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Jerrod and Wayne are two shabti magicians that Thoth sends to test Carter and Sadie Kane in Graceland, Memphis. Jerrod transforms Carter into a lizard, but Sadie, using Isis's magic, is able to defeat them. Afterwards, their magic returns to Thoth, giving him a detailed account of what transpired.

Jerrod has the ability to create and summon lizards, as well as transform others into them. He is a bald man with a scraggly beard. Wayne is an elementalist with the power of the wind, earth and fire, he presumably has power over all five elements and is also capable of turning his staff into a shotgun. He wears a cowboy hat and has a southern accent.

Sadie summoned darkness first to confuse them then animated some rhinestone suits to attack Jerrod. Later she tapped in to the power of Isis to elongate her staff to destroy a summoned Komodo dragon. She then disables him with her wand. Wayne appears and disarms her with wind, knocks her over with water and proceeds to summon fire. Sadie then uses the word of power for bind and he is wrapped in twine. Before he can gain enough concentration to speak a spell she summons silence. The two shabti then break and their magical essences return to Thoth.

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