in the 1940s, and told Nico that he wouldn't tell anyone if he didn’t want to. Nico almost cried and said he didn't like Percy anymore, saying he was young and impressionable. Jason said he had seen people do many brave things, but what he had done was the bravest. Nico brushed Jason off though.

After the events, Jason is a lot more concerned for Nico and even defends him when Leo calls him creepy, and never told anyone about Nico's secret. He was also surprised when Nico became buff. At Auster's palace, Nico lashed out and yelled at Jason for not being able to convince Auster to leave sooner, and that he had suffered too many embarrassments. Jason encourages Nico to take a risk and also tells Nico to stop running away and stop hiding, which angers Nico, making Jason grab his sword believing a fight is about to start. Despite Nico's anger, Jason tells Nico that he is willing to be his friend.

At The House of Hades, Nico gives Jason the chalice first to drink and asks him if he trusts him, which he does without hesitation, signifying that he trusted Nico. At the battle, Nico and Jason stick by each other and Jason catches Nico and protects him from falling at one point. Jason and Piper stood at Nico's back and protected him while he was summoning ghosts with the scepter. Jason even promoted Frank to Praetor after Nico suggested he do so. The two also helped save Hazel and Leo. When Nico says he is going with Reyna to retrieve the Athena Parthenos, Jason said he didn't doubt his strength, but was still skeptical, but after Nico said he had changed since Tartarus, Jason trusts him and knows he will be okay.

While Nico is gone, the two think about each other all the time. Jason is grateful for Nico and his actions at the House of Hades. Jason worries about him and is grateful that he went to bring the Athena Parthenos. Every time Jason sacrificed his food to Jupiter, Jason prayed that his father will help him. Nico, on the other hand, is still embarrassed about Salona and when Jason picked him up. Nevertheless, Nico's primary concern other than Hazel is for Jason. When Nico found out that anyone from the Seven may die, Nico felt he was back in the bronze jar. He was grateful for Jason and the Seven for saving him and Rome and welcoming him on the ship. Nico also thought of Jason's advice to come out of the shadows when Reyna was brooding in Buford, causing him to tell Reyna about Jules-Albert.

At the battle to kill Gaea, Jason was happy to see Nico fighting with Camp Half-Blood, and the two talked and ran into battle together. Nico asked if everyone was okay, and Hoth worried about Leo, they charged into battle for him. Nico was also worried when Octavian wanted to fire an onager, and Nico said he shouldn't, because Jason or Piper would get hurt.

Two days after, Jason visited Nico at his cabin, and Nico was slightly disappointed when he showed up, and not Will Solace. Nico comforted Jason over Leo's death, and told him that there was nothing he could have done to stop him, and Leo knew what had to happen. When Jason asked if he may be still alive, Nico apologized, saying he wished he could say otherwise, but he felt him die. He felt guilty for squashing Jason's hopes, but he knew it wasn't fair to give him false They also talked about how maybe they don't need more prophecies for awhile, after they find out the Oracle was blocked. Jason tried to convince Nico to stay at Camp again, but when Jason finds out Nico is staying at Camp Half-Blood, Jason almost hugged him, but he realized he didn't like touching and apologized, but Nico said he was an exception. Jason then have him a bear hug so hard his ribs cracked. He talked about all the fun they will have, and said they can sit with each other, team up for sing along contests, and team up for Capture the Flag. Nico pretends to be annoyed, and asked if he was trying to scare him away, and Jason apologized, but said he was just glad. Nico believed that he's actually excited for him to stay.

After Nico sensed Jason's death, he flew into rage and destroyed things around him, and began suffering from PTSD: seeing flashbacks, not eating or sleeping, and hearing voices from Tartarus. When Apollo confirmed his death to Nico in The Tower of Nero, Nico spoke Italian and ran out of the room, a thing he only does when upset. Jason was one of the first people Nico thought as a friend. Nico contemplated going to find Jason and bringing him back, but Nico realized that he sacrificed himself for a reason and it wouldn't be fair to him to bring him back. He didn't know where he was, maybe Elysium or Rebirth, but he knew he was okay and accepted his death.

Coach Hedge, Jason's mentor and protector.

