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Jeffrey Toussaint was a lieutenant who fought for the Confederacy during the American Civil War. He was killed by Thomas Jefferson Jr. during the battle of Fort Wagner and they both went to Valhalla.


T.J., his killer

Jeffrey Toussaint was born in the Southern United States sometime in the mid-1800's and fought for the south during the civil war. During the battle of Fort Wagner he called Northern soldier named Thomas Jefferson Jr. out to fight man-to-man. T.J., being the son of Tyr, couldn't turn down the challenge and so accepted. T.J. then shot Toussaint once in the chest and came closer to stab him with his bayonet. By then, T.J. was shot about thirty times by Toussaint's comrades and died.

Both Toussaint and T.J. became Einherjar, T.J. lived in floor nineteen and Toussaint on floor seventy-six. They two spent the next fifty years of their afterlives killing each other during battle training. However T.J. would eventually stop looking for Toussaint and he, like many other Confederate soldiers in Valhalla, shut themselves of in their rooms and faded into nothing.

Magnus Chase and the Gods of Asgard

The Ship of the Dead

While in York, T.J. tells Magnus about how he and Toussaint would kill each other on the battlefield, but he eventually gave up searching for him. While Magnus is healing the son of Tyr during his battle with Hrungnir, he sees T.J. charging at Toussaint while he was being shot.


  • Jeffrey is a masculine given name of Old English origin derived from the Old Germanic name Gottfried meaning "good peace".
  • Toussaint is a surname and masculine given name of French origin.


  • He is the only named Einherjar to have faded.
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