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Jazz is a Mayan giant who is friends with Brooks.

Storm Runner Trilogy

The Storm Runner


Brooks, his friend

JAzz is greeted by Brooks when she takes Zane Obispo and Hondo Obispo to his shop. He gives them passes to see the hero twins and informs them that the gods know of Ah-Puch. He says he will personally punch whoever freed the death god out of the Milky Way, not knowing he was right in front of him. The others save him when he is about to pass out. After Zane let slip he saw a tarot card reader that is invisible, he becomes suspicious of the boy. After Zane passes out they take him to his apartment above the shop. He suspects Zane is supernatural. When he wakes up the giant Zane a mug of hot chocolate that is deadly to non-supernaturals. He confirmed his theory and demands Zane tells him what he is. Brooks tells him he is a magician. He believes this and gives them formal wear to mask their physical insecurities and a scooter to get them to the twins.

Unknown to the three, he placed cameras in their enchanted clothes, however they do not have audio. As soon as he spots trouble Jazz heads to the party, when he arrives he flings Hondo over his shoulder and leads Zane and Brooks to an aircraft manned by Franco. He leads them to his ship stacked with their supplies and they jump into the water and swim to it. He takes Hondo below deck and tells Zane and Brooks that they are heading to the Old World. When they reach the entrance, he asks Zane and Brooks for an item of theirs to open the gate. He confronts Zane as his cane opened the gate and the giant questioned him about his connection to the gods. Just then the walls start to crush them and he throws a raft in the water and takes Honda and Brooks with him. Jazz and others get back on board and he helps Brooks bandage Zane’s hand. He is told by Zane that he is godborn and quickly realizes Zane freed Ah-Puch. Brooks manages to calm him by saying he had to or she would be dead. Jazz calms down and goes with the others to find the lightning striker to train Zane. He takes them to the old meeting spot for the five most important deities in the Mayan pantheon before stopping to rest.

After Ah-Puch and Ixtab start to fight, he and Hondo charge into battle. He takes out three demons. When the gods arrive he and Hondo are taken away by Brooks and Quinn before Zane fights Ah-Puch.

After Zane defeats Ah-Puch, he and the others return to his shop, which he closes down to start a company, AGE: Advanced Giant Engineering.

The Fire Keeper

Jazz has been secretly sending Zane Obispo and Brooks information on Hurakan for months, he has also been under surveillance by the gods since Zane fought Ah-Puch. He liked to send messages inside produce items, the last time he sent a rotting avocado wishing them a Merry Christmas. Recently, he sent a homely bird to deliver a message in a coconut, but it fell in the ocean after Rosie, the hellhound, appeared and scared the bird.

Jazz is present at the execution of Hurakan.when he sees Zane Obispo, Ren Santiago, and Rosie covered in shadows. He gives a questioning look as if to ask about Brooks before Jazz moves in front of them to make they look like his shadow. This works until Chaac inadvertently triggers Rosie by saying “dead god”. After she goes haywire he snatches Ren away to keep her safe as Zane absorbs the fire. After the twins escape and the gods catch Zane and Brooks, he stands with the godborns and stays behind as they go to Xib’alb’a.


Jazz is eight feet tall with a bald head and one grey eye with an eye patch over the other. He has one hoop earring and wears a plaid vest over a t-shirt, jeans and flip flops.


Jazz is a loving giant who cares deeply for his friends, however he is willing to engage any enemy of himself or others.


  • Jazz has diabetes, this makes him the first diabetic character in both the main riordanverse and the Rick Riordan Presents imprint.
  • Jazz hates being confused with Sipakna, as the giant was giving the rest a bad name.
    • Sipakna ("see-pahk-NAH") was an arrogant giant who was killed by the second generation of hero twins when they dropped a mountain on him.
  • Jazz is apparently a very fast counter as he able to quickly count all three hundred sixty-four steps on the pyramids in the Old World.
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