Jason and Gleeson Hedge met in The Lost Hero, when he allegedly was Jason's protector. However, Coach Hedge was the only one who wasn't fooled by the mist and was suspicious of Jason, and questioned him, asking him what he was doing there and why he was messing up his job. Jason was relieved when the coach said he didn't know him and told him he didn't know how he got on the bus. He was still suspicious, but when he realized he was being truthful, he asked him if he was the special package Annabeth was talking about. Jason was confused, and he stumbled, but Coach Hedge caught him reassured him he would protect him until he could take him to a director. When Dylan attacked everyone, Coach Hedge sacrificed himself so he could save Piper and said he got this.

Jason, Piper, and Leo ended up saving Coach Hedge from Medea on the Quest for Hera. Jason was very relieved when they managed to open the cage Hedge was in and revive him. Jason told Coach Hedge how he saved him at the Grand Canyon, and called him brave, showing how grateful he was for him. Coach Hedge agreed with Jason that he was brave and thought it was destiny that he would protect Jason and his friends. Jason is very cautious around the coach, since he acted on his impulses, and kept him from clubbing Midas and Lityerses to death. Hedge and Jason then collaborated together to save Piper and Leo from Midas. Hedge is very prideful of Jason and embellished the things he did to Midas and Lityerses, even though he didn't even see it. Jason is also slightly annoyed company and even was relieved to send him off while they meet Aeolus, and couldn't imagine Aeolus getting on their good side while Hedge swung his club threatening to kill him. Jason was also not sure weather to call Coach Hedge his teacher, friend, or problem. After Coach Hedge left to protect Tristan McLean, he glared at Jason and made him promise to protect Piper.

In The Mark of Athena, Coach Hedge protected the seven, including Jason, on the Argo II. Coach Hedge watched Jason on the ship in Utah while the rest of the demigods went out. In Kansas, Coach Hedge healed Percy and Jason after they tried to kill each other possessed by Eidolons. Over the course of the quest, Coach Hedge had become very protective of Jason and chaperoned him while he went on a picnic date with Piper, telling him to stay where he can watch him. Jason was annoyed by this, asking if he was a kid to him, and he joked that he was definitely not a kid to him, saying he wasn't cute or had any redeeming social value. Coach Hedge was worried about Jason when he wanted to defeat the giants with out him, and told him, Piper, and Percy that he could come with them. After Jason rejected his offer, Coach Hedge told them to come back quickly or he would blast them with ballistae.

In The House of Hades, it is revealed that Jason thinks very highly of the Satyr. He thought he was ridiculous, but was glad he came along on the quest with him. He thought how he seemed different than Grover Underwood, and considered Coach Hedge brave in his own way. Jason mentioned how Hedge would correct him a lot when he confused satyrs with fauns. He made Jason wonder if the fauns at Camp Jupiter would be brave like him if people expected more from them. Jason also was slightly worried about the Coach after he didn't mention Mellie in a long time. As for Coach Hedge, he thought highly of himself for protecting Jason and took pride in it.

In The Blood of Olympus, he was very worried about Coach Hedge when he found out that someone was hunting him and wanted to warn him. Jason thought he was annoying sometimes, but knew he was a loyal protector who protected him and the others.

In The Burning Maze, Jason and the Coach's relationship became strained. Coach Hedge said that Jason was nice to Grover, but Grover knew he wasn't telling him something about him. Coach Hedge also didn't visit him, even though he wanted to, since Mellie was angry at him. Mellie didn't want Hedge to even see Piper because it would break her heart, reminding her of Jason. It is later revealed that Mellie didn’t want Hedge to see Jason because they blamed him for dumping Piper, even though they never knew the full story of why they broke up. When Hedge found out about Jason's death, Coach Hedge was so calm it unnerved everyone and said he should've been there to protect him since he was his protector. He was devastated and didn't let anybody console him. He immediately went to see Piper to comfort her after he died. Coach Hedge is hinted to have blamed Apollo for Jason's death.

Jason started to remember Bobby at the end of The Lost Hero. When Juno returns some of Jason's memories, he remembers several of his friends, with Bobby being one of the names mentioned. Not much is known about him but his name. Bobby is only seen in The Son of Neptune, when he gives Percy, Frank, and Hazel a ride on Hannibal to the Camp Jupiter gates, and as a eurynomos in the Tyrant's Tomb, where Lavinia sobs, "Sorry, Bobby!" when she disintegrates him with her manubalista.

