Jennifer Cervantes, also known under the pen name JC Cervantes, is an author and writer of the Storm Runner Trilogy based on Mayan mythology.


  • Cervantes' favorite holiday meals are posole, calabacitas, and tamales.[1]
  • Her favorite cultural tradition around Christmas is that in New Mexico, they line their drivey or often the rooftops with lights called luminarias.[2]
  • The greatest writing lesson she has learned in 2018 was to be more gentle with herself. She is so hard on herself to "perform" at every sitting and realizing that every time she comes to the page is different, and that's okay.[3]
  • According to Cervantes, Zane Obispo and Brooks were skydiving over Isla Holbox over the holidays, while Hondo was cooking posole and tamales while yelling at a wrestling match on TV and Rosie was waiting for her chicken neck.[4]
  • Cervantes confirmed that Inca Mythology would not be introduced in Storm Runner series.[5]

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