Gwendolyn, a fellow member of the Fifth.

Because Jason kind of remembered her, it can be assumed they had been friends. In The Son of Neptune, she was a Centurion of the Fifth Cohort, but after the position was given to Frank, she retired after ten years of service to attend college in New Rome.

Dakota, a centurion in the Fifth.

A senior Centurion of the Fifth Cohort, the son of Bacchus and Jason were friends at Camp Jupiter. Jason apologizes to him before knocking him unconscious at Fort Sumter.


  • Jason is a masculine given name of Greek origin meaning “healer”.
  • Grace is a surname of English origin.


  • Jason was named after the original Jason, Hera's favorite hero, by Jupiter to please Juno after being conceived.
  • Percy Jackson, Annabeth Chase, and Jason Grace are the only three demigods out of the Seven to fight in the Titan and Giant Wars consecutively (though Nico di Angelo has participated in some battles of both).
  • Of all the Greek and Roman children of the Big Three, Jason is the only one who is not confirmed to have had his aging process interrupted at some point. His sister Thalia aged slowly as a tree and became immortal as a hunter, Percy, Bianca, and Nico all had their ages stunted in the Lotus Hotel and Casino, and Hazel stopped aging while she was dead.
  • Jason Grace is similar to Luke Castellan in several ways
    • They were both possessed by a figure from Greek mythology, turning their blue eyes gold (Kronos and eidolon respectively).
    • They are both accomplished swordsmen.
    • They both have a scar on their face (Luke's diagonally across his face, Jason's is on his lip)
    • They are both considered physically attractive and charismatic.
    • They both have charmed several women (Reyna and Piper McLean were in love with Jason. Annabeth Chase and Silena Beauregard had a crush on Luke).
    • They both have blond hair and blue eyes with athletic builds.
    • They both have a history with Thalia - Luke was her oldest friend, and Jason is her long-lost brother.
    • They both are repeatedly compared to Percy.
    • They both wielded a blade given to them by a deity (Backbiter, Juno's gladius).
    • They both killed a Titan (Kronos, Krios).
    • Both of their mothers were unstable - May Castellan was turned insane when she tried to become the Oracle of Delphi, and Beryl Grace was unable to handle Zeus/Jupiter leaving her.
    • They both led an attack on a deity's throne room - Luke (while being controlled by Kronos) led an attack on Mount Olympus before recovering his spirit and sacrificing his life to save it , and Jason led an attack on Mount Othrys simultaneously.
    • They both sacrificed themselves to save the other characters
  • Jason has fought six Giants and killed them, albeit with some help.
    • He killed Enceladus with the help of Piper, Leo and a lightning bolt from Zeus.
    • He killed Otis and Ephialtes with the help of Percy Jackson, Bacchus, and Leo.
    • He killed Clytius along with Nico, Piper, Hazel, Frank, and Hecate.
    • He helped Kymopoleia kill Polybotes.
    • He fought alongside Zeus to kill Porphyrion.
  • Jason is similar to Percy Jackson in several ways
    • Both were named after legendary Greek heroes
    • Both are children of the big three gods
    • Both are looked at as leaders of their respective camps
    • Both were praetors of Camp Jupiter at one point
    • Both are dense about love (Jason never realized that Reyna loved him for years, and Percy didn't know Annabeth Chase had a crush on him since she was 12)
    • Both are accomplished swordsmen
  • Similar to the original Jason, he was aided by Juno and was recognized by the fact that he was wearing only one shoe.
  • Jason and Thalia are the only known siblings to be from different aspects of the same god, while also having the same mortal parent. Thalia is a Greek demigod, being a daughter of Zeus, and Jason is Roman, being a son of Jupiter, as stated by Hera/Juno herself.
  • Unlike other children of Zeus/Jupiter, Hera doesn't hate him or try to kill him like his other siblings. Hera said that she is Jason's patron and Jason is her champion. In The Tower of Nero, it's shown that Hera is grieving Jason's death and is angry at her husband for his apparent lack of care over it.
  • Thalia and Jason are both mentioned to like cheeseburgers just like Percy does.
  • The scar in Jason's mouth came from trying to eat a stapler when he was 2 years old. Because of this, Coach Hedge says that he has "excellent taste."
  • It is mentioned by Aeolus that Jason once stayed with him on a quest to kill a sea monster. It is later revealed Jason had killed the Trojan Sea Monster.
  • Although one of the demigods "afflictions" is usually dyslexia, Jason could read Midas' brochure for Gold: Invest for Eternity just fine. Although it may have been in Latin or Jason may not have dyslexia like Frank Zhang.
  • Jason claims to be the Praetor of the First Legion in The Lost Hero, but Camp Jupiter is made up of only the Twelfth Legion.
    • It is revealed in The House of Hades that he wanted the Twelfth Legion to be renamed the First Legion.
  • Jason sometimes feels uncomfortable with the attention that is given to him due to him being the son of Jupiter and people expecting that he will not fail.
  • Piper calls Jason Sparky and Lightning Boy on occasions.
  • So far, Jason is the first known mortal to have seen a god's true form and lived.
  • Despite being Roman, Jason is a Greek name, meaning "healer". This is because Jupiter felt that naming him after Hera/Juno's favorite hero would quell her anger.
  • Jason's name being a way to placate Hera may be a nod towards his older half-brother Hercules who was named after her. Although it is to be noted that Hera did drive Hercules temporarily insane and killed his family.
  • Jason's birthday is revealed to be July 1, the first day of the month named after Julius Caesar and was also considered Juno's sacred day.
  • Jason and Piper were the only couple who were not from the same camp as Jason's Roman while Piper's Greek.
  • Jason's birthday is on the first day of July. In November, the Greek form of his father, Zeus, closed all communications to and from Olympus. If every first letter of the months from July to November is taken, it spells Jason (July, August, September, October, November).
  • Like Percy, Jason is also named after a legendary Greek hero.
  • Jason had wanted to rename the Twelfth Legion the "First Legion", which symbolized a new start for Rome, but the idea was shot down.
  • Jason's favorite treat from the New Rome bakeries is brownies.
  • He is the only member of the Seven not to have met his godly parent in his respective form.
  • When Jason, Percy, and Piper met Bacchus at the Topeka sign, Bacchus called Jason "John Green," which is the name of an author who also writes young adult novels.
    • This is also similar to how Dionysus would call Percy variations on his name most of the time.
  • Apparently, Jason is nearsighted, causing him to wear glasses in The Blood of Olympus. This makes him one of the only demigods to wear glasses along with Meg McCaffrey as shown in The Hidden Oracle.
  • He has a mole on his left foot.
  • He plays lacrosse
  • Can draw really well as said in ToA
  • Interestingly, Jason and Percy are the only two demigods that are compared to superheroes from DC Comics–Percy claims that Jason looks like a blonde Superman when he flies, while Leo and Meg jokingly call Percy Aquaman for his water-based abilities. Percy's half-sister Kymopoleia, on the other hand, is compared to a superhero from Marvel Comics – Captain America.
  • Jason has a chapter title in honor of him in The Sword of Summer.
    • Chapter 48 is "Hearthstone Passes Out Even More than Jason Grace (Though I Have No Idea Who That Is)"
    • The chapter makes fun of Jason constantly getting knocked out as seen in The Mark of Athena.
    • This goes to the point that there is an official ship called 'Brason' which ships Jason with a brick. This is similar to the Adrissant ship from the Miraculous Fandom.
  • In "Apollo's Puzzle Collection" included in The Burning Maze books exclusive to Barnes & Noble, there is an acrostic describing Jason as "Definition of a Hero".
  • Jason is the first Roman demigod shown dying in the series with all other known deaths being either historically as in the case of Michael Varus who only appeared undead later, or being legacies like Octavian and Bryce Lawrence. He is also the first of the Seven to die and not be brought back to life in the same book as was the case with Hazel and Leo.
  • As revealed in Percy Jackson's Greek Heroes , Jason tends to leave his glasses on his head while he is looking for them.
  • Jason is the only character in the entire series to have both a known date of birth and date of death.